SalesExec was designed for sales professionals, so the look and feel of the software is friendly and easy to adopt. Define KPIs and associated reports clearly with any project, and request definitions for said cumulative values within report. It has operated slowly a few times, and we have had a few issues with the search functionality, but support is always very responsive, and issues are resolved quickly. The vendor provides great customer service and is almost always there when we need help troubleshooting. The only thing I think it should have is to be able to see the actual per lead payout in the vendor portal, even in Revenue Sharing mode.
I am really impressed with the software, and I'm even more impressed that the team actually listened to my feedback and made the exact adjustments that were on my wish list.
In just fifteen minutes, the experts at Software Advice can help you narrow down the right software for your organization.
To Our Valued Marketing Director at ACME Corporation,As one of the sales reps at ACME, I am grateful for marketing programs and the people who create them. I wish…when one of my customers makes a referral, it would be automatically tracked and routed to me. You invested a lot of time and money getting this program launched, but after the inaugural internal promotion of the program, we never heard another word about it. Conferences, newsletters, webinars — we hear a lot about those before and after they happen. One of my current customers clicked-thru one of your referral program promotional emails and he made a referral. As a sales rep, I know that referral leads close quicker and customers that come from a referral tend to buy more. So, dear marketer, I really do appreciate all you do for me, but could you please help me help you?
Symantec has introduced Symantec Backup Exec 10d for Windows Servers software including the Backup Exec Continuous Protection Server. The software solution eliminates backup windows, delivers the industry's first web-based end user file retrieval functionality and offers one complete disk-to-disk-to-tape data protection solution. Backup Exec 10d, through the Backup Exec Continuous Protection Server, allows end users to recover lost, corrupted or overwritten files through a standard, easy-to-use web browser. Backup Exec 10d enables IT organizations to utilize a combination of disk and tape methods for their entire backup needs.

Symantec Backup Exec 10d and the Backup Exec Continuous Protection Server are scheduled to be generally available on October 10, 2005. Workspace virtualisation specialist RES Software has today confirmed the appointment of Citrix sales exec Mark Pooley as its regional director for the UK & Ireland.
Leading it’s UK partner and sales team, RES Software says Pooley (pictured) will be responsible for spearheading relationships with customers to maximise market opportunities for partners selling its Workspace Virtualisation Suite. The vendor has said it plans to double its sales capacity in the UK & Ireland in order to serve the growing UK market.
Pooley was previously a senior director at Citrix, leading its European sales teams across six regions, following the firm’s acquisition of application migration and management specialist App-DNA. RES Software says it is increasing its number of employees in the UK to meet demand for the impending launch of its new RES IT Store solution, which will allow users to request access to applications, data and a wide array of IT services via self-service.
Rather than taking months or years to deploy, SalesExec is generally deployed in days or weeks. Recognizing that each company has a unique sales process, the software has many simple screens to help users configure the sales process around their individual sales teams. The product itself is awesome, as it can do things most other software companies are still thinking of doing. It should deduct the cost based on percentage and show accordingly in both the admin and vendor portal.
I have worked with many other systems, but SalesExec is a real threat to the major players, and at the current pricing it's a great value as well. This blog is written from the point-of-view of a sales rep who is fictional (lest readers make the assumption that I have directed it to Amplifinity or Amplifinity’s stellar marketing team!). But when a lead comes in as a result of the referral program you’re running? If it is my current customer who made the referral, I would like to get some of the credit.
And I wish there was an easy way to measure my accomplishments without asking you to do more work.
When his friend accepted the referral and was routed to the sales department, I was randomly assigned the lead.
For the past three weeks I’ve been fielding questions from my customer who made the referral. It doesn’t make me or our company look very good when no one can answer what should be a pretty simple question. With support for continuous disk-based data protection, disk staging and traditional tape-based backup, Backup Exec 10d protects all critical files, databases and applications.

The region has already achieved significant growth, with licence bookings for the first half of 2013 increasing by more than 85 percent year-over-year. He is therefore ideally placed to help our customers’ IT departments rethink their desktop strategy and introduce IT service delivery models that are automated to increase enterprise productivity,” comments Kees van Bekkum, executive VP of global sales at RES Software.
Prior to that, he held senior-level European and global sales roles with App-DNA, where he was responsible for strategy development and the management of key alliance channel partnerships. SalesExec offers everything needed to capture leads, route leads and reduce the time it takes to close more deals from sales leads. For example, if two products are in a drop-down - let's say Auto Insurance and Home Insurance - we should be able to set different payouts based on the selection at the time of lead post instead of setting up two different campaigns for each lead type. When SalesExec first came out, I had my reservations and let Gabe Buck know about the features I was hoping to see added (drag and drop layout function, history tracking, read-email reports).
I think you guys work really hard, and I don’t think our company would be where we are today if it weren’t for you! But it could have just as easily been another sales person in our department who got that lead. In June 2005, Symantec issued a public beta of Backup Exec 10d (code named "Panther") and to date has garnered more than 15,000 downloads of the software. By enabling end users to retrieve their own files without IT intervention, IT resources can focus on business critical needs in the organization. Additionally, Backup Exec 10d simplifies management through integrated monitoring, allowing administrators to view backup job status and alerts. The Backup Exec Continuous Protection Server is included at no additional cost with Backup Exec 10d.
Well, the newest version of SalesExec added everything I asked for and a few additional things (integrated power dialer, extra reports, notifications function similar to Facebook, etc).
And I’m willing to bet that our customers at ACME will appreciate how organized and efficient we are in serving them and keeping them happy. Additionally, data is stored on disk for easy retrieval, without the need to locate, load or restore backup tapes. All good sales people already know the best leads come from current customers referring your business.

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