I have spoken to many freshers and experienced software testers and enquired them on the reasons they think due to which they were not successful in getting Software Testing Job in a good company. 1) Lack of Software Testing Knowledge: Most of the freshers and experienced software testers don’t enhance their knowledge on Software Testing and Testing Tools on a regular basis. In order to be successful on the current job, as well as to be successful in getting a new job, one has to keep upgrading their knowledge on a regular basis and not just try to learn something before attending interviews. One of my close friends who is experienced in manual testing, has been planning to learn QTP since last 2 years, even today he has not learnt a bit about QTP. Take Away: I would request you to identify and document your Short term and long term “Learning Objectives”. 2) Poor Professional and Social Networking: It may be hard to accept this fact for some people but it’s true. Take Away: I would request you to use Social networking sites to build your professional network as well. 3) Not trying through all channels: In most of the companies recruitment teams makes use of from various channels like Employee referrals, Job portals, external recruitment agencies and contracting agencies to source candidate profiles. 4) Not being Interview Ready: Most of the candidates do not clear interviews because they are not prepared for the interview.
5) Trainings you have undergone, the ones you have taken or that were provided by your current or previous companies.
6) Experience in niche areas of testing like usability testing, security testing, mobile application testing etc.
6) Not searching Job at right time: Most of the people search for jobs in desperation when they are facing issue with their boss or peers or when the company is not doing well and at verge of closing or when they are waiting for projects on bench for a long time. Take Away: Reason behind your software testing Job search should not be desperation instead it should be motivation to grow in your Software Testing Career. Take Away: If your colleagues or supervisor has pointed out that you need to improve on communication, then please take appropriate courses to improve your communication skills. 8) Not serious about testing: Some people try for Software Testing Jobs because they feel getting a Software Testing Job is much easier than getting a software development job or they think that Software Testing Job will provide a stepping stone for freshers to move on to software development at later point of time.
We are very thankful to our guest writer Hari Iyer for his second article on Software testing jobs.
Over the past few years, the demand for candidates experienced with open source test tools has grown much faster than for commercial tools. Over 3000 jobs list these skills, and the growth rate is much faster than commercial tools.
According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment for software developers (includes testers) is expected to grow “much faster than average” over the next 8 years. With all of the depressing jobs news lately, its good to see a positive trend.  The job market is heating up for software testers and quality assurance engineers. There are two ways to think about the difference between testing and quality assurance, one is the job title and the second is what duties or tasks are actually performed. There is a third way to look at the question, by looking at the dictionary definitions of these terms, or by researching the definitions from authorities, but it’s less important to know the true definition and more important to know what is meant by the employers. The following are examples of job titles what an employer may be looking for in a candidate. Tester, Software Tester, Test Engineer: These range from entry-level positions to very experienced and skilled jobs. Software Quality Analyst: This one shares the initials with Software Quality Assurance (SQA), so these roles are often confused.
I remember a pivotal meeting in my career; I was being offered my choice of roles at a company that was building telecommunications software.
Software testing is a career choice for people with many different backgrounds and education. Domain Experts are people that understand some field or practice that is useful for software development organizations. Just about every area of expertise and profession has software programs that go along with the field.
Test Practitioners have learned the art and science of software testing, either through experience or education.
According to Cem Kaner, an expert in software test education, “software testing is an empirical technical investigation conducted to provide stakeholders with information about the quality of the product or service”.  I like to think of it as part art and part science of exercising a software system for the purpose of learning about the quality of that system. Very much related to software testing, and in some places synonymous, is “software quality assurance” or “quality engineering”.  One distinction, typically all of the these roles test software (or support those that perform tests), but the “quality” roles perform other tasks like process development, build tools to aid testing, review code, and other activities that go beyond testing. Two dollar shops are a minefield of cheap junk and questionable food, but there are also some great deals on stuff you use every day. When most people look for a doctor, they try to find someone close to their home or work, covered by their private insurance and perhaps recommended by others. For 15 years, Planit has been at the forefront of software testing with an enviable reputation for professionalism in testing services and training.
As a testing consulting partner with a reputation for success in all types of software testing and systems assurance for mainframe, client and web applications, we have the ability to define the overall direction for testing within an organisation and offer independent evaluation for ongoing improvement. To manage varying demand for test resources on IT projects, we provide full test outsourcing, matching skills with client requirements.
