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Author: Pam DyerPam Dyer is an integrated marketing executive dedicated to helping companies grow via innovative branding and audience engagement programs.
To use social media as a marketing tool you must understand the elements of social media marketing strategy.
We then contact you and give you honest feedback and recommendations for how you can best leverage social media for your business. A visual infographic covering how to create social media objectives with marketing strategy examples. I Have been working on that white paper for some months, and trying to figure out how best explain – step by step – a social media strategy, so can guide people who want to develop a serious Social Media strategy for its business, but – and this is a great but – I’m not talking about the process going on, but focused on the development stage.I’ve followed some steps from the latest projects I’ve been working on and then, put it together, when doing that I knew something was going to happen. Isra, I translated your article into Russian. I hope the Russian marketers and strategists will have something to add. Thank you!
A few weeks ago Ross uploaded a video explanation of the Social Media Strategy… Take a look. She delivers results by leading teams to create forward-looking strategies and translate them into measurable tactics, iterating as needed to achieve corporate goals. I already put it together in a Prezi presentation (diagram update) waiting for the English version though. Thanks a lot mattey, well I think there's still a lot to improve, but the thing is keep moving this damn thing, isn't it? I also believe that you would be better served (as suggested earlier) by a SlideShare presentation or even PowerPoint.  Break it into segments that correspond to your narrative and you'd have a dynamic presentation. We provide an array of affordable social media management packages to help you grow your fan base and engage with your audience. You should provide only relevant and validated information to take the full benefit of the social media.

Know your limits, take into account what can help and what can hurt your company, have a plan B, even a plan C. If you are brand new to social media and looking for a straightforward way to start, follow the advice below.12 Steps to Social Media Marketing SuccessResearch and know your audience. And while for many the incentive to engage in social media marketing is the seemingly low buy-in, potentiall practitioners should most certainly remember there are investments still required; namely, in talent! Successfully managing the myriad and intertwined tines of a quality social strategy requires professionalism of high order.
Same as strategy planning: let you feelings go, paint what you want to represent, define your identity and image – vision – , set up a sense of purpose – mission. Go where your target audience is to create awareness,engagement, and brand ambassadors.Identify your KPIs (key performance indicators. Study also how you plan to tangle platforms and people, because no need to mention that at this point you know that you “want” to segment communities in social platformsH. That is to say, find key facts that can help you to create a consistent social media structure. The playbook should detail your KPIs, audience profiles, brand personas, campaign concepts, promotional events, contests, content themes, crisis management plan, etc. Optimize the profiles: use tools, APPs, resources and tips for giving the profiles a competitive advantage. Make sure to tailor strategies that are unique to each of your social media channels.Align the people at your company with the plan.
Take 30-60 minutes to schedule tweets, Facebook posts, LinkedIn posts, Pinterest pins, and other social media content. Get feedback, correct, polish and improve it as much as you can.J. How are you going to market your social media strategy? Come up with some original ideas, links to your own content, and links to outside content that is useful or interesting to your audience.Develop a content marketing calendar.

Use one of the example spreadsheets I’ve created as a starting point to plan content topics, headlines, related links, desired scheduling, name of authors, etc.Post content that is relevant to newsworthy topics and events.
Do whatever it takes: guerrilla, offline, beta for your customers, offers, discounts, events, website, publicity, PR.
As soon as breaking news comes out about anything related to your brand or industry, you should share your opinion and become part of the conversation.Treat all of your social channels differently. Don’t post the same message everywhere – remember who the audience is on each platform and how they interact. Consider – seriously consider – track, monitor and measure everything what you do on the Social Web. What works on Facebook will fall flat on Twitter, and vice versa.Assign someone to act as a customer service rep. It’s vital to be responsive to user generated content, comments, and feedback (positive or not).
CRM (customer relationship management) is a fundamental to social media marketing success.Schedule metrics reporting. Reporting metrics can occur weekly, monthly, or bimonthly depending on your goals and desired outcomes.Reanalyze your plan on a regular basis.
Ensure that all fit in, your community is growing, therefore interactions happening around.
Engagement, loyalty, brand reach, sentiment, sales, effort vs reward, opinion leadersP. Long-term.

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