When used together, 3D printing and topology optimization can deliver objects with minimum mass, which will save money in raw materials. Inspire brings the power of topology optimization to a new audience by applying algorithms previously only used in engineering simulation departments. Topology optimization and additive manufacturing are two techniques that together have the potential to help you create a new generation of exciting products.
The Inspire software lets you sketch surfaces and create solids within an intuitive user interface or import data from your existing CAD tool. The first step in a topology optimization is to define the “design space,” which represents the maximum volume that a part can occupy. The optimal result to the problem is not unexpected, but presents geometry that would require interpretation or the use of a manufacturing control on the optimization to be realized with a traditional manufacturing technique. 3D printed versions of the above concept generated with solidThinking Inspire demonstrate the elegance of the results and can stimulate dialog about the design direction.
The images of the chairs shows the rapid evolution of two of them designed using topology optimization and produced using 3D printing. Now that additive manufacturing has removed many traditional constraints, the potential benefits of topology optimization are amplified. One historical challenge for engineers when presented with the results of topology optimization is translating organic-looking forms into CAD geometry ready for manufacture. The Inspire software is not just suited to parts created using additive manufacturing processes.
The use of Inspire allowed the team to study quickly what effect changes to loading conditions or package space might have on their design direction.
Additive manufacturing and topology optimization share many common attributes including the speed at which designs can be realized, the opportunity to quickly understand the effect of changes, and the delivery of the lightest weight solution. While each has virtues when used independently, there is an enormous opportunity to combine them and multiply their advantages. Design World Online provides the latest design engineering news, articles, tutorials, videos, and products. No matter what product you make and sell: software, e-books, music, movies, video or audio records, books, or even corn flakes.
Countless examples serve as a proof that the success of any enterprise depends not only upon the quality of the software but also to a large extent on the method of delivery to end users. If you've ever had a dream to learn how to make animation, you just came to the right place.
Il software e molto semplice da utilizzare e non richiede grosse conoscenze in informatica ed in particolar modo di grafica 3D.In sostanza c'e un modello standard che attraverso una serie di potenti tool si plasma in base a quello che si vuole creare.
Come Usare SnapchatGrazie alla nostra guida puoi chattare con Snapchat in modo semplice e veloce. Come Acquistare i biglietti per il trasporto pubblico e il parcheggio con il credito telefonico TREIl tuo credito telefonico TRE puo essere utilizzato per acquistare biglietti per il trasporto pubblico e il parcheggio. Come Scoprire un Profilo FalsoSei entrato in contatto con una persona e pensi che stia utilizzando un profilo falso? Come Aumentare la Durata della Batteria su SmartphoneGrazie a questa guida puoi estendere la carica della batteria sul tuo Smartphone.
Come Usare Google NowCon la nostra guida ti mostriamo i comandi di Google Now e impari ad usarlo in un batter baleno.
Come Effettuare Chiamate Rapide con lo Smartphone AndroidGrazie alla nostra guida ti basta la semplice pressione di un tasto per fare partire una chiamata. Attenzione: I giochi e i software contrassegnati nel sito con la parola Gratis sono da considerarsi legali in quanto sono con licenza Freeware o con licenza Open Source. Home Improvement Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for contractors and serious DIYers. First, I'm not good with home improvement or anything too manual for that matter - I'm more of a computer geek. There are numerous approaches from simple graph paper (which can be printed out from free online sites, such as this one) to sophisticated paid-for programs, for example one from HGTV. You might want to look at one of the free programs, such as Google Sketchup (there is also a more complex paid version).
As a contractor, I used to use Home Designer before upgrading to more professional and expensive stuff.
If you are looking for something free, then Sketchup is great, but without plugins is not as easy out of the box to use for floor plans. There are many other pay and free software out there, these are just some of the ones I have experience with and the two that I would recommend in this case.
Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged furniture interior planning or ask your own question.
Is it acceptable for a student to ask a professor to be included as a co-author on the professor's paper? I delivered this presentation at the Malofiej #22 Infographics World Summit, Pamplona, Spain, 27 March 2014. The rapidly decreasing cost and widespread adoption of 3D printers has been aided and accompanied by new software applications that make 3D modeling simpler for everyday people.
