This workshop will include 6 hours of hands on training (please bring your laptop) and will be limited to 12 participants.
BONUS:  After your session you will get to join JUHLi’s private group on Facebook where you can ask questions and get access to exclusive video tutorials and social media advice on an ongoing basis. You have been curious to understand the hype about Pinterest & Instagram and wonder if they have any benefits for business use?
How to get your business page posts in front of as many fans as possible – maximize exposure! What are the benefits of using Pinterest for business & how do I know if it’s right for my business?
What are the benefits of using Instagram for business & how do I know if it’s a fit for my business? In addition to using web tools for teaching, colleges and universities are also reaching out to students via social media platforms.
Six months ago, Facebook launched a new security initiative that allowed users to download anti-virus packages from a number of selected partners. Security products from Avast, AVG, Kaspersky, Panda, Total Defense and Webroot are now available for download from Facebook.
This is further evidenced by the fact that only 3% of Facebook's one billion users have even visited the page since it was launched.

Facebook let's you click on a "Learn more" button to read about the specific features of each available product and you can then download and install your choice immediately. There is a mass of information available from Facebook on general security matters and their coverage of both major PC platforms (Windows and OSX) along with Mobiles is good to see. Questions remain on the related matter of Privacy, without doubt, but we'll bring you more on that as we hear of any developments.
A survey by US based technology firm Jobvite suggests that the dominance of LinkedIn in the job seeking market is slipping.
The results from a 2,000 strong selection of employed and unemployed respondents show dramatic growth from Twitter and continued increase in the use of Facebook by those seeking employment. Twitter use, by job seekers, has risen from 26% to 34% - a dramatic rise by any social media platform standard. Facebook has even more impressive use with a staggering 52% of people using it in their search for work.
We were also interested to read that an almost identical number of LinkedIn and Facebook users use the respective platforms for updating professional information.
A fifth of those surveyed claimed to have been sent a job lead on Facebook and just under 17% of respondents said that one of the three platforms had assisted them in finding new positions. We acknowledge that LinkedIn will remain a dominant force in the job seeking sector but the survey demonstrates that is isn't necessarily the platform of choice for those looking for work.

Perhaps it should also be borne in mind that a slight development to either Facebook or Twitter could bring about a game changing event.  What if either platform targeted recruitment and job seeking with a few minor tweaks? The last hour of this session will be dedicated to answer your questions and can be related to the session topic or anything social media or online marketing related.
Now, instead of spending hours flipping through the pages of academic books in the library, students can find answers to their questions, with a single click of the mouse, using the internet. 85 percent of admissions offices in colleges used some form of social media, such as social networking, blogging and podcasting to engage students online.
JUHLi will be available during the lunch break, as well as after the session to answer questions. Online modes of learning are  gaining credibility, as more and more students enroll for online courses.

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