Here is a list of 5 free audio editing software which will enable you to edit and manipulate audio files in any audio format.
Below I’ve reviewed Swifturn Free Audio Editor, Free Audio Dub, Naturpic Audio Editor, MP3 Editor Free, and MediaVigor Audio Editor. Swifturn Free Audio Editor is a free audio editing software that offers you various editing tools, audio effects, along with multiple additional features, so that you can edit sound files accordingly. This software offers you built-in CDDB tool and an audio CD ripper, so that you can search your desired sound track and directly load the same in a CD, so as to save your time and provide you easy burning or ripping facility.
Free Audio Dub is a free audio editing software that allows you to delete unwanted parts from any audio file without loosing the original quality of the audio. Naturpic Audio Editor is a free audio editing software that offers you multiple effects and various editing features so as to create audio files like professionals. MP3 Editor Free is a free audio editing software that lets you record music, voice, and allows you to edit audio files of various audio formats.
MediaVigor Audio Editor is a free audio editing software that lets you manipulate, record, edit, and  mix audio files quickly.
If you are looking for good and free audio editing software, then your search comes to an end by this. I know there are other methods for doing HD, particularly on Windows, by using Avisynth scripts and VirtualDubMod. Before starting on the HD tutorials, it might not hurt to show you some examples of HD fan videos made using this process or something similar. If your video software opens the MJPEG AVI files that Avidemux makes, then youa€™re halfway there.
In my most recent tests, I had no problems editing in the MJPEG AVI files (some which were converted within MPEG Streamclip). Set up your project properties as either HDV 720-25p (for PAL footage) or HDV 720-30p (for NTSC footage). Edit your video as usual, then export out as either HD WMV, or uncompressed AVI with the custom frame size of 1280x720. I was able to successfully edit MJPEG AVI files that were converted in MPEG Streamclip with Corel VideoStudio X2. I had set up my project as 25 frames per second (PAL and SEACAM) so I was given the a€?25pa€? option. I then opened this file in MPEG Streamclip and converted it to an H.264 MP4 file (keeping the frame size at 1280x720 and with a data rate of 4000). Sample downloads: I made a sample fan video that is so abysmal that I darena€™t have it hosted on my regular fan video site (RAfanvids) so it is an a€?exclusivea€? to this site.
Corel VideoStudio HD video featuring Guy of Gisborne (H.264 MP4) Right-click to download file.
The XviD AVI file looks a little lighter and might look a€?washed outa€? compared to the MP4 file. When I import the clips, I select a€?Optimize video:a€? and choose a€?Full Size.a€? This keeps the HD clips at HD! Yeah, I know that iMovie warns you that this might a€?degrade video playbacka€? and it might if you have less RAM or an older Mac. You want to convert your files (aka a€?Optimizea€?) because playback will be smoother and more stable (compared to trying to get iMovie 09 to edit compressed H.264 files) and if you want to speed up or slow down any clip, youa€™re going to end up converting it any way. Edit your video as usual, and then when ita€™s time to export it, choose to save it as a Quicktime file, and follow the exporting tutorial as outlined in the iMovie 6 HD page (the process is identical, as both applications use Quicktime to export the video).
Caveat about iMovie 09: There is some quality loss (in the form of a more a€?blockya€? effect sometimes showing up in backgrounds and shadows) but your HD video will still have a lot of the HD detail, so in my opinion ita€™s still completely worth it to edit HD in iMovie 09.

