Before starting to create and write your marketing plan there area some key elements you need to cover. Creating your whale curve in Excel is very simple – use this template and short tutorial to create your whale Excel chart. This excel template allows you to compare business sales for three regions on one grouped excel chart.
A Project Charter is known as a report on the project scope, goals and team members within the project. Competitive Alternative Map for Market Positioning allows you to rank your business and benchmark with your top competitors.
Supplier Comparison Chart is easy to use tool for purchasing, supply chain, and quality management professionals.
SWOT Analysis Word Template – Organize your SWOT information in this simple one-page SWOT Analysis template for Microsoft Word. Marketing, Social Media, Big Data, and Web Analytics Information You Can Use – Reach Your Best Insights!
Noting when your site is outdated can sometimes be the easiest part of the website maintenance – see this post How Updating a Website Is Essential to Your Business for a few ideas.  Implementing changes become the challenge, which sometimes mean a major upgrade or redesigned site. If you find your business facing a site update, here are some starter ideas to approach the layout, and have a smoother discussion with a designer or developer.
Create a relatively broad list keywords for search engine optimization, though remember to select words that speak to your customers.  Spend time crafting the text around the selected keywords to explain the benefit customers receive from working with your business. When adding a mobile site, choose simple actions a visitor would take to contact your business online. Footer content should appear across each page, containing social media buttons (Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Google Plus, Reddit, etc).

When you have established your choice for a website design, avoid delays to deliver your content.
Only use content and media essential to convey your service, product or organization.    Revising media and content continually without a dedicated staff or schedule creates a diversion from other essential business tasks and adds unnecessary costs to your business. To manage the changes you want to see, develop a timeline and manage it with a project manager. Comparing actual values against predefined targets is a very common requirement in creating business charts and dashboard reports. This will save you time and help you focus on what really matters for your marketing plan, strategy and system. Find out more about the ultimate collection of excel dashboards, chart makers, balanced scorecards…. This is an example on how you can group multiple excel charts into a single chart for easy comparison. This is the essential file to make certain that absolutely everyone engaged on the project understands the role as well as the goals and objectives. This tool allows you to calculate the Customer Lifetime Value, Customer Retention Rate, and Overall Customer Lifetime Value. You can type your key differentiators and analyze your competitive position in the marketplace. Plan how they will appear in the navigation, as well as whether or not subdirectories and pages on other sites are used. An example is being able to call your business via a simple button instead of forcing a dial up of a number. It should contain the business address, as well as links, badges, and widgets for other associations, such as the Better Business Bureau or trade association membership.

Adding more than a few months to code and finalize function because of a last minute request can be problematic for your designer and ultimately your business. Learn more about these four critical components and use the template to define your own critical success factors….
The advantage of this approach is that each chart uses its own range based on the individual data. You can perform what-if analysis to see how different variables will drive the Customer Lifetime Value and Profitability and plan business strategies for improvement.
A wireframe can be drawn on piece of paper, as well as created in online software as Omnigraffle. To be manageable and not overwhelmed by managing pictures, keep images to a low count 30 if possible and avoid stock photos – Thanks to Pinterest and Facebook, customers are expecting real experiences when they come to see you. Let the designer know if you plan to update pictures more than once, so that they can review with you where new images can be placed in the site code. Because social media platforms and organization typically considered highly ranked in a search engine, placing these into the footer can strengthen search engine optimization. The Whale Curve can be misleading because users can visually see the overall profitability impact of the bottom customers….

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