One of the biggest challenges most folks have writing a press release is trying to get the media or a journalist’s attention without bragging, overusing meaningless terms, or sounding too hypey. Most people make the mistake when learning to write a release of thinking if you just brag about how cool or interesting your business is that journalists will beat a path to you door. In fact, the exact opposite is true. Now that you know the top ten things to avoid when writing your next press release, you’re 99% ahead of the game. For the first time in history, people are now using the internet more through their mobile devices than through their desktop computers (Business Insider). Web content series are a medium still growing in popularity and open to a broad array of multimedia. Now more than ever it is important to include video and photo elements in traditional text blog posts to keep your audience interested and engaged. This year, widely used social networks, namely Facebook and Twitter, made design and layout changes based on imagery. Let’s say you see someone out at the bar, getting wasted, hitting on everything with a pulse, and yelling racial slurs in a drunken stupor.
The following Quora response made me want to buy a political book despite a minimum interest in politics. In Jodi Kantor’s response she recommends avoiding overly general and philosophical questions if you really want to get to know someone. Credibility: Kantor’s answer was started with a statement about her professional interviewing experience with the NY Times. Unique perspective: Instead of giving another predictable answer, she rejected the premise of the question altogether and offered a unique perspective. An extremely effective way of getting your point across is the “Point, Evidence, Point” technique or PEP. One effective technique for introducing your products or services is the “but you are free” method. Quora is different than other social media platforms because brands are built not with memorable images or one-liners but with thoughtful answers (and questions) that resonate with readers.
According to reports, 22% of the world’s population now owns a smartphone, up from just 5% in 2009.
As your business continues to create more and more content, it will become important to have someone on your team who will manage it all. In 2014, I believe it will also become increasingly important to boost your Director of Content’s budget so they can pay for contributors and designers. Entertaining doesn’t mean your blog has to be ha-ha, laugh-out-loud funny, but it does mean that you have to have a little special sauce spread on your posts. Is it too soon to be sick of 2014 predictions, resolutions, and assorted New Year’s fodder?
If you’re like me, your social networks are live, well, and blasting out content on a regular basis.
You might think the beginning of the year is the worst time to get in touch with customers who are just coming back to work. Say you’re doing email campaigns four times a year, pushing out social media content twice a week, and managing a monthly blog. As the calendar inches ever closer toward the new year, there’s never been a better time to talk about blogging. To help answer those questions, let’s look at what the experts are saying about why blogs do matter—along with strategies for making the most of your blogging efforts.
Based on a Google Talk given in October at PubCon 2013, staying ahead in the blog world is simply a matter of knowing what to expect. Benefit Your Reader: If you aren’t answering the #1 reader question of “Why should I care?” you’re sabotaging your own blogging efforts. Blog Like You Talk: As voice searching grows in popularity, blogs that are written the way people talk may rank higher. Niche = Authority: The more specific and focused your blog topic, the better your chances of becoming an authority in your field. Make the Most of Social Media: Social profiles are not only good for building relationships, but also they help you increase online authority.
It’s very often the case that your social media activities are not closely tied to the larger purpose, vision, and overall goals and objectives of the organization. How do you justify the investment and prove that yes, social media marketing is helping to contribute to your success? DragonSearch’s presentation at NMX in Las Vegas in January, 2014 will follow the same format as our workshop on how to create your social media strategy. In his book, Social Marketology, Ric Dragon focuses on outlining a framework for creating a social media marketing strategy and process. The importance of values becomes even more pronounced in social media marketing, where great agility is needed.
You could go ahead and start tweeting, Facebooking, and posting on all the social media platforms right now – and many organizations and individuals do just that. As a blogger your goal might be to establish yourself as an authority in your subject matter. As a next step you’ll want to focus on defining some metrics you will use to measure your success. Setting SMART objectives will help you create realistic, measurable plans for achieving your goals. Being “realistic” doesn’t mean being pessimistic: If a campaign is grounded in robust research, a clear idea should emerge as to what can and what cannot be achieved within the context and the resources available.