To motivate, retain and develop staff, we provide training in software testing and business analysis at all levels including accredited ISTQB and BCS qualifications. Our staff are industry leaders in software testing and systems assurance – from automation to systems testing. The Planit Graduate Programme is a great opportunity to commence your career in the booming software testing industry. If successful, are you available to commence working full-time from July 2015 to January 2016? Upon receipt of your application, you will be invited to participate in a short one-way video interview.
Imagine trying to use your mobile phone or internet banking, or flying in a plane that has hundreds of software faults.
Now is a great time to join the Planit team and take advantage of one of IT’s fastest growing areas!
Welcome to the start of your journey in the world of Planit.  We look forward to hearing from you! A lathe is a machine tool that removes unwanted material from a cylindrical work piece by rotating it against a cutting tool. In a marble plate found at Elefsis (near Athens) there is an order for some metal parts of specific quality and specific shape and cylindrical poles.
From this we can conclude: They knew how to use and make sharp material harder than copper and iron. Also at the village 'Steno' 6 km east of Tripolis there is found metal furnaces from 2500-2200 B.C.!
At Mycenae and Pylos have been found iron rings made from iron mixed with nickel to make it stainless.
In order to convert the iron to steel it must be heated up to 750 - 900°C in an environment with much carbon. An old tradition on metalworking says that in order the hot metal to become as strong as possible should be turned to the north while it was cooling.
If we take a good look at the findings from the Minoan period we conclude that these people could easily hammer and smelter metals to make tools and excellent jewellery. The Romans made considerable advances in the technical aspects of bronze casting, particularly in the use of prefabricated parts and in methods of joining metals to each other. The copper used during the Minoan and Mycenaean period was mixed with tin to become harder.
The most impressive fact related to metals is a mine for copper found in Rhodesia and seem to be working before 47.000 years! At the Greek village Steno 6 km east of Tripolis there have been found kilns for metals from 2500 -2200 B.C.

At the Greek island Ikaria at the coast of Kionion at the place Siderocapso has been found a very big kiln for metals. At the Menjamor of the Soviet Armenia, professor Korioun Megertzian found an ancient metallurgical factory. Let's take a closer look to the metal that since the beginning of history causes the most troubles to humanity, the gold. At the close picture we can see part of a Scythian comb made of gold and decorated with a battle scene. At Peru, at the champaign Tsan Tsan, found coins of a civilization before Incas, the Tsimous. At the Egypt has been found some objects with a very slim gold plating on them such as we can achieve only with modern electrolytic methods. Close to Dorchester of Massachusetts (USA) has been found a metal vase decorated with layers of silver. Another almost unknown metal is the Asokas' column that is made from iron that does not rust (not steel) and the gold from Incas that has the half of the gravity weight of the ordinary gold. If you want to understand secret behind people who are successful in getting software testing jobs, then this is the article that you need to read.
Most of the answers provided by them were biased and they did not want to acknowledge their faults or shortcomings, which is a human tendency. Develop a habit of learning something new related to Software Testing, Software Testing Tools or popular Business domains like Banking, Telecom, Insurance or Retail on regular basis etc., One has to define and set short term and long term learning objectives in order to succeed in this competitive world. So, just having ambition of learning is not enough, one should plan and track the progress. Create a “Learning Plan” based on your learning objectives and check progress on a regular basis.
Larger is your professional and social network, greater would be success of getting a Software Testing Job when you are looking for one. Employee referral is the most preferred channels by recruitment teams because every company aims at hiring talented people. Update or Save your CV at least once a week, so that your CV stays on the top of the search list. As contracting agencies hire people on their payrolls and place them on contract in good companies in a short span of time.
Refer your friends and ex-colleagues when they are looking for a job and in turn they would help you at some point of time in future. Just like academic exams, knowing the subject is one aspect and writing the answer that will convince the person evaluating answer paper and getting maxim marks is another aspect that matters the most. As on today, there is a great demand for experienced Performance Test Engineers and especially for loadrunner.
Ensure your CV highlights all the positive aspects like achievements, certifications, awards and trainings. Ideally, one has to start searching for new job when the career growth in the current company has reached saturation point or when they want to work on the latest technology or to work on latest software testing tools etc. Usually, communication has not been an issue for people who have been living in USA or UK for long.
Remember, first question a interviewer would ask is “Why are you choosing software testing?