Tutorial keywords: HD editing for vidding, fan videos, Sony Vegas Movie Studio, Sony Vegas Pro, Corel VideoStudio, iMovie, Final Cut Pro, Final Cut Express, vids vidder, HD fanvids tutorial. HD for Final Cut Express, Final Cut Pro.A  Since writing that tutorial, Ia€™ve upgraded to Final Cut Pro 7, and am now experimenting with editing HD in the codec ProRes LT, and so far am liking it.
DVdate comes with a built-in media player that plays the AVI file for you, and lets you manage file properties and individual scenes. DVdate is a complete freeware and can be downloaded using the link given at the end of this article.
The app displays the video on the left of the main window and shows its properties on the right. You can open the Scenes Editor and edit individual video scenes, open Inlay Editor and embed datecode and timecode information into frames, recompress or convert AVI DV videos, or extract audio from the selected video file. Also check out  free ipad video converters and free Blu-Ray to AVCHD Converter reviwed by us. DVdate is a comprehensive AVI DV file editor that helps in processing multiple video files and edit their properties. These free audio editing software offer you numerous features and rich editing tools, which you can use to edit audio files easily. This free audio editing software supports various audio formats like: MP3, MP2, AU, AC3, MPP, AIFF, WAV, M4A, FLAC, WMA, AAC, RA, OGG, CDA, VQF, APE, and more. In addition, this free audio editing software offers you a video-to-audio converter and an audio recording feature, using which you can convert videos to audio formats (MP3, WAV, WMA, etc.) and record audio from a microphone, online streaming, and various other sound sources, respectively. This is a feature-rich tool that offers you audio editor, converter, recorder and a player, all in this free audio editing software.
This free audio editing software supports various formats like MP3, FLAC, WAV, OGG, AIFF, WMA, AAC, CDA, AC3, TTA , MP2, APE, VOX, RAM, RA, M4A, etc. Grab your desired audio editing tool from the given options and do send your feedback and suggestions in the comments below. Ia€™m NOT saying that my way is better or less complicated, but it might be less intimidating to some users. If not, you can convert the files to MJPEG AVI (again!) in MPEG Streamclip, or to JPEG 2000 in MPEG Streamclip. If you find that you cana€™t get that to work, try opening the big MJPEG AVI files (that Avidemux made) in MPEG Streamclip, and converting to JPEG 2000 MOV files.
If you set up your Corel VideoStudio software as NTSC (you are given the choice between PAL and NTSC when you first install VideoStudio) then your export settings will be different (30p instead of 25p).
Whichever way you choose, iMovie will take its time importing the clips and CONVERTING each one to a large MOV file with the Apple Intermediate Codec.
AVI DV is a form of AVI (Audio Video Interleave) file that has been compressed to follow the standard DV (Digital Video) format.
It is capable of extracting two important properties (if available) of an AVI file: timecode and datecode, and embedding them in individual frames of the video. After successful installation, you can launch the app and add AVI (or AVI DV) videos to its unterface simply through drag and drag. The surprise of unique features does not end here, so download this feature-rich free audio editing software to explore this tool and to edit desired audio files like professionals. This free audio editing software offers you quick and instant lossless conversion, without re-encoding. It lets you visually edit audio files with various tools like Cut, Paste, Copy, Mix, Delete Silence, Mix From File, Paste From File, Delete Selection, and etc. It provides you various audio track manipulation feature like cut, crop, copy, paste, trim, mix file, move, and many more.

But Ia€™d never discourage someone from going the route, because I have no doubt that the quality is gorgeous. Or, follow one of the other exporting tutorials on the Foolish Passion video forums, but export at the HD frame size of 1280x720, with a data rate of 4000 or above. DVdate is a handy and powerful application that displays information about a given AVI file and allow users to view its properties, fix video framerate, change codec, and edit scenes or subtitles in the video clip. The app supports batch processing and also allows extracting audio from the AVI files.
Now after adding files, you can edit them using the tools listed on the toolbar or under different menus of the menu bar. This audio formats offers you a wide variety of audio effects like fade, invert, flange, echo, compressor, delay, amplify, pitch change speed change, and many more.
It offers you playback and cropping tools using which you can easily play the audio file so as to set the start point and the end point, in order to remove the unwanted part from the audio file. It offers you multiple effects like Normalize, Phaser, Stretch, Flanger, Reverse, Vibrato, Shrink, Fade In, Amplify, Reverb, Invert, Delay, Compressor, Fade Out, Silence, Equalize, and more.
It offers you multiple editing tools, audio effects, audio filters, noise reduction, unlimited recording from microphone or online audio streaming.
It offers you multiple sound editing tools which include  copy, delete, silence, cut, paste, mix, undo, redo, and many more.
Plus it automatically sorts the files according to their names while displaying them on the program screen. Apart from that, it allows you to easily convert an AVI DV file into multiple formats, including type 1, typ2, DV type 2, NTSC, and Pal. It offers you multiple filters and noise reduction tools using which you can remove unwanted signals and deal with hums, creaks, clicks, chirps, shuffles, and rustles, accordingly. All you have to do is, simply browse and open the desired audio file that you wish to to edit and then choose the location of the output file, where you wish to save your edited new file and begin to crop unwanted audio part.
It offers you different filters like  High Pass Filter, Low Shelf Filter, FFT Filter, Low Pass Filter, Notch Filter, High Shelf Filter, Brand Pass Filter, etc. It also offers you various effects like  doppler, echo, fade, flanger, reverse, mechanize, equalizer, amplify, and more, so that you can enhance the quality of the audio files accordingly. You can also create a file listing scenes from the AVI DV video and export them to some other formats like plain text, spreadsheet, doc, or some Open Office formats.
Install this free audio editing software to preserve the original quality of audio file without loosing the quality of the audio. This free audio editing software offers you audio CD track loader using which you can burn and rip music CD instantly. In addition, this free audio editing software provides you the feature for recording and conversion, so that you can record from mic and line in and convert it into given audio formats, depending upon your requirement. This free audio editing software has the capability to record from microphone or any other input device.
Install this feature rich free audio editing software to create and edit audio files like professionals with great quality. Not only that, it also lets you change the audio information like album, song name, artist name, and more.

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