In the age of social networking, social media sites are gradually becoming the more favored way to connect with people from all across the world. From December 2008 to December 2009, the time spent on social media sites increased to 82% – according to a 2010 report of the Nielson Company. Target passive candidates: Attracting passive candidates to engage quality job seekers is one of the critical aspects of recruiting through social media. Social referrals: If you already have a good number of fans, followers and connection on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, they can be used  as social referrals. Understand the potential employees’ behavior: Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter have become a great platform for sharing personal information as well. When it comes to choose one social platform over another for recruiting skilled employees, LinkedIn is the best option.
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As a staffing company, you have that one thing that you say sets you apart from the other staffing companies and social media allows you to set the tone online and reach for the connections you might not otherwise have. Many people are quick to judge staffing companies as shiesty underhanded operations that should cease to exist.
Many people have been told that staffing companies do not offer fair wage, do not offer PTO or health insurance.
Social media can be used to demonstrate a staffing company’s true image and value to the prospective client and employee. Social media offers staffing companies a way to demonstrate and explain how they can help businesses in their operational strategies as well as how they connect people to jobs that would not be available if not for the business strategy to outsource and use a staffing firm in the first place.
When I search for a company online, I check their website first, then I ninja search with Google, look up their BBB profile and off I go to check their social media. It isn’t all too often I find staffing companies without a place holder for a website but I can say there are plenty of times I have searched for a staffing company to find no social presence or activity on Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Tumblr at all, let alone some of the other social media outlets. Often their competition is on there, doing a great job of it and they’re losing out on a competitive edge.
Despite the federal government’s budget crisis in the first quarter, more than half of small business owners say it was a successful quarter for their business, according to a new Manta survey of over 1,200 small business owners. Amanda has finished paralegal studies and has taken an interest in staffing since being a staffing receptionist back in 2005. Not only has Social media changed the way we search for candidates, it has changed the way that candidates search for employment. Twitter is now one of the most successful social media tools for employer and employee engagement. If your employees are having a celebration or take part in a team building activity, broadcast it on your website and social networking site. Interact with other users to show that you are approachable and encourage ‘call to action’.
Afgelopen week schreef ik over de social media en recruitment ervaringen. Kern van dit verhaal is dat je je opgedane kennis vooral moet borgen (wat nog erg beperkt gebeurt) en de vraag of wel de juiste conclusies zijn getrokken (vaak niet).
In alle markten zie je dat middels social media en sites die gebaseerd zijn op sociale contacten de onderkant van de markt wordt weggevaagd van commerciele partijen.
In recruitment zal je zien dat de partijen die concurreren op prijs (CV schuivers) onder vuur komen te liggen doordat men zelf in Linkedin kan zoeken of gewoon een bureau inhuurt dat tegen lage uurtarieven in Linkedin zoekt. Ook zie je dat dure bureaus voor interimers en freelancers het zwaar hebben doordat sites nu deze markt inzichtelijk maken, waardoor voor een fractie van de kosten hetzelfde resultaat geboekt kan worden. Interessant in de recruitment business is dat ik partijen hoor praten over het ontwikkelen van een standaard social media aanpak die men dan aan klanten gaat verkopen bovenop het pakket.
De vraag die elke partij zich zou moeten stellen is: wat is de impact van social media en het nieuwe consumentengedrag, de informatie overvloed, op mijn business model. De tweede stap na het experimenteren met social media, wat we allemaal doen, is het aanpassen van business processen.
Historically, international students have relied on referrals from agents and academic counselors when selecting a language school.
In response, ESL pathways and programs are seeing an opportunity to minimize reliance on agents by increasing their online visibility. This is where social media comes into play, as an essential element of your school’s online recruitment strategy.
Your social communities provide a welcoming space in which newcomers can discover your school, get questions answered, interact with current students and staff, and begin to build trust in your brand.
Follow these 6 steps to get serious about building your brand and boosting inquiries from students on social. Each institution will have its own particular niche audience – local, abroad, or perhaps both.
You’ll need to refine the goals you articulate by adding specific targets and time frames, taking care to ensure these are realistic and attainable.
I aim to increase my school’s Facebook fan base by 15% each month, over the next three months.