Machines like Makerbot, Ultimaker, RepRap, Cubify print plastic (generally ABS or biodegradable PLA) in a process called FDM (fused deposition modeling) or FFF (fused filament fabrication). Formlabs and Objet Connex printers, among others, use cured liquid plastic, with a much higher resolution, in a process called SLA (stereolithography).
Other machines can melt metal and ceramic powders, in a process called SLS (selective laser sintering) or SLM (selective laser melting).
These are suitable for a second session with adults, but may be outside the scope of a workshop for children. Download an STL file from Thingiverse (or paste its URL into TinkerCad); using TinkerCad, customize or personalize it. Download two STL files from Thingiverse; using TinkerCad, stick them together to create a mashup. Using calipers or a micrometer, measure something in the environment and make a clamp, handle, adapter, or fixturing point for it.
I regret to say that I no longer speak at events with such a poor ratio of female:male presenters. As a speaker we can offer you a very warm treatment, a cool VIP dinner and a fantastic 45 min slot on our main stage with a nice audience. The Masters of Tangible Interaction Design has been retired, and folded into the EM2 program. By using these algorithms to generate optimal solutions, design cycle time, material consumption, and product weight are all reduced. While additive manufacturing, also known as 3D printing, is widely used by product development organizations to create prototypes from digital models, topology optimization has been restricted to companies with extensive CAE resources, such as automotive and aerospace manufacturers. A number of organizations have demonstrated the benefits of combining additive layer manufacturing (ALM) with topology optimization design. It is a mathematical method that generates a material layout within a given design space based on a set of loads and other conditions provided by a design engineer. The geometry can then be prepared as a design space and materials and loading conditions assigned before being optimized. 3D printing techniques are ideally suited to fully exploit this type of concept generation. These conversations enhance the product development process by inviting early dialog about part loading, the product aesthetic, and manufacturing considerations. This approach to development helps engage a cross-functional product team in early discussions about functionality, aesthetics, and manufacturing.

The design space, shown in brown, represents the maximum volume that a solution can occupy.
While the manufacturing controls in the Inspire program make it easier to produce models suitable for conventional manufacturing processes, those who use 3D printing have the freedom to produce more complex shapes. The TBS Cover Editor is a unique tool that will help you create any virtual cover image for your product presentation.
If you want to make a good impression on your potential clients and add credibility to your product, then True BoxShot is just what you need. Here you will find hundreds of articles, written from real experience, and training videos showing you exactly how to get started on the road to making your dreams of creating animated films come true!
I have learned some very interesting techniques, having worked on a few live action films now, that allow good directors to maximize what they have available. I hadn't really kept great track of the project since that time, but a few months ago I was shocked to find it was released on DVD in Japan late last year. One of the things that I always like to keep in mind and remind people about my work, is that I am never attempting to make a 3D animated film.
Originally when I created the hero characters, I modeled these very dense high resolution capes for them and used them to calculate cloth dynamics for some still renders.
A wide variety of scenes featuring different types of animation and effects, including view screen effects and 2D camera work. In the past, when doing facial animation I would use the embedded endomorphs in Lightwave and animate them with the slider-based Morphmixer.
In the past, early cel shaders used a technique of modelling relatively flat character faces and employed image maps to create the hand drawn look.
In a radical departure from the typical educational video however, this group has decided to take the production down a very interesting avenue."The challenge was taking ten weeks of lecture-laden presentations and translating them into 10 half hour videos without putting the viewer to sleep," said Kevin Bair, video coordinator for the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office. Makehuman e un innovativo software 3D Open Source che ti da la possibilita di creare personaggi in 3D.
There is a bit of a learning curve, but it has great tools to do three dimensional modeling. Tech toys are fun, and renderers are good for communicating ideas or doing precision fit checks, but for they're usually overkill for this task.
The subject of my talk was the possibility of combining the visual language of information graphics, with the communication strategies of graffiti and urban markup. This workshop is an introduction to 3D modeling and 3D printing for families and educators.