Depending on your goals and objectives, metrics may be similar to the examples in the illustration above, i.e. Excerpt from the Desired Outcomes Worksheet used in DragonSearch’s social media strategy workshops. In his SMX Milan presentation about measuring social media ROI, Ric Dragon talked about a landscape of social media values. Follow these 3 basic steps for setting your social media marketing goals, objectives and metrics and you will have the structure in place that will guide you through everyday tasks and help you make important decisions on next steps. Please share your experiences or ask any questions and I’ll do my best to help you get started. Hope to see you at our presentation about creating a social media marketing strategy at NMX in Las Vegas.
We love this infographic from our friends at RazorSocial (especially Ian, who will be speaking at NMX 2014), which outlines what a productive day looks like for a social media manager. Here is a collection of case studies and I added a report outlining the social media success metrics. Organic tea brand Steaz came to Chemistry needing to generate nation-wide awareness and drive Steaz sales at Target stores — and quickly. Goal to create an online developer network that would open the company’s content, NetWeaver strategy, and technical information to a global audience. Best Buy, which is a large multi-channel home electronics retailer with nearly $50 Billion in sales, 3,000 locations globally and with 170,000 staff is a large organisation by any standard. Gillette Fusion power has few competitors other than other Gillette variants in the Market; as such driving adoption of new brand variants is key to the brands success.
LEGO is a brand that many people are very passionate about, a brand people love and we’ve written before about how they use segmentation to engage their consumer base from children to enthusiasts in an innovative way. Kirsten Watson, Director, Corporate Marketing of Kinaxis presented a case study of their online community at the Marketing Profs B2B Forum.
UPS wants to show potential customers its passion for transportation and supply chain solutions, what it calls “New Logistics”, and it especially wants to bring the message of growth opportunity to small businesses. Take a moment to think about, and count, the number of B2C social media success stories that pop into your head.
Altimeter Group conducted research, and gleaned input from 34 vendors, agencies, and experts, to determine success criteria and develop a roadmap for Facebook page best practices.
Priit is the founder and CEO of DreamGrow Digital, an internet marketing and social media company. Once I’ve outlined exactly what my objective is I can also define a specific measure of success and hopefully which blogs are best for which objective. Followed by various types of social media (yep the top ones aren’t really social media).
What I wanted to show was that Blogs could actually do more than just Information Gathering and Preference. Let’s go through some of the concepts outlined in the diagram before we return to objectives.
Earned media: a message about a company passed between consumers as a result of an experience with the brand.
Positive organic: unprompted and authentic communication about a positive experience with a brand. The idea is that Owned and Paid media are the foundation to achieve the much more valuable Earned media. I wanted to be clearer about what my social media objectives were before I did any further analysis of the best wine blogs. Once I outlined exactly what my objectives were, then I can also define a specific measure of success.
Once I had a measure of success then I could make a reasonable call on what blogs were best. Damn, this is turning out to be a much longer series of posts than I thought when I first started . The more sensible way from here may be to go through the graph above, and start to nominate the best wine blogs, based off particular objectives, with specific measures. Either I’ve reached my threshold of boredom or all these statistics are just too dry! The importance of measuring anything is that it needs to be balanced and meaningful and not absorb huge amounts of time. I could have chosen fewer but, to use a stock control analogy, if you only measure the out of stock items, you completely miss the low stocks. Among surveyed Fortune 500 marketers, 94% cite the ability to adapt quickly to change as the most critical enabler of social media success, followed by having an in-house social media champion (93%), clearly communicated executive support (90%), a solid education on social media (90%), and a culture of experimentation (88%). Applying an integrated approach to social marketing (86%) ranks sixth among success enablers, followed by the training staff who are unaccustomed to social media (83%), a strong PR capability (80%), unique content that's exclusive to audiences on various platforms (79%), and the ability to coordinate multiple service providers (62%). Budgets and staffing rank lower among leading marketers: 53% cite having a dedicated social media budget as a key enabler of success, while 50% say having a senior-level company-wide head of social media is critical. Advertising and promotions (96%), public relations (88%), and customer service (75%) are among the top 3 ways such companies are using social channels.