Clear goals will help guide every aspect of your social media strategy, including selecting the right tactics and effectively measuring your results.
Channel selection rests entirely on the personas (or target audiences) you’ve defined in step one, and the goals you’ve articulated in step two. The age, gender, location, and interests of your audience dictates where they are likely to be on social media.
Hoping to engage with prospective Bachelor’s students who need to improve their English before applying to a degree program?
Take the time to research where you target audiences are most likely to spend their time on social media.
You could up the ante by offering a small prize to the community member who provides the first right answer. CultureWorks promotes a friendly, non-threatening learning environment in which university-bound students feel inspired to learn, grow, and succeed. Decision-makers will visit your language school’s social media accounts in search of evidence.
Many students will use your social media accounts to keep up to date with campus and community events. Here’s an excellent example from English Studies Institute (ESI), a school that promises students both exemplary English language instruction and opportunities to immerse themselves in the exciting San Francisco and Greater Bay Area. ESI knows that its target audience is particularly interested in exploring local attractions, events, and social opportunities. In addition to the usual academic reminders, curate news and offer updates that align with the unique interests of your current and prospective students.
Here’s another example from Destination Canada, an ESL summer camp whose primary decision-maker is a parent.
The links can be tracked and the posts are genuinely useful to prospective parents – an ideal content strategy for fostering trust and measuring website referrals from social media.

Visuals reign supreme in social media, but are particularly important for English language schools who want to recruit international audiences with varying degrees of English proficiency.
Relying too heavily on text could easily confuse your social community members and newcomers – prompting them to seek opportunities elsewhere.
In addition to using images and video on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., YouTube is an ideal social media platform for language school story telling.
Given these stats, it’s safe to say that YouTube should definitely be part of your language school’s social media strategy! Here’s a great example from inlingua, an intensive ESL program with locations all over the world, including Malta. Language schools looking to increase direct inquiries from prospects should make advertising a central component of their social media student recruitment strategy.
Plus, with incredible targeting options like those provided by Facebook, language schools can ensure that their ads are seen by the right audiences. There is so much more to say about how language schools can leverage social media to recruit more students online – such as using multi-language content, involving student ambassadors, and configuring analytics to track, measure, and improve results. In the meantime, let us know which unique challenges you feel language schools face while recruiting on social media. As a certified educator, experienced researcher, and creative content strategist, Suzannah Brittan helps schools reach and recruit more students online.
Over the rest of this article, we will see how the power of the social media can be wielded effectively for job advertising.
Before going into that, let us first take a look at the following three main networks from which one can obtain immense value. The first obvious step is to create an account with twitter and then tweet about the job opportunities at your company. Make your tweets interesting, only interesting information catches eye in the ocean of information that is the social media. The biggest advantage with respect to LinkedIn is that this social network was established as a professional social network. Business mentoring and coaching for new and existing recruitment agencies in Singapore, USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Saudi Arabia and many other countries. 1799followers12621likes232followers9261followers311postsThe Most Powerful Job Manual Ever Created!
Simply Hired too published a report in 2010 stating that over half of UK job seekers are using social media sites for their job search – around 18% use Facebook whereas LinkedIn has the major share of about 31% of the job seekers. Potential candidates are there; thus, companies and recruiters should have an active social presence to engage candidates in the recruitment process. Among them, about 21% of companies are using social networking sites for research and recruiting employees. There are many potential candidates on the social media who have the required skill sets for your company, but are not actively searching for a job. Accomplishing this task successfully helps you to attract the right fit for your company, who know and care about the mission and goals of the company. People post great deal of personal information, which is accessible to the public as well as to their potential employer.
It has an interconnected network of skilled and experienced professionals from all across the world, representing 200 countries and 170 industries.
Many people see no benefit to working for a staffing agency and often feel as if the staffing agency is taking wages from them that they would have earned had there not been a staffing agency involved in the hiring at all. It’s important to know what you want to get out of using social media and just how you are going to accomplish that – have a game plan, ya know?
