Even in 2015, I regularly encounter small business people, consultants, and independent service providers who are new to and inexperienced with social media. They’ve been told over and over again by well-meaning friends, clients, and vendors that they should “do” social media.
As a content marketing professional with clients all over the country, I get to work from all my favorite local coffee shops and anywhere with free wifi.
I have come to expect a certain line of follow-up questions when I divulge that I get paid to do social media.
Nowadays, the question has morphed into grudging acceptance with a strong reluctance to expand. If I don’t interrupt quickly, a palpable sense of rising panic takes hold and they start dropping OMG-bombs. Which suite of services might you emphasize first to subsidize your new social media expenses?
Do you want to give your users a community where they can support each other & reinforce your brand? Do you want to develop an interconnected network to whom you can market your digital downloads and other passive income stream items? In terms of “doing” social media for your small business, we’re talking about social media marketing.
Let’s use digital marketing as the umbrella term for anything that doesn’t get printed on paper or vinyl, that doesn’t get written in the sky, spelled out on a cake, or mown into a crop circle. And, as we know from our friends the lemmings, as more people do it, more people are gonna do it. Suzanne Hoenig is a strategist and writer helping small businesses, nonprofits, and private practitioners craft their marketing copy, grow their online and offline community, and navigate the changing tides of social media and digital content marketing. March 31, 2010 by Tara Jacobsen Social Media Marketing and Social Networking ARE different and how you approach them are going to determine your success or failure.
When I started talking about the new marketing tools like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn a while ago, everyone was calling it Social Networking. Social media marketing is deliberately promoting a product or service that your company or business sells. Twitter – having keyword targeted twitter accounts which are geared towards gaining followers who are interested in your product or service and may want to buy from you. Facebook Fan Pages – having a company focused page that is somewhat salesy, while still providing great information and value to your Fans. Twitter Personal – This kind of twitter account is more friendly and tells more about you as a person, sort of chronicling your daily life and interests.
While I like Facebook and talk with my friends, sharing pictures and a bit about my life, Social Networking is SO not for me. Tara’s “tell it like it is” personality combined with her 100 miles per hour presentations have earned her the title “The Queen of Marketing Ahhh’s” from her raving fans. For small business owners who are new to Social Media, it can be hard to decide where to start with your social media marketing strategy.
Many small businesses make the mistake of rushing into social media too quickly, without any real plan or understanding of the marketing tools their respective social media channels provide. When in doubt, its usually best to start your social strategy slowly, sticking with The Big Three: Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus. You can often find inspiration and guidance by evaluating your competitors to see how and where they’re performing on social media networks. Social media facts and trends for marketing supported by user statistics are now influencing marketing strategies and tactics.
Listed below are some social media facts, trends and social media statistics to help inform how or where a business might focus their social media strategy.
So without further ado, let us take a look at statistics for the major social media networks. The social media networks are a whole universe of conversations, tweets, like, followers, profiles, content, data and interests.
Every business that wants to engage deeper with target audiences should be increasingly aware of the global march towards a near total digital age, one which rewrites the rules on how brands engage with buyers. These social media statistics with researched data makes it even more evident that the only way forward to engaging consumers and buyers is through social media communications. Understanding the global social media landscape is not just some useful information; it provides valuable insights and data that must be central to any business strategy. Small Business Can NewsletterSmall Business Can is run by businesspeople for businesspeople. Hands on senior manager from the digital media, software and online technology sectors who has operated both within large organisations and start-ups.