35% of companies say they have a senior-level executive who is responsible for social media company-wide. Asked in which areas they are realizing benefit from social media, marketers cite brand building (90%), followed by interactivity (89%), buzz building (88%), and mining consumer insights (81%). Some companies have begun to explore the value of social media outside of marketing: 56% of marketers are using social media to support market research, 40% for product development efforts, and 24% are using social media for internal communications. Among those increasing spending in social media, 57% say they are concentrating their efforts on hiring new people with 72% planning to invest in creative and editorial talent, 59% targeting community management, and 43% planning to upgrade their analytical resources.
About the data: Findings are based on responses to an online survey from 106 marketers of leading companies (primarily Fortune 500), as well as in-depth interviews conducted during the summer of 2011.
Join over 600,000 marketing professionals, and gain access to thousands of marketing resources! Brian Solis shares why great products, creative marketing, and delightful customer service are no longer enough to win customers. Presented by: Paul ChaneyIn just 10 minutes, we'll share six practical tips that will help you tap into your online community to grow your business and benefit your customers. In this 22-page guide, you'll learn how to identify the key hires to get your team started, what traits and skills to look for in your key hires, how to manage freelancers, and much more!
Through eight simple to follow, well-defined steps, SmartTools: Email Campaign Planner will help you establish an effective email marketing program to gather and convert leads. Presented by: Mark Lerner In just 10 minutes, you'll learn three simple steps to source quality influencer video and use it to impact your bottom line in a meaningful and measurable way. MarketingProfs uses singlesign-on with Facebook, Twitter, Google and others to make subscribing and signing in easier for you. Now that every one of the roughly 500,000,000,000 Tweets ever published will be searchable, we wanted to examine a representative sample of 1 million branded Tweets to see what they would look like, and how they engage Followers.
A Socialbakers study shows that Local Pages are the best bet for gaining interactions, beating out Global Pages by a wide margin with better localized content. Please check your information and fill in the missing details for personalised content and even better browsing experience.
Get membership rights to exclusive insights, in-depth social marketing tips, and hidden data for every reported country. Another word that if it is really true, people will say it about you in social channels, but sounds incredibly disingenuous if you say it about yourself. If you are not innovative or disruptive you are also not revolutionary and again, if your product really is revolutionary you don’t need to tell anyone that little tidbit. And with more than 61 percent of mobile phone users in the United States using smartphones (Nielsen), adapting your site(s) for mobile consumption ensures a seamless user experience regardless of device and allows for more interaction online. The Starting Strong program is an original content series that follows young men and women as they are immersed in the U.S. More and more, photos, videos and GIFs are driving the bulk of online engagement as you look at sites that have achieved mass popularity. In addition, the fast adoption of Instagram, Pinterest and Vine shows just how important visual storytelling is in social media marketing strategies.
Thus the answers that gain the most exposure are the answers that are the most useful or interesting. The obstacle: Kantor shows how receiving an answer to an unorthodox interview question was difficult with step-by-step action and dialogue. To get your point to stick with your target audience you must make your point, and then give evidence to support, and then summarize your point at the end. Despite intentions, if products and services are discussed too directly, too often, or too early, your answer will feel like a sales pitch. By using the techniques in this article, you can develop Quora content that rises to the top!
