Write down a list of everywhere you need to post, and on what days and times you need to post there. No one wants to be sold to 100% of the time, so if your business page on Facebook for instance is 100% business, chances are you are not getting the engagement you are hoping for. If you are on a great schedule, you post content when you should, it’s gaining interactions and your readers enjoy it, try adding another social media site to the mix.
If you are a child care center owner or Director we do it all from educating and caring for the kids to leading teams and fixing all things broken form feelings to toilets.
So when is the time left to market our Center and fill up those empty spots with a VERY low budget?   There isn’t! 654 social media posts for your Center’s Facebook account.  Every quarter during your year we will provide you with a quarter of posts! A 1 training video to kick off your social media strategy and training on Facebook Scheduler & Hoot Suite – a free social media planning site.
It doesn’t get easier than this!   For $205 you can change your financial outcome by putting in place a marketing plan that will work. We’re excited to announce a 4 part series to help child care centers from across the country build enrollment AND create more efficient processes to help the busy Director!
In this class you will learn simple ways you can use Facebook to get the word out there that you have spots available at your Center. In this class you will learn all about our Client Care System that brings in potential clients ALL THE TIME!
Sign up in the red box and you’ll get our weekly tools, tips, and ideas PLUS a free training! We can help you build enrollment, motivate your Teachers, and create more efficient processes to save time and money!

In our NEW PROGRAM – you will learn the same cutting edge techniques that Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners, Salespeople, and Network Marketers have paid over $30,000 to learn! Business Success Training has trained over 500,000 salespeople and business owners from Vancouver to Miami and everywhere in between in the last 21 years.
We have never seen things change as much as they have in last four years – both due to the economy and technology. Business people and sales people must know how to set appointments, get referrals, ask great questions, make an emotional presentation, be able to ask for the order, and most importantly deal with objections without alienating the prospect. After the prospect has turned into a customer they must utilize the technologies available to them to maintain the relationship, stay in front of the customer, and bring value to the relationship, and that is what our business success training is all about. Facebook’s algorithm is based on engagement, so post content that gets your fans active and involved. For example on your Facebook page, link it to your website, your Twitter, your Instagram, and any other social media sites that you use.
We believe success in marketing & sales is a combination of mastering the traditional skills … while embracing Social Media and Internet Marketing. The team at Business Success Training looks forward to helping you and your team over achieve their goals in the next twelve months. Whether you are looking to increase your business on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc, here are five simple steps to help you master using social media for your direct sales business. Set a schedule for yourself of when, where and what to post, you will thank yourself a few weeks after starting your new social media schedule. Either it’s going to be fantastic and your followers will join you, or you will find that it’s just not best for your business right now. Like everything in the Diva Success System, social media has an important place in your direct sales business.

It is also best to have the same username on each of these sites – that will help with branding and customer loyalty because you customers will get used to seeing the same name over and over again, and remember it more easily the next time they need you.
You can even use services such as CoSchedule and HootSuite to help you schedule posts ahead of time.
If you attempt to be on every single site, and can’t keep up with posting as you should, it will look bad for your business, displaying that you can’t properly keep up.
Look into what sites will be best for you to make it easier on yourself, and beneficial for your business.
I have failed and succeeded as a network-marketing distributor and I used social media to help me succeed. I know what the distributor is going through and because of that I can talk to them in a way that no one else can." Whether you’re a beginning or advanced network marketer, you will learn how to get people to try samples, buy products and become distributors, and the most natural ways to make new connections and nurture those relationships. This book I predict will become a classic in the home business social media arena and this is a MUST READ for anyone who is serious about their network marketing business utilizing social media and facebook for massive success!
BRILLIANT!" - Doug Firebaugh "Valuable information and practical techniques for direct sellers that will help them use Facebook more effectively in their businesses." - Debbie Squier, President, IMPACT This Day Inc.
I would recommend it to my fellow learners." - Garry Ford, President, Harold Taylor Time Consultants Ltd. Jim Lupkin is one of the best." - Evan Klassen, Best Selling Author and Entrepreneur What will you gain from reading this book? How Birthday Wishes Create Business Success 92 Introduction 100 Karen Aycock 102 Masa Cemazar and Miguel Montero 106 Daren Falter 116 Doug Firebaugh 124 Carol and Garry Ford 132 Kathy Humpherys 137 Kim Klaver 145 Dorina Lanza 153 Jill McCarthy 160 Jason L.

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