A new survey commissioned by Skype reveals that 40 per cent of adults do not always update their software when prompted to do so, and that 25 per cent skip software updates because they think they offer no real benefit. The survey was offered on Skype's behalf to some 350,000 individuals in the US, UK, and Germany by internet pollster YouGov. A quarter of the adults surveyed said they did not understand the benefits of software updates or what they were supposed to do. About the same number said they didn't know how to check for updates, and another quarter said they'd need to be prompted to upgrade their software at least twice before they would do it. More than a quarter of respondents said the process of updating their software just takes too long. The most jaw-dropping result, however, was that 45 per cent of survey participants said they did not upgrade their software – paradoxically – because they worry about the security of their computers. The survey results highlight the often-contentious issue of security updates for consumer software.

Only after I heard from dozens of different users that the rapid release process had ruined Firefox did I finally get it through my thick skull: releasing an update is practically an act of aggression against your users.
Thankfully, the Skype survey participants who replied that they did regularly update their software said they did so for sensible reasons.
Other popular reasons for upgrading were to keeping computers free of bugs so that they crash less often, and gaining the latest features. About half of the respondents said they installed the updates because, hey, they don't cost anything.
Skype commissioned its survey in preparation for a weeklong event it's calling International Technology Upgrade Week (ITUW), a global effort to raise consumer awareness about the importance of software updates, which kicks off on Monday. It appears that for all the good that the sponsors of IUTW hope to do with their campaign, a little "physician, heal thyself" may yet be in order.
This paper explores Veeam Explorer for Oracle and shows how it is used in backup and recovery tasks.

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Some said they expected new versions of software would have "lots of bugs" or would crash too often, while others said they thought the updates would slow down their computers.
Consider the recent Symantec security update that triggered widespread reports of crashing PCs in July.
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