As a small business owner the number one obstacle you have to overcome is conducting business with limited resources and getting results.
The week of the 2013 Super Bowl I wrote a post titled The Social Media Super Bowl that compared the teams, players, and brands involved.
Let me begin with a disclaimer- per usual, I will most definitely bird-walk… but stay with me, as I will earnestly try to come full circle. Tying into my last post about running a successful holiday promotion, I’m going to discuss 3 social media management tools that can be used by your company. Perhaps it is this time of year that reminds me of the great outdoors… or, more likely, it is my upcoming camping trip that has got me giddy like a kid on Christmas.
Overcome SEO and marketing challenges by giving you access to some of the world's best marketers. Share127 Tweet915 Pin489 +1209 Share73Shares 1.8KToday, simply creating a Facebook page or Twitter handle for your small business is not enough.
While establishing a presence across social media is important, making lasting relationships is the key to long-term success. And as we know, creating meaningful relationships and winning over todays consumer across social media doesn’t happen overnight. Add the above questions to your calendar and run a review quarterly to stay ahead of the curve. Social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are excellent catalysts for conversation. Become an active listener in order to quickly respond and meet the needs of your fans and followers in real-time. Use it to search your company name, local phrases like your city or community, and keyword search terms. Lets say you’re a real estate professional, an example might be a search for your local area. As a small business owner, understanding the needs of your consumer is critical. Below are a few tips to help you become the go-to resource.
Always add a call to action – what’s the next step you would like anyone connecting with you on social media to take? Talk about an upcoming local or sponsored event, why you’re involved and why it matters to your social media fans and followers.
Studies have repeatedly shown that people respond positively to photos and videos far more than they do articles. Quotes from your latest blog post – use a tool like Save Publishing to pull quotes from your blog posts.
Just as in the offline world, it’s considered poor etiquette within social media if you “run into the room” screaming about your company, and never take the time to get to know anyone.
This article was originally written by Rebekah Radice and posted on Maximize Social Business. Enter your name and email to receive a FREE copy of my eBook, "10 Ways to Virtually Crush the Competition" and my weekly newsletter. First of all let me tell you something about myself, I am Mohammad Anis from Mumbai, India and a social media strategist for Freshrank (A mumbai based digital agency). I have few influencers and great authors in my list and now I’m going to add you also. I agree 100% about getting visual and that is something that you are really well known for!
People respect that and at times, this really puzzles me; trying to share something without selling too much!
She is also the Host and Executive Producer of the “Inside New York City Dance” television show on MNN, and is a proud wife and new mom. Ashani has been featured in Dance Magazine, as a “Media Maven”, as well as in Dance Mogul magazine, Inside Woman magazine, & Dance Studio Life magazine, in addition to various dance blogs online.
Enter your name and email for FREE social media & online branding tips delivered right to your inbox! We work with businesses that rely on word-of-mouth referrals and online reviews are very important to the health of the business. Through our work to uncover online reviews across the web, we accounted for a vast number of directory sites with both positive and negative reviews published.