Content marketing has existed for a lot longer than a year, but in 2013, this form of connecting with customers and promoting your business exploded. Let’s take a look at major trends in content marketing and what you need to know to succeed in 2014. Of course, in many countries those rates are even higher; some companies even have an over 100% subscription rate, meaning that many people have more than one smart phone. Your Director of Content should have a diverse set of skills, in order to be able to both create content and come up with a strategy for your content that makes sense for your business goals. Three years ago, as a freelancer, I had clients knocking down my doors to pay me to publish guest posts on others’ sites on their behalf. So, many bloggers are extremely receptive (and in some cases actively looking for) people who can write about topics where their own knowledge is weak. But how often do you check your business description, followers (and those you are following), and general housekeeping of your social media? Ping your clients about their plans for next year (it also makes you look proactive and an excuse to get in touch). Sure, they may be familiar with some of these ideas already, but the fact that I can confirm this also validates their choice to hire me in the first place. Not surprisingly, I often get my best info by setting up an organized curating system. Check out these newer, customizable site and article curation services, or do a test run to see which ones you like. Consider adding capabilities to your marketing operations web site or software once a month. We tend to get overwhelmed with the anticipation, or we get busy with other things, or both.
Everywhere you go these days, someone’s saying something about how many blogs there are and how the blog world is over-saturated. For individuals as well as businesses, blogging offers a place to chronicle your story and connect with like minds.
Rather than worrying about how to trick the search giants, focus on publishing the highest quality content you can. Search engines look at social activity—how often your blog is mentioned, linked to, etc.—to determine ranks. You, or an entire team in your organization, have been investing your time and effort to make sure you’re regularly posting and sharing great content, following relevant people, tweeting and retweeting, pinning, liking, writing thoughtful blog posts and sharing your knowledge. If we dive into social media without clear goals, we might not be prepared for that boss’s question.
How do you plan your campaigns and goals so that they are in line with the larger purpose of your organization?
As he describes the first step of the process, Ric dives into the importance of focusing on desired outcomes and how every social media activity needs to be tied back to the organization’s purpose, vision and goals. Desired outcomes are your goals and objectives outlining the benefits or changes you aspire to achieve with your work.
Their purpose and passion is to “create indelible memories that last a lifetime” for their guests. Based on this you may set objectives, like writing well-researched blog posts and building up your following and engagement on social media.
Measuring is very important so you can track your progress and know what is working and what is not.
Whether you work for a large company or are a blogger working for yourself, this approach will help you make the most of your social media efforts.
What are some of your goals and how are you tying them into your larger purpose and vision? I selected these cases mostly from big brands and B2B to show how social media is being adopted in large organizations. NetWeaver would achieve ubiquity by breaking down its walls and embracing a larger, interactive community: the technologists inside and outside the company who recognized that a business solution is the ever-changing product of global collaboration. Their challenge with this size company is not only to communicate externally with customers but also to listen, interact and empower the passion and expertise that is within the company.
Driving traditional brand KPIs is exceptionally difficult given the non competitive environment The aim of the campaign was to build awareness and association of Gillette with the “Future Champions” of Italian Soccer. Now they have continued their innovative approaches to engagement and embraced social media.
This video is a summary of the presentation, which was part of a session featuring four case studies moderated by CK.
We found Eight Success Criteria for Facebook page marketing, and then tested the maturity of 30 top brands across six industries.
With his 20+ years internet marketing experience he is Helping companies to understand and use the digital marketing to reach their target audiences. To do this I would put a graphic to show that Blogs had an effect on a number of objectives. So I’ll keep editing this diagram until I can better show how various types of media can do more than one thing.
It would establish a good foundation for my future posts on other social media though – so worthwhile.
In my defence the great thing about blogs is I can write just right about whatever I feel is interesting rather than be held to a business process. It has rapidly become apparent to me that the first question needs to be what are you trying to achieve with your blog – what are your goals or objectives? These then become the problem because you simply didn’t take action on them quickly enough.
The sample is composed of companies across a range of industries, with more than 60% having annual revenues of $1billion or more. He cares not only about the multitude of marketing strategies, measurement and tactics, but the success of the people. It goes without saying your product is going to be a solution to something, so in reality there is no reason to tell the reader something they already assume is true.
Everybody knows lists are a go-to tool for writers stumped for ideas, so when you post a lot of lists, you tell your audience you’re out of things to say. Despite how they may seem to readers, lists take time to create, even if you’re just sifting through blog archives to find which posts to use.