If you are serious about software testing career then it will not be hard to find as Software Testing Job for yourself, even though you are a fresher. Hari, is working as software Test Manager in one of the reputed Software companies in Bangalore (India).
The growth rate (shown below), is still healthy at 150% per year, but the growth rate is declining. BLS is projecting 314K new jobs created over this period.  Including replacing people that retire, almost half a million new jobs will be opened. The current current growth rate is 28%, and has been on a very positive trend in the past few years. Since this is an article about finding a job, understanding what an employer is looking for in a candidate is more important than having the correct dictionary definition. It’s important to actually read the job description to determine exactly the employer’s desire, because the job title is often vague or misleading. In some employers, the term Software Quality Assurance could mean a person that tests software either in an independent team or along side the development team. But, a Software Quality Analyst is usually a job that involves developing test plans and performing tests.
It’s important to understand what they are looking for in a candidate and to learn to speak their language. Even without formal testing training or education, having the domain expertise is a way to enter the testing profession.
Some examples of testing techniques are functional testing, requirements traceability, security testing, or performance and scalability testing for large systems. It is said that all software developers are also testers, and there is plenty of room in the field to specialize in testing or quality engineering.
Software testing fits well with the job satisfaction model presented by Daniel Pink in the book Drive. If you know what to look for and what to avoid, you can make the two dollar shop the first stop in your grocery shopping quest and get the most bang for your buck. I look for those things too, but what I really want -- and have learned is frustratingly difficult to find -- is a doctor who uses 21st century tools like, you know, email.
A few weeks ago, we asked readers to send us their questions on the budget – we wanted to know what you're interested in to help inform our coverage. As such, there is considerable scope within Planit to develop your career and play a more senior role in IT. Planit employees work on some of Australasia’s most interesting and ground-breaking projects for blue chip clients. It ensures we can provide productive and motivated testers, and a personal development structure that takes you further in your career. They work with an international perspective, have cross-industry experience and come with a range of expertise at a range of levels up to ISTQB Vice President. The impact would be very frustrating to say the least and potentially life threatening.At Planit, our role is to help organisations avoid costly software defects and protect business reputation by assuring quality in their systems. Take part in interesting software development projects!For more information, and to find out what kind of people Planit are after for their graduate intake, click here. Also there is a specification in the text for lathe to be used for metals and not for wood or hardened clay. Did they know that this way the small magnets inside the iron look all the same way making it stronger, or they were just lucky trying it?
Bronze was used for various kinds of military equipment, for the decoration of furniture, and for domestic utensils. Zinc was much cheaper than tin these days and also helped more the flow of the melted metal alloy to difficult shapes. At the time of the victory of Athens over the Persian navy in the sea fight of Salamina the mines were at their peak production at 750 talants each year. Soon after that came the gold mines of Pagaio mountain that made the kingdom of Alexander the great the most powerful in Greece and Macedonia the next Greek leader.
Another iron mine at Ngouenya Swaziland seems to be 25.000 years old and having hematite (iron like stone). Almost 200 kilns found with items of copper, bronze, lead, zink, iron, gold, tin, arsenate, antimony, magnesium and some more.
Since the beginning of history at the grave or tomb of every important person has been usually put a lot of gold objects. If we overlook the literary details the fact that remains is that we have a description of a traditional art of collecting cold to this specific area.

The specific gravity of the usually used gold is 19.3 but the gold used by Incas had only from 8 to 9. Its strength is excellent because it handled easily the explosion of dynamite but we don't know what kind of metal is it.
Being successful in getting Software Testing Jobs is all about the preparation, approach and attitude that makes some people more successful in getting Software Testing Jobs of their liking.
Like my friend, there are many software testers out there who have ambition of learning something new but who don’t put efforts in accomplishing it. If you implement this idea documenting learning objectives and tracking it, then I will consider that my article achieved its objective. Maintain good relationship with your colleagues, friends and keep expanding your social network on a daily basis. Believe me; if you act on this suggestion, you will be very thankful to me at some point of time in future. Hence candidates referred by employees are considered to be equally or more talented than the person referring them. Most of the contracting agencies also provide option of “contractor to employee conversion” in the company to which contractors are deputed. First impression of the candidate is built on their CVs and the basis for calling for interview. However, it is for people who are from India, China or Philippines, at least 15% to 25% of the candidates don’t get selected during interviews because of poor communication or poor accent.