Today, when you contact a candidate for a position within your company (or we do on your behalf), they are doing as much research on your company as you are doing on them. Niet dat we moeten overdrijven dat het het allesomvattende, almachtige medium is, maar social media maakt bepaalde latente wensen duidelijk. Ook de CV databanken die niet meer bieden dan CV’s zullen hier onder vuur van komen te liggen, als ze dat niet al liggen. We gaan van een wereld van informatieschaarste (informatie is macht) naar informatie overvloed (hoe kan ik het allemaal bijhouden?). Hij helpt organisaties met het begrijpen van social media en de gedragsveranderingen die dit met zich meebrengt op het gebied van de arbeidsmarkt. And while these referrals are still important, more and more students are taking matters into their own hands, seeking out and applying to language schools by themselves online.
With the right digital tactics, they can attract and recruit prospects directly, from all corners of the globe – and gain an edge over competitors who have yet to adapt to the changing marketplace. Community membership fosters trust, which paves the way toward those crucial “conversion” steps like filling out an online form for more information, or submitting an application for enrollment.
How can language schools ensure their social media presence has what it takes to effectively attract and convert new prospective students? Which influencers and decision-makers am I hoping to attract to my school’s social media communities? Understanding their motivations, concerns, and decision-making behaviors is crucial for creating social media communities that attract and convert.
Zero-in on the channels and tactics that matter most to your school by clearly defining your social media goals. You’ll refer to these objectives each time you contemplate publishing a new piece of content, creating a new account, or evaluating the success of a new campaign.
In fact, spreading yourself too thin will only serve to dilute the quality of your community engagement, and confuse prospective students about what your school really stands for.
You’ll want to be active on LinkedIn where millennials look to compare institutions, connect with alumni, and plan their next educational steps.
You’ll want to be active on Facebook, where the growing majority of users are female, between the ages of 18-49. Consider adding Snapchat to your social media mix, where more than 60% of users are in the 18-to-24 age group, as compared to 28% of Instagram-ers.
You’ll need to be active on Instagram, which is not blocked in China, and is very popular across Asia.
Select 2-3 platforms to start, and focus your efforts on building relationships with your most valuable personas – which leads to our next essential ingredient for student recruitment on social media. Attracting and engaging users with relevant, frequently updated content is a bit more work! And notice the strategic use of hashtags to open this quiz up to a larger community of Facebook users, and attract new members to the community.
This simple, low-pressure quiz reflects this identity, while encouraging participation from existing and new fans. They want proof that your school culture is welcoming, your students go on to do great things, your teachers are highly trained experts, and that your programs will help them achieve their dreams.
These tweets link to relevant, informational blog posts located on the school’s website. Tweets are text-based messages that can contain up to 140 characters and are sent and received between users.

These days we find many websites which route your job related queries through Twitter and offer you comprehensive results. The company can create a fan page and communicate not just information about the company but can also encourage their employees to respond to any queries or post photographs etc.
The fact that users become a part of it with that intent and understanding make it easier for the companies to be formal and for the job-seekers to get more comprehensive information. He is the advisor for his clients who want to push their company or agency to a higher level. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Recruiters and HR managers are looking at different ways for utilizing this medium for their own benefit. The process includes engaging with various talents across the different social networking platforms.
With the given efficiency and ease-of-use, it is more likely that social media sites will be used extensively in the future by companies for recruitment purposes. With social media, you can connect with such candidates and hire a right fit for your company.
Besides, it will provide the job seekers with opportunities to ask questions and know more about your company’s culture and unique aspects, thus helping them to demonstrate their individual enthusiasm and capabilities. Such referrals enable companies and recruiters to tap networks beyond what they can possibly reach for themselves.
Thus, companies and recruiters can now access such written information as well as photographs relating to the behavior of the potential employee outside of work. You can be introduced to or find qualified professionals and collaborate with them to accomplish your hiring goals. By allowing an open forum online that is social, you allow the opportunity to further engage with your workforce. High optimism and business growth have not translated into an increase in employment as only about 5 percent of small business owners plan to hire new staff this spring.
People looking for employment or their next career move are using Social Media as a tool to find a more suitable job for them.
Candidates will be looking to see what your company can provide, that they don’t already have and how well you work together as a team and community. Include pictures of your employees participating, and candidates will look more positively on your company.
Social media maakt nieuwe modellen mogelijk, modellen waar mensen blijkbaar behoefte aan hebben.