By their very nature, top-10 lists tend to be quick, shallow articles that don’t explore a topic in depth.
That quick top-10 list could turn into 10 informative posts if you would break it apart and explore each point further. When you’re writing a “top 10,” you may feel pressure to come up with more ideas than you have — and those fluff ideas aren’t actually helpful to your readers. As part of the Army Marketing and Research Group, we constantly think about how we can bring our target audience the information they seek, in the best possible way.
Army experience for three days, ultimately making the decision on whether or not to enlist.

Consider embeddable videos, compelling photo visuals and other free tools to easily engage your audience online.
Infographics can add valuable context to existing stories by using visuals to represent numbers, relationships and facts that might otherwise be overlooked. Using quality visual content, as well as allocating spend to paid social, are growing in importance to reach your core audience. You’d probably be pretty disgusted that a company like Disney would work with someone like that. If anything, it draws attention to the juxtaposition between the idiot behavior and the family-friendly employee.
It’s about respect, and realizing that your actions online are as real as your actions in a face-to-face situation.
Obama that had famous intrigue but at the same time was relatable as she discussed the interworking of marriage. However, if you don’t mention your products and services at all, it can be a lost opportunity. Today, it seems like every small business, large corporation, and even solo entrepreneur is talking about content strategy.
Customize it for the mobile audience to make the experience as good as possible for your mobile users.
Your audience doesn’t want to know you as just the person (or company) creating great content. This person should also work closely with (if not oversee) your social media team and email marketing team, and they should have open lines of communication with all departments in your business. While there are sources of free content out there, the right Director of Content can stretch even a small budget to give you an amazing return.
In my experiences, bloggers are even looking for monthly contributors, not just one-time guest posters.  If you want to make guest posting part of your content marketing strategy for 2014, start looking for those gaps and pitch bloggers on filling them. Strangely, these are the items that get put on the back burner, even though they’re the first impression people get of your brand.
Whether you have an online business, brick-and-mortar store, or consulting service, your busy times likely fluctuate by seasons, holidays, or by client activities. For retail businesses, study the purchasing schedules of seasonal, big-ticket, and regular customers, or conduct a quick online survey to find out buying patterns. Whether it’s making recommendations to retail customers or  clients, they will thank you for it. Though I’ve always valued  articles and resources from Hubspot, it took client access for me to discover the power of their marketing dashboard. You don’t have to do the whole enchilada at one time, but at least make that first step.
Rather than blogging about lifestyle, blog about being a stay-at-home dad of twins in New York City.
On top of that, all of the constant changes on the various social platforms and new marketing tactics that you must learn to employ keep you incredibly busy. Setting goals and objectives for your social media activities should be based on the purpose and vision you identified in the first step in the process. How will you make decisions when situations arise if you don’t have that guiding light in front of you showing you the way? Their social media goal is to deepen the engagement with current and potential customers and be central to storytelling in social media. Most importantly it will help tie your efforts into your big picture vision and purpose so you can achieve your desired outcomes. The brand needed to keep that window of opportunity from shutting as fast as it had opened.
From Ford to Dell to Zappos to Best Buy, B2C social media winners – those organizations that caught on early and created a cult following of brand cheerleaders via the social web – are hard to miss. He has spoken at hundreds of seminars and conferences on different aspects of internet marketing. Experimentors, young professionals, or 35-55 year old wealthy males…),  something about premium and higher margin wines (spirits and beer) objectives, something about key periods of the year blah blah blah. Otherwise I think you run into the great danger of being seduced into esoteric metrics and could waste a lot of precious time and energy.
Once signed-in, you will then be able to access and download various types of studies, reports, articles and other types of content for free.
Jim has been helpful to me in ways that are too long to list here and has cared more about the status of certain issues in my life well beyond the level that is required. So when you merely repackage past posts into “top 10s,” your readers could wind up feeling cheated — and cheated readers don’t stick around.