Managing the online reputation of your business can become overwhelming, but the effort that is put forth to respond to those that cared enough to review, can mean more than anything else. PARENTS: Do you have a "tween" who loves social media & spends hours socializing via smartphone? BLOGGERS & AFFILIATES: We want to reward valuable people like YOU for referring others to Saving Face™!
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Enter your name & email to learn how you can join our Tweet Team™, have fun & put $ in your pocket doing what you love! Want to learn more about the RESULTS Hay There Social Media can deliver to YOUR small business? Have you ever wished that you could quickly and easily go to one place to read the most useful and proven tips for creating an effective social media strategy, without being overwhelmed? I’ve compiled a list of my top articles to help you create a social media marketing strategy, and online brand that converts your fans and followers, into paying customers, and loyal clients. The most important components of an online brand that is profitable, and stands out from your competitors.
How to easily create compelling, eye-catching images to share on your social media profiles.
How to host a successful Twitter chat, build your Twitter following, and connect with prospects on Twitter.
The 5 KEY questions you NEED to answer, in order to create an effective and successful social media marketing strategy.
Transforming your fans, followers, and subscribers into paying customers requires expert-level social media strategies, and extensive knowledge in relationship marketing in this digital age.
I’ve got the ultimate guide to success in social media marketing, and I’m not afraid to share it! If you’d like to learn even MORE about how to grow your brand and start getting REAL RESULTS on social media, I invite you to join my new Facebook group for entrepreneurs, artists, small business owners, bloggers, writers, dancers, and media professionals. AshaniMfuko (51 Posts)Ashani Mfuko is a Social Media Strategist, Digital Marketing Specialist, Award-Winning Blogger, and Professional Dancer. Recognized Social Media Leader by Forbes, CNN, Huffington Post, Alltop and others, Chris Voss is CEO of Strategix One Consulting.
FCC Disclosure: The Chris Voss Show receives products from companies looking to promote their products. This is particularly true when starting out and is a major difference between being a small business owner versus a larger corporation CEO.
It was awesome and everyone was taking advantage of its never-before-seen music capabilities. Some of that data was speculation, but now after Super Bowl XLVII is complete and the Baltimore Ravens are announced the winners (thank God!), we can revisit the social media aspect of the Super Bowl.
In the information technology industry (the realm of all things world-wide-web) we are continually trying to stay ahead of the curve… or better yet, build the next curve. It takes a commitment to sharing relevant content in a way that inspires your fans and followers to interact and take action. In order to maintain fan and follower attention, you need to constantly adjust to meet their needs. Nevertheless, a conversation doesn’t truly become beneficial until both parties are involved. Tools such as Social Mention allow you to monitor the conversations happening in and around your business. Once you begin to dive into that information, you can use it to create content. Write a blog post around a specific question or create a video tip responding to a need. Monitoring certain phrases will allow you to respond while the thought is fresh in the mind of the consumer. Make it simple for them to ask a question or click through to your website to learn more about your company. Identify what differentiates you and then share that in a way that captures the attention of your target audience.

Take the time to ask questions, listen to your fans and followers and respond in a timely manner. Put a plan in place that will let you easily create, manage and follow a daily social media strategy.
I’ve been reading various articles on social media by various authors and influencers, among many one is Ileane. It’s so important to keep up with the conversations surrounding your content and topics of interest. Thanks for always being such a great example and always encouraging me (and everyone else that follows you) to just do it!
There’s an apprehension based on the perceived time or trouble it will take to pull all of that content together. She is the author and creator of the, “Finance Your Dance: How To Turn Your Passion Into Profit“ e-book and workshop, and her dance blog won the Reader’s Choice, “Top Dance Business Blog” of the year award, two years in a row. Sites like Yelp, Google+ Local, and industry niche sites are top online destinations for up-to-the-minute contact information and user reviews. Online directories must be carefully combed through to make sure all contact information is up to date and reviews are responded to. Ashani works with small businesses, corporations, & non-profit organizations as a Social Media Strategist and Digital Marketing Specialist.
Going cross platform is super important for a successful social marketing strategy for SMBs. Unfortunately, that glory only lasted so long for me and I’m assuming the same can be said for others with the release of the ever-so-popular Spotify.
So how can you create vibrant conversations that fuel visibility and increase awareness around your small business?
I’m not able to be an active listener and as a result it becomes difficult for me to stay in interaction. With so many sources to curate unique and useful content that helps your target audience to solve problems, this is an area most anyone can develop a scalable process to curate and share useful content on a routine basis. She is a leader in the field of social media and digital marketing, and is highly sought after as a dance performer and dance teacher in the New York City dance community. If someone complained to you about their experience with your business in person, you wouldn’t just walk away without responding, would you? Typically, the children of an elderly person would research all of the options before moving their parents somewhere new. A strong social media presence includes a strong online reputation and that requires the management of reviews.
A positive review can showcase your high points within your business and can help you focus on maintaining it. She creates results-driven, innovative social media strategies that are proven to increase your revenue and catapult your brand to expert status in your niche! Ashani is on staff at the Joffrey Ballet School in New York City, and teaches Advanced Jazz classes for their Jazz & Contemporary program & Ballet program. The internet has so many different places that people are given the opportunity to share their thoughts and experiences with businesses, but who has the ability to manage all of them and respond accordingly? The internet makes it easy to find insight from actual people whose feedback can sway a new customer decision one way or another. She has an extensive track record of creating and implementing successful social media strategies for her clients. Thanks for teaching me how to level my websites up and take my business to a whole new level. A business can easily change a negative review into a positive experience, by simply acknowledging the reviewer. Responding to both types of reviews, shows your dedication to your business and making sure they are getting the service they deserve.

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