Nearly all parameters within the meal delivery database may be customized and extended by the user. Almost two dozen reports can be generated to help organize and manage the delivery of meals.
With TomTom’s flexible fleet management software, you can track and manage your fleet from any Internet-connected computer.
Thanks to TomTom’s secure servers, plus separate IDs and passwords for each of your users, your fleet management software and data is much more secure. With a comprehensive solution to all of your fleet and workforce management requirements, you can work much more efficiently. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. So as well as allowing you to pick up your work anywhere, it’ll save you a bundle on expensive computer hardware.

You can run it on any modern browser that supports Flash content, including Firefox, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome.
TomTom fleet management software integrates with your existing applications to give you precisely that. Just industry-leading fleet management software that’s up and running within 24 hours. SUSS gives administrators excellent control on the update status of their windows clients in the enterprise. Administrators can use SUSS to configure, troubleshoot, check, report and force your windows update clients from a central location ! The new WU client that ships with Windows XP service pack 2 does not allow you to connect to your local intranet SUS server for updates anymore, but instead uses the live internet WUS server with its DELTA updates. SUSS 1.004 actually detects the version of Windows Update client and if the version is newer than the old client, it forces the WU client into a legacy mode and thus allows the client to still connect to a company's existing SUS server.

Security settings can be applied at user level or group of users.By using a relational database system and logical restrictions we ensure consistency and coherence. Example: Information on beneficiaries are entered into the system once and reused whenever needed. The notification is sent at call allocation, call reallocation or call deletion.Also, the software transmits notification in advance for the service products whose warranty is due to expire.

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