This free B2B marketing plan template is an easy to use tool  designed to help you plan your marketing activities by objective. Get StartedBrainrider can help you get better results with a B2B Website update, best practice marketing planning & execution, or a Pardot marketing automation implementation. Get inspired: Look though your Facebook feed, friends are constantly sharing what they see as entertaining and can be a go-to source for fresh new content. Think of your social media as the best source of information in your niche and includes your own content and curated stuff: What should it contain to dominate any other information source? The value you provide and the entertainment you offer can instantly make your content more shareable. For example, a cause that can be seen not only on TV, but over social media is campaigns to stop texting and driving. 69% of readers share a post that allows them to feel more involved in the world around them.
It's no surprise that 78% of people share information based on staying involved with those around them.
We all seem to have that crazy aunt that only has a Facebook because they want to stay in touch with the family and see what everyone is up to.
People share content they think their friends will love—how can you be the brand that does it? 68% of people share information that can give a better look at who they are as a person without being the one publishing it initially. While Buzzfeed's entire strategy revolves around publishing entertaining content, there is a possibility for your brand to use humor, storytelling, and media like videos to engage your audience with your social media plan. To wrap this us, Jay Baer makes it clear: 94% of us loathe salesy, promotional content on social media. Tailor that number to what works for you: One hour of writing to 30 minutes of sharing, combined with other content distribution tactics, will help you get even more visibility for your content.
65% of people are visual learners, which means that all these people retain more information by looking at visual images or reading text. Visuals: Text can easily be overlooked in the mass of content swimming thought the Internet. Shared content has more to do with your readers' relationship to their audience, than your relationship with your reader.
Features that allow you to connect all your social media platforms are super helpful, but if you overwhelm your audience with your content on all their platforms, you risk losing them. Stagger your social media plan schedule, and change your messages accordingly for each network. Same day as publish: Plan a few more messages throughout the day for the right networks such as Twitter. Week after publish give your content another subtle run with a few messages scattered throughout the next week across your different social media such as Facebook or Google+. A month after publish make sure to schedule a reminder for yourself to check if the post was successful.
At CoSchedule, we found this scheduling method was so awesome that it gave us 3,150% more clickthroughs for our content! Not only is it good to share your own content, also try to apply the 411 rule when sharing your content.

The 411 creates a relationship with potential followers by opening up airwaves for conversation—and it keeps you in touch without being pushy.
It’s good to mix up your publishing frequency to not only share your own content, but the best of the best out there to show you truly want to bring value to your audience.
Use applications such as Disqus and Mention to monitor what is being said about your content. If customers are open enough to complain about you on social media, they will be just as willing to rave about you. Some of the most successful blogs credit their success to not their content but the loyalty of their followers. Be an active member of the community by monitoring the conversations of your followers you can instantly step in if a problem does arise. Just make it clear you will not allow bullying; you want you followers to have a safe community to comment. Post your content more than once; the day of, the day after, a week after post, and even a month, or more after post. I need to keep our editorial calendar sharp, coordinate our guest contributors, and make sure we are amplifying our blog posts with social media.
Youa€™ll be joining the 130,000 Smart Insights members from 80 countries who trust our advice to Plan, Manage and Optimize their marketing.
How to achieve Digital Transformation in businesses has been a hot topic through 2014 and this month we have focused our advice on this. To help get focus and review current use of digital we created this roadmap so you can summarise where you are now and where you need to be in future. Digital to account for 75% of all marketing spend in 5 years - the need to manage transformation is shown in this post by Dan Bosomworth of new research from Accenture. Improving organic reach on Facebook - we also have a related post showing the decline in reach and Facebook ad clickthrough rates. Pigeon - a new Google algorithm - this is an alert for marketers involved in local marketing - it's a major update affecting local searches. This month we have focused on recommendations to improve sales on Ecommerce sites by CRO to coincide with the launch of our new Ecommerce design patterns guide. Website home page best practices - Jill Robb looks at techniques for improving home page effectiveness. Use this social media strategy chart as a template to develop a unique social marketing plan for your business. Get the Free Template ??Your EZ button for creating your most successful Facebook posts yet! The workbook includes: prioritizing your marketing objectives, identifying program gaps and opportunities, new programs pick-list and an marketing budget planning worksheet. Amazon lists is another good place for inspiration; it complies lists of about anything you want and real reviews rate so you have an accurate representation of what is trending. If your audience feels like the content reflects how they feel or they support your ideas they are more likely to share. 84% of people share a post because it is a way to support a cause or an issue they care about.
49% of people share things on the basis of wanting to provide entertainment or potentially change the opinion of others.

The whole point of the site is to post relevant quizzes, videos, and articles to amuse and entertain their audience.
It has a 1,200 x 630 pixel visual (or bonus points for a video) with a 100-character (or less) message. It has a 646 x 220 pixel visual (or more bonus points for a video) with a short message that explains why your audience should engage with the content.
It has a 497 x 279 pixel visual (animated GIFs or videos are great, too) and is marked up with rich text (bold, italics, bullets, etc.). Your pins will be most successful if they are visually appealing, tall images that grab attention with detailed, actionable descriptions.
Create a consistent theme, focus on building a community with #hashtags, be relatable, use strong calls to action. The life of a tweet is only 18 minutes you can share more content on Twitter without overwhelming your audience in a single day. If a post is performing well, make sure to bring it back and share again for new audiences to see your content.
Check out your social media analytics to understand when it's time to stop sharing certain pieces.
For every self-serving tweet or post (possibly selling your products or services), retweet one relevant message (maybe a super helpful blog post you wrote) and four pieces of awesome content written by others. For every 10 posts you publish, 5 should be from others that are relevant to your audience. Leaving the other 80% focused on your niche and what will keep your audience engaged and informed.
And loyal followers often follow those who are willing to interact with them and do whatever it takes to provide positive experiences. It takes the information you just read about and gives you a tool to plan the perfect approach your yourself.
A new mobile app for GA - you can now review your analytics on smartphone using Googlea€™s apps for iOS and Android.
New extension to show where people click on your site - this is similar to the InPage analytics feature.
If you have multiple topics to cover for different audiences, think about using different social accounts for each niche. Your audience wants social media content that supports a cause, helps them, builds their own relationships, and is entertaining. 3 posts should be from your own blog but not sales focused, and two should be personal, fun content that helps humanize your brand.
This goes right back to the 411 rule, keep the conversation open but don’t be the pushy with content that only self promotes. Even responding by letting them know you understand their perspective when there is nothing you can do is often enough to remedy the situation.

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