Service tax is a tax levied on service providers in India, except the State of Jammu and Kashmir.
STO-ServiceTax Software is a simple software where it helps in preparation of Service Tax Returns on specified forms.
The software is designed by professionals, developed by high technology programmers and tested by Practicing Chartered Accountants and Tax Consultants throughout the country. STO - Service tax Software comes with vast features for the varying requirements of Tax Practitioner. Saral Service Tax is a unique product, which automates all the Service tax activities towards computation and reporting.
Relyon Softech Ltd has taken this great challenge and after a long research has come out with a rich domain experience in the fields of Taxation and has made this dream product possible. The Trial version of the a€?Saral Service Taxa€? can be used with all its features on a trial basis, but user cannot generate an e-return and also reports generated will have watermarks. To know more information on how to use a€?Saral service Taxa€?, please refer Saral Service Tax help file. Is there any option in a€?Saral Service Taxa€? to maintain more than one premise details? In a€?Saral Service Taxa€? user can maintain the more than one premise details, according to the customer requirement. Is there any option in a€?Saral Service Taxa€? software to define new services that are introduced recently? Yes, user can define the services that are newly introduced in the service master of a€?Saral Service Taxa€?.

Is a€?Saral Service Taxa€? software meets all the norms of service tax, defined by the government? Yes, user can enter the new abatement or new exemption notifications in Service master of the a€?Saral Service Taxa€?.
ServiceTax Software generates versatile forms for statutory requirements as well as MIS operations. EasyOFFICE is an integrated Taxation Software with the motto of Complete Office Management. The software due to its user-friendly interfaces, Advanced online Tools, robustness, convenience and speed is being extensively used by CAs, Tax Advocates, Tax Consultants, Accountants, TIN-FCs and other professionals for processing of eTDS & eTCS data for their clients. Our Simacle Billing Software 8.0 is a simple, easy to use, accessible from anywhere software.
Accessible from any machine of office network, home computer, laptop computer and even from your customer office computer. Customers Master : Add your customer details, use the details in quotation, bill and reminder print outs.
Write Description : Specific notes like terms and conditions or any other information can be written at the bottom of bill or quotation. Transaction : Get the completed report view of your sales, payments received and balance pending from the customer. Reports : Complete reports for Bill, Quotation, Transaction, Payments Received, Payments Pending, Cancelled Bill, Caneclled Quotation, Reminders Sent, Next service due date. Scalable - If not sufficient with the options, call us and we will be happy to include your own needs.

The tax is levied on service providers who have an annual revenue of more than 8 lakhs, which encourages smaller service providers.
Not only preparation of returns, it also heps in challan preparations for payments of service tax.
The major advantage in selecting Saral Service Tax as the Service tax solution is that the Service Tax Formalities etc. It is presently used by all types of assessees including Corporates, Banking, Insurance companies, government bodies, SMEs & individuals. It is presently used by all types of assessees including Corporates, Banking, Insurance companies, government bodies and above all the SMEs & individuals. Whether you sell products or doing services, this software will be the ideal option to track your sales and services. Personalize your quotation with the person name, designation, department and covering text, conclusion text.
All reports are date based, you can search for specific date range like one week or one month or one year or as you wish. EasyOFFICE return filing software exclusively designed as per system specified by the NSDL & Income Tax Department of India. Give Quotation, Raise Bill, Track Payments Received and Pending, Set Discounts, Set Taxes, Multiple user access and many more.

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