About Small Business CanThe idea for Small Business Can comes from an Ulster Bank initiative when we went and talked to hundreds of businesspeople and asked them about the types of business supports they most valued.
As far as we have come, social media still remains a bit of a mystery for most small businesses in 2016.
Some areas may be up or down as far as traffic and rankings, while others might be trending. Take some time to read through the guide and become familiar with one social media platform at a time. There are many methods and ways to use YouTube properly, which will be explained in a future post.
The number one gripe that I hear from my clients about social media is the time it takes to implement it. Twitterfeed: This tool allows you to share content from people you trust without having to manually tweet their latest posts. TwitterCounter: See at a glance how many Twitter followers you have added over the last month or 6 months. Your strategy should be to drive people to your website, so create engaging posts and tweets that will do just that. A little goodwill on your part will pay off down the road when people start engaging with you and sharing your content.
No one likes to see a generic bland space at the top of the page (or in the case of Twitter, an egg shaped icon on a blue background). Then, they wonder why no one engages with them on social media and why their website traffic is always low.
There are other factors to consider for a successful Internet marketing campaign such as high power backlinks. First let me start out by saying that there is nothing wrong with using free e-mail accounts.
Get Exclusive TipsLearn how to get more traffic with exclusive tips and methods that we only share with our private newsletter subscribers. They’ve fought the good fight, swam upstream, and resisted peer pressure like the good little critical thinkers that they are. As my fellow coffeeshoppers and I get to know each other, we play the “So, what do you do?” game. They’ve crystallized, like a college professor who’s given the same lecture to many successive freshman classes. It’s not yet a cost of doing business, like having a business card or letterhead or an ad in the phonebook. I’m not one of those breathless chest-pounding social media gurus selling so much snake oil. Instead of listing the myriad ways that different small businesses and service providers succeed with social media, here are those few who may still remain exempt, if they choose. A gregarious person in any of these fields who digs social sharing has the green-field advantage, like a cornerback with no defenders between him and the goal.
While I am not an ABC kind of gal (always be closing), I am definitely focused on my business and driving traffic to my web properties and sales. You gather a group of people with like interests and talk among yourselves for the good of the common whole. It is about making connections with people and getting opportunities by asking a friend of a friend to introduce you to someone of influence. Not to say that you can never sell on this kind of account BUT you are going to be WAY less salesy. I think this is why LinkedIn seems so difficult for me since I AM interested in people’s companies and what they are doing work wise and the setup is to slide into that sideways rather than asking outright.
Check out her marketing courses and products at the Marketing Artfully Shop or visit her Etsy Store, Paperly People. One of the first major decisions to make when launching your social campaigns is determining which social media channels are best suited for your brand. For example, over 90% of Instagram users are under the age of 35, while the majority of Facebook users are between the ages of 33 and 54, according to Business Insider and International Business Times.
These brands often find themselves becoming overwhelmed, inundated with mass amounts of data and profile housekeeping, all the while trying to adapt and learn new digital environments.
Limiting yourself to these primary networks will help you focus on achieving realistic, manageable goals with your social campaigns.
Companies have already started to bypass the more traditional mass media products of radio campaigns, TV ads and press promotions in favour of driving awareness on the social networks. It is a complete publishing and sales channel with the ability to tap into large volumes of data together with a reach that stretches into the millions of buyers.

Buyers, consumers, shoppers, sellers, seekers, businesses and organisations are all to be found in the social media universe. How relevant they will be in 6 or 12 months (or by the time you have read this article) is anyone’s guess.
Focused as a business enabler I have sales and marketing skills plus strategic, operational and management experience in multiple channels (online sales, inside sales, field sales and channel) across software, digital media and solutions markets. Designing a website was a bit of a challenge but once completed, it was fairly easy to rank in Yahoo, Lycos and other long forgotten search engines. The closest thing we had to social media back then were online bulletin boards and networks like CompuServe and AOL. Although the traditional website remains the hub of activity, it is now more important than ever to leverage multiple traffic streams for any Internet marketing campaign. Most people think that you must sit at a computer all day, randomly posting to each social media platform. It allows you to post to multiple social media platforms at once and you can schedule the posts, tweets, etc.
It is actually a very good platform that comes with a free trial but be aware that if you go with a paid version, and try to cancel (even within their 7 or 14 day money back offer), they will stiff you with a 25% cancellation charge.
If you choose to post only your own content and do not attempt to gain followers, you may as well be sitting on a mansion in the swamp. More on all of this later but for now, get your feet wet in social media for small business 2016. They’re tired–they’ve got social media fatigue like the rest of us, and they’re not even on it yet! And, you’ll have more and more valid reasons why you should as it continues to become common business practice.
16 Free Marketing Tactics For Promoting Your Business Is Your Small Business Niche a Fit for Social Media? After much research into semantics, I think I have the answer, at least enough for me to sleep at night!
Sales and marketing are generally done offline or via private message and are not telegraphed as your goal for connecting. This guide will help you narrow the vast field of social media platforms to select which ones best support your business. As a small business owner, it is up to you to determine which social media platforms most closely align with your target audience. Company leadership should view these social media networks as valuable digital assets that will grow each year.
Social media interaction is a truly global activity, embraced daily by people of all ages and in every corner of the web. The important thing is to keep on top on what is happening on the social networks and don’t chase every social media fad that comes along.
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It works quick and easy and comes with the option for a subscription to additional ProThemes, and additional themes. It might be a beautiful mansion but no one will ever see it unless you share and share alike with others. What’s driving this deeper penetration into the “Local” market is two-fold–increasing user adoption of social media in general and Google pushing their Local product.
But if they build it and keep building it, they will generate more referrals and more business from their social media presence. To compare various social media platform user demographics, check out the Pew Research Internet Project. Done correctly, social media networks will give any business huge leverage in winning over customers and a connected marketing channel which works nonstop.
Contact us or call 802-233-3261 now to arrange for social media campaign services and we’ll set up a plan that accommodates your budget. We’re rewiring our brains, our dopamine systems, our attention spans, our productivity, our sleep, dreams, body clock, and memory.

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