When you are not constantly looking at other people’s lives and achievements, you can concentrate on your own and take pleasure in your own achievements rather than constantly worrying about keeping up with others. 2) You Interact with the Real World more:                                                                                  When you do not have to keep checking your mobile telephone to see what is going on in the digital world you actually have to talk to people in the real world.
3) You no longer have to worry whether people are re-tweeting your tweets or ‘liking’ your Facebook page.
Just because you went to school with people, it does not mean that you have anything at all in common with them now. 6) You need no longer be irritated by those who insist on telling the most banal or private details of their day on social networking sites.
Despite the differences of all of these social networks, there are three universal truths for these social network and every other social network to come.
Here we have given some examples of companies and communities using the most common social media sites. Pinterest– While many use Pinterest simply for personal reasons (new recipes, craft ideas, home decorating) I have been convinced of its use in business.
We have touched on only a small example of social media, a few of the more recognizable names.  There are numerous sites and strategies for your business. Social networking sites, for example, Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and others, take up so much time, and it is all too easy to believe that they are important.
When you actually converse with people, you learn far more than you do from the inconsequential fluff that people put on social networking sites. Indeed you may have grown into such different people, that you do not actually like the person that they have now become. Really would you stand outside the Town Hall and announce to all and sundry some of the things that people say on social networking sites.

When you stop doing it you will get so much more done both at work and in other areas of your life. One in which you actually are thinking about something more than who has posted some stupid mundane update.
Being raised as a healthy eater, I try to spread my knowledge with regards to my eating habits through Thought Pursuits.
It may sound hard to believe that all of these social networks are the same, especially when they are competing against each other. Well, everyone!  Ok, maybe not everyone, but you will definitely find a large senior housing contingency on Twitter. On the business side they post articles from local media and photos of the ground breaking of their new community. In fact, we once heard a company doing a webinar on social media say if they have a prospective employee NOT on LinkedIn, they would not even consider them for the job. I have “pinned” many infographics on social media and articles about blogging, content and marketing. They have posted great recipes targeted at the nutrition needs of seniors.  They have pinned fashion and style ideas for seniors, senior health tips and senior resources. Call Roy for an initial evaluation of your social media strategy.  Then we can help you improve or develop your social media marketing plan. Life does not end when you give up social networking sites, far from it, life actually improves for the better without social networks. From local communities (Trinity Terrace, Fort Worth, TX, Henry Ford Village, Dearborn, MI) to large Corporations (Emeritus, Capital Senior Living) to industry associations (Assisted Living Federation of America (ALFA)) as well as associated senior housing vendors (Perkins Eastman – Architecture, Technomic – Foodservice Specialists ). Companies such as Holiday Retirement and Atria Senior Living have job listing on their LinkedIn profiles.

You might actually live life actively rather than waiting passively for life to come to you via a social networking site. 29 Image: 6 Tips to Building a Business While Working a 9 to 5 6 Tips to Building a Business While Working a 9 to 5 29 Image: How to Build a Stress-Free and More Productive Workplace How to Build a Stress-Free and More Productive Workplace 29 What Role Do Entrepreneurs Have in an Economy?
Here at MDS we use a few of the major social media sites (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Pinterest) and these are some of the companies we have come across in our daily activities. If you are a company looking to recruit employees or an individual looking for a job, you need to be on LinkedIn. Current headlines, notifications of new communities, updates on products and services, personal development quotes, new additions to management and staff, upcoming events; the list is variable and endless. Twitter has a 140 character limit, YouTube is all about uploading videos, LinkedIn is the perfect social network for building connections, and there are plenty of other ones as well such as Facebook, Pinterest, and Google+. The better the visual, the more people will share your content through a repin, Facebook like, or any other method.
You need great visuals in order to get more engagement no matter which social network you are using.2.
Whether you reply to tweets or leave comments at the bottom of YouTube videos, there is always a way to leave a comment and talk with others. You can do this on any current social network, and you’ll also be able to do this on any other social network that comes out in the future.
You need to engage and post graphics to capture their attention.Reply Add a New Comment Click here to cancel reply.

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