If this time isn’t yielding results, it’s wasted — why not focus on drafting original content instead?
This not only generates more content for you, but it also gives more value to your audience.
As we look to where digital and social media will go in the next few years, one thing is for sure – visual storytelling is imperative for getting your message across online. A fully integrated marketing approach is key to not only driving viewers to watch the content, but also to keep them engaged with your digital properties. From the beginning, business CEOs, Hollywood producers, and notable journalists have been answering questions. I saw a great Quora answer by a producer and blogger but because their products and services weren’t mentioned I had to Google the information. If you go above and beyond to provide a great user experience, you’ll outpace your competitors. I recommend hiring someone with the ability to time travel if you can, but content marketing is a big, time-consuming job. Bloggers are not on guest post lock down like they have been in the past, but what they’re looking for is changing.
The only way to know is if we understand where we want to head and what results and benefits we want to achieve. In line with this, they can plan their micro-goals and objectives and then map metrics to measure their progress and success. Your website needs to remain the center of your online marketing, while your social profiles work as gateways to pull targeted users through. After running a press release service and seeing thousands of submissions that come through my door, I’ve been able to spot the things that puts your press release in the trash folder almost immediately.
So rather than writing about what you think you should write about, write about what you care about instead.
An easy way for the Army to package this information is through a robust infographic that tells our blogging story in a visually appealing way. The sad fact is, most content creators are still doing the bare minimum when it comes to creating mobile content. On top of that, readers began to cry foul as some bloggers published more guest posts than posts of their own.
Whatever your business model—from consultant to small business—it’s easier than ever to adopt a responsive design to ensure viewers experience an optimized view of your website.
It may seem like a risky move, but planned events are 99% more likely to happen if you…plan them. For those who view HubSpot as the equivalent of the Microsoft Evil Empire, there are many alternatives, some free (but don’t expect the bells and whistles). And amid this tumult, you are the one tasked with using your marketing prowess to stave off disaster itself. They promise something valuable but often leave readers disappointed, feeling like you’re just trying to get them to click through your site. Most lists won’t say this, creating a phony significance that your readers will know isn’t real. In fact, the majority of templates these days have these capabilities already built in, just make sure yours is or can be adjusted it on-the-fly (WordPress makes it easy). The California State Parks Foundation (CSPF) found itself in this very position after learning about massive cuts in state funding that threatened to close 220 California state parks. The book provides a useful framework for considering how one should consider measuring social media and other forms of emerging media. Remember, mobile viewers no longer tolerate sites that are difficult to navigate, slow-loading, or result in irksome moments.
Brand awareness, loyalty, engagement all have tremendous value and are difficult to measure. Jim graciously agreed to do an interview with me and what resulted is below!How did your extensive history in metrics and measurement influence your approach to this book on this new medium?Jim Sterne: Like my previous books, I wanted this one to be for people in the trenches, doing the work as well as the executives they work for. However, with a well-planned and executed social media strategy, there are ways to map these metrics to your goals. A bit of theory, a healthy dose of strategy and a lot of practical tid bits on how to tell if this stuff is working.
I wanted to avoid being one of those experts who is full of sounds and furry delivering thought-provoking sound bites, but no practical knowledge.
Not just upper management comprehension and dedication and not just troop level activity, but actual investment. How can marketing leaders and web analysts change this dynamic?Jim Sterne: Once you understand that hard and fast numbers are not hard and fast, you begin to look for the trends and the meaning inside the numbers. That’s great that you got a million people following you an Twitter, but does it make any difference to the bottom line?
It’s great that you advertised your shop floor cleaning solution to tens millions of Oprah fan on TV but do any of those viewers have any connection to buying your product? I’m seeing more top level managers asking better questions about trends rather than numbers and looking for insights rather than benchmarks.
David is a business leadership keynote speaker providing customized business strategy services and corporate executive retreats.
David has been cited in business publications like Appearances…Ongoing - Private, Customized Executive Retreats Your event soon!

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