Xbox show how a gaming brand can engage consumers and encourage them to talk about their product range in the lead-up to Christmas. WaveMetrix social media monitoring shows that the product reviews are successful in engaging consumers and driving purchase consideration.
Last week's battle between Marvel and DC was won by a landslide, but this time around, the winner isn't so clear.
The fact that these two fan pages are out there isn't necessarily a good thing, despite the additional fans it may add to Xbox's tally. Although Xbox has lost the previous rounds, they do have something unique: the ability to access both Twitter and Facebook easily and quickly through the Xbox console. As Christmas approaches, they look to engage consumers by posting official content several times a day that is mainly focused on product reviews. Actually, I consider these two additional fan pages a huge mistake. It looks like one page is "for all" and the other is "for core," which I assume is short for hardcore. While it may be a pain to update anything without the $30+ keyboard remote add-on, the idea is still there.

Each brand’s conversation map contains phrases one might expect for chatter about video games and consoles with “video”, “play”, “controller”, “games” and “console” all appearing. From what you'll see below, the competition is strong in their social media tactics as well. PlayStation has clearly reached a wider audience via different social media platforms and, by updating daily with fresh, interesting content, they've managed to gain a large loyal fan base across the social web. Xbox isn't doing too bad job, though. Using 100% human analysis, WaveMetrix can ascertain that around one in four say they already have the featured products while a further one in five are considering purchase. Apparently, though, hardcore gamers aren't included in that group of everyone. By the looks of each Facebook page, it seems that the folks behind Xbox assume those interested in Halo Reach aren't going to be interested in Xbox Kinect and vice verse. Adding social media back on their web site in more ways than one may help them reach the more average "gamer," like myself. Let’s see which brand will take home the prize by determining which is driving the most engagement across Twitter and Facebook by comparing how many times mentions of each were RTed, Liked and Shared. I also don't want to have to "like" three different fan pages in order to get different news stories, photos and updates.

I'd much rather get everything lumped together.I understand the "for all" actually means "for families and young children," but let's face it, even though Halo and other games have M ratings, there are plenty of young kids playing them daily. We could debate on which system has the best games or the best features, but we’re much more interested in which one is winning in social.
Game over, PlayStation.Want to see how your social stacks up against your biggest industry rival? To find out, we’ve put them head-to-head in this week’s Social Media Face Off.In order to compare the brands on social, we set up search streams for each brand in the uberVU platform. We’ve compared the results from the past two weeks to determine our winner.Get your thumbs ready.

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