Wel veel die het claimen of denken daar te zitten, maar slechts heel beperkt zijn er partijen die hard achter hun mensen durven te staan, echte garanties geven voor de geleverde diensten (een nieuwe leveren als iemand in de proeftijd vertrekt is niet echt een garantie) en dus niet onder vuur komen hierdoor.
De oude intermediair die informatie met je deelde (de krant bijvoorbeeld) gaat nu naar een nieuwe intermediair die informatie voor je filters (dat kan grappig genoeg ook de krant zijn, maar dat begrijpen ze zelf nog niet). Dat heb ik persoonlijk altijd vreemd gevonden (aangezien ze je meestal betalen per plaatsing), maar met social media is dat nog vreemder. Organisaties huren hem in voor het verzorgen van inspirerende lezingen over de toekomst van de arbeidsmarkt, trainingen over het gebruik van social media voor recruitment of het opzetten van een recruitmentsite. Or, you’re hoping to engage with high school counsellors who may recommend your language school to seniors.
But there are simple approaches language schools can use to ensure their content is fresh, audience-specific, and goal-oriented. Meanwhile, the power of the testimonial (social proof) will help convince visitors that your programs are worthy of exploration and inquiry. Given the limited time there is for face-to-face interactions, more and more people are entering the vast world of social networks. One can upload our CV, get ‘endorsed’ by colleagues and fellows for certain skills and make it easier for potential employees to get comprehensive information about you. Social media has made it possible for recruiters to target a wide population at a time and post job opportunities almost instantly without investing a lot of time or money. However, the question that  arises now is that, “what will be the impacts of social media on the recruitment industry?” Can social media sites serve as a reliable medium to accomplish the task of hiring suitable candidates? The recruiters  need to adopt strategies to make the most out of the social media sites, when it comes to finding and hiring new talents. In fact, social referrals have taken a completely new meaning, as most of the top talent and target candidates hang out on social media. Such behaviors often have the potential to affect their dignity and reputation within work.
Instead, more small business owners (nearly 26 percent) are investing in social media, online advertising and marketing.
They also want to know that your company is employee-oriented (everyone likes a fun and happy work place). Omdat ze hun business processen en zelfs business modellen aanpassen aan het nieuwe tijdsbeeld dat social media met zich meebrengt. Omdat als je voor prijs gaat je niet onder de prijs van 0 kan komen en de prijs van 0 krijg je als je gewoon bij iemand op zijn of haar bank slaapt.
Op nieuws gebied ontstaan allerlei nieuwe diensten die informatie filteren, waarbij de informatie gratis is, maar de filter geld kost. Slimme systemen die zowel aan kandidaat kant (wij zoeken alle functies en leren op basis van je voorkeuren) als aan werkgevers kant (wij doorzoeken alle CV databases en Linkedin profielen en leren op basis van je voorkeuren) filters gaan toepassen hebben de toekomst.
Daar kom je misschien op de korte termijn mee weg, maar een business bouwen op een dergelijk model kost je uiteindelijk je bedrijf. In the past twitter was used often as a tool to organize various protests or to spread breaking news etc. And getting such referrals is now faster, easier and more cost-effective, as LinkedIn has more than 100 million users and Facebook over 900 millions.
Among the 80% of the companies using social media for recruiting, 90% use LinkedIn, making it one of the best available options to gather information about potential candidates. As an employer you need to ensure that your company is portrayed positively online and the only way to do this is to stay active and create an online environment that people want to be part of. Het is al jaren bekend dat bij elke grote transitie maximaal 1 of 2 van de oude garde overblijft, recent zagen we dat nog met Kodak in de foto industrie (stap naar digitaal nooit kunnen maken). It is because of their well connectedness and large member base, that companies are exceedingly using social networks as tools for recruitment.
And with each additional connection, your network reach continues to expand, which in turn helps you to find more targeted referrals. Nee, enkel in de goedkope hotelmarkt. AirBNB neemt nu wel langzaam iets weg uit de middenklasse hotelmarkt, door kamers, appartementen en andere leegstaande woningen als vakantie aan te bieden, net als huizenruilen. Momenteel zou zoiets worden tegengewerkt door de jobboards, of je moet elke klant apart een account laten invoeren, maar aan hun business op dat gebied zal meer en meer onder vuur komen zonder toegevoegde waarde.

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