The commercial tools are still mentioned more often in job postings than jmeter, but the growth rate of jmeter, if it continues, will surpass these tools. These are entry level positions and usually don’t require too much education or experience.
That term could also mean someone who does not test software, but is more of a process owner or auditor.
I knew it to be a complex area and wanted to learn first hand, so I chose the test manager role.  Here are some of the reasons that a job hunter should consider software testing. Test practitioners may be trained or self taught the tools and techniques for software testing. Some of the activities for engineers typically are creating white-box tests, developing test tools, creating automated tests, and performing non-test activities like code review and inspection.
We thought we'd look at what we know so far about the questions asked and provide some context before tomorrow evening. Planit technical staff are supported by a network made up of HR, administration, marketing, accounts and receive ongoing support, training and mentoring from our seniors. Technical TesterAn entry level position that focuses on the foundations of Test Automation or Performance Testing. The ancient things that we found and the indications according them don't always match the history, as we know it.
The ceramics seem too delicate to me to be used in a lathe but the technicians of this time probably knew better!
It was also used for monumental works as noteworthy and subsequently influential in the history of art as the majestic equestrian statue of Marcus Aurelius (AD 161-80) in Rome.
Most metals were imported and there been found 14 different types of bronze, probably according to their use. Such detail remains unusual even today and we also have to consider that the gold melts at 1100°C. On the riverbed of some rivers that had gold inside them, there were been placing sheepskins. I could figure out below reasons that were the root cause for most of them which were preventing them from clearing software testing interviews and not being able to get a Software Testing Job of their liking. Your social network grows not just by knowing more people but keeping in touch with them on regular basis, internet applications like facebook, Google Circle, twitter has made the task of being connected much easier. Most of the candidates have good understanding of software testing and related concepts but it’s even more important to explain in simple, precise manner and sometimes answering with an example.
Good oral and written communication is essential for performing better job in Information Technology industry and since most of the clients are from USA or UK it becomes a necessity to have good oral and written communication. If you are not serious about choosing software testing as your career, interviewer will find out, as your answer will not be convincing and will increase your chances of not getting the software testing job. SilkPerformer and LoadRunner, together, are mentioned in 1150 job postings, but the rate is declining over time.  jmeter is mentioned in just over 700 postings, but is growing at x % per year. However, the employer may also be looking for someone with strong testing experience and knowledge, and even specialized skills like security testing or performance testing. In addition to testing, the additional engineering skills are used to build automated tests, review designs and code, diagnose errors, and develop white-box tests, to name a few examples. Most testers that I know fall into multiple categories, but someone starting out can use these categories as a guide to plan their entry into testing as a career.
In the tombs of Mycenae there has been found a lot of jewellery and implements made of gold and silver. They used a washing system as any mine does, but because they didn't have a lot of water they were recycling it!
Internal there is ceramic material that is turned to glass because of the high temperature that went at least up to 800°C.
Most of you are already using facebook but how much time do you use it for fun than to exchange knowledge related to Software Testing or Testing Tools?
Below is the list of channels listed in the order of preference of recruitment teams for sourcing candidates. Preparing for interview would mean going through the list of all possible interview questions and writing mock answers.
Most of the interview questions would come from your CV, so its very important to prepare for probable questions that would be based on what you have written in your CV. These are sometimes, but not always, qualified with the additional skills needed in the job title, like “Performance Tester”. Again, the job description is your guide to see what skills and activities are expected from a candidate. The metal workers of this time period already are working without difficulties with the most of the modern techniques that we know today.
The washing area was arranged on such a cycle that the used water could return very close to where it started to be cleaned. You may be good in socializing but how many of your contacts are related to Software Testing profession? On the other hand , don’t try to fake your experience in CV, otherwise you can get blacklisted.
Good communication is required for Software Testing and several other roles in IT Industry like Project management or Business Analyst. As you will not know at what point of time you would get an interview call after you have floated your CV in various channels ( Job portals, employee referral or consulting agencies).
They had also made some cisterns that were insulated to avoid water leaks with material that even today we can't understand what it exactly was! It’s not just enough to know more people, what matters most is, how many in your social circle will extend their help when you are looking for a Software Testing Job. At any point of time if you feel you are not prepared for interview, request for postponement of interview date.

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