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Just to give you some perspective on todaya€™s blog post, I ran marketing and product development for a software company for five years prior to starting Square 2 Marketing. Here we have an entire team dedicated to helping software companies add inbound marketing to their sales and marketing efforts. If you've been reading some of our posts around the changing buyer behavior, the science behind how people buy and how content helps prospects feel safe so they buy, then you should already be partially down this path. So if a demo is part of your sales process, here is why that might not be in line with getting your prospect to feel safe. There are a ton of risks associated with doing a software demo for a prospect and it is very difficult to mitigate those risks in a live demo.
The people attending the demo might not all have the same context or background information in advance of the demo.

The prospect might ask to see features in the software that are untested, or the person doing the demo is unfamiliar with. The prospect might not be paying full attention or might become distracted during the demo. Create a simulated demo that walks the prospect through a series of scenarios, based on their requirements ONLY. Create a series of screen shots that highlight the features most important to the prospect.
Create a set of stories that illustrate the most common challenges facing the prospect and then step them through very short demoettes that highlight the features that solve those challenges. Create a set of short videos that show how the software is used to solve very specific prospect challenges.
All of these alternatives to the traditional software walkthrough provide a much better platform for getting your prospects to feel safe. Remember, making the experience remarkable for your prospects during the sales process is just as, if not more important, than any feature or function in your software. So when I say, the demo is where software deals go to die, you can be sure thata€™s based on over 15 years of experience selling and marketing software. As soon as they feel safe they will agree to your terms and sign your paperwork, but not a second before.

Each of these risks or scenarios have the potential to make your prospect feel anxious, nervous or apprehensive about their choice. Simply discuss the clienta€™s requirements with them and provide them with a comprehensive list of what your software is able to deliver today, what are planned enhancements for tomorrow or the next day (actual delivery dates might be more helpful) and what requirements are not currently planned for the future. They eliminate all of the risks associated with a traditional demo and put you in a position to directly relate what the prospect needs with what your software can do without having to demo live software. This is where they make their emotional decisions and this is where they get to know, like and trust you. At least until you can assess their success and how you might be able to upgrade this part of your sales process.
By tailoring the demo to exactly the issues and challenges facing the prospect, you put yourself in a much better position to get the deal and you personalize the prospecta€™s experience. Even if you dona€™t do a live demo, you are proving you understand their challenge and you are able to help them.

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