The recommended format is: one workshop leader, one technical assistant, 8-12 participants (or participating families), in a room with a video projection, worktables and comfortable chairs, and readily available WiFi and electric power. It is recommended that kids should be older than 7 or 8 years, and have basic skills in reading and computer-mousing. These objects offer a critical perspective on privacy, politics, consumer culture, and commercial media. The orientation with which something is printed can make a big difference for how much support material must be printed.
3D printing a lot of material can get expensive, whether because of the cost of the material itself, or because of the time necessary to print it. Of course it’s your business how you want to run your conference, and it is your choice about how you decide to present the world of multimedia design to your students at the University of ----------------. It brings together advising from the School of Computer Science, the College of Engineering, and the College of Fine Arts.
Until recently, the tools needed to generate designs with organic-like structures had not been available at a price, or a level of usability, that encouraged broader industry adoption.
For example, research at EADS has showed that an Airbus A320 hinge bracket could be significantly reduced in weight by using ALM in tandem with topology optimization. By way of example, let’s look at a simple beam created and optimized using topology optimization software solidThinking Inspire.
Although not always required for 3D printing, manufacturing and shape controls can be applied including minimum member size, symmetry, pattern repetition, or cyclic repetition.
In this simple example, the rectangular design space is supported at either end and must carry a centrally located load. The optimization tool then enables you to quickly explore alternative directions, ensuring that you find a mass-efficient proposal.
The size of the billet required is usually the same, but more material gets removed in the manufacturing process. The unconstrained topology results are invariably lighter than an interpreted version and save more time in the development process. Loading conditions have been applied and the plane shows that a symmetric result is desired. Engineer at Key Safety Systems, Inc., a Tier 1 manufacturer of automotive safety equipment, has been using the software to help him and his team generate efficient structures for safety critical components in vehicle restraint systems. Adding a photorealistic cover image to your website, banner, article, or print ad will attract more attention to your product and will bring more customers and sales to your business.
Being easy-to-use and powerful, it will help you to quickly create professional-quality boxshots that will attract attention at a glance. I view what I do as 2D, even though I clearly use 3D elements to speed up the process and accomplish those things otherwise impossible for a one man show. Most of my favorite anime films are the type with the super sharp, sometimes nearly imperceptible edges on the characters. The one artist is then responsible for being a character animator at one time, a cloth dynamics TD another or even a particle FX guy. Based on how you created and named your "morph maps" you would get a panel in the animation system with sliders attached to each map which you can then keyframe. Were it done as a volume instead of with flat planes, it would certainly show in the shading. Part of this is in the model technique, where you will not find the "V" shaped sharp crease method.
This certainly looked more hand drawn from some angles, but had problems when the character was viewed in profile. Having never done this before, I am looking for tips, tutorials, fallacies, geeky tools or anything to make this experience easier and more useful. That being said, if you want to take the time to look through tutorials and plugins, you can easily do some nice floor plans, and 3D with some extra effort.
Thanks to the Malofiej organizers for their hospitality and the honor of addressing this audience, and to Alberto Cairo for a rousing discussion, afterwards, about its possibly troubling implications for propaganda. Convert the OBJ to an STL using Meshlab or the Autodesk 3D Print Utility, and print it out. But that is changing, and topology optimization and additive manufacturing are now poised to accelerate the process of product development.
The optimization process enabled the designers to quickly hone in on the most efficient, lightweight structure, while the use of ALM created further weight reductions by minimizing waste in the manufacturing process.
In this case, the design space is a rectangular block, supported at the lower corners with a single load applied to the top face.
The opportunity to realize these results in a physical form through additive manufacturing increases the impact of the presented design concept. With an additive technique, the amount of material used is directly proportional to the part weight: the heavier the part the more expensive it is to make. A new lighting setup can turn something we've seen before into a new location for adventure.
Still the final product doesn't come out of Lightwave, and there is rarely a total 3D scene which can be referenced when looking at a single image.

When I animated these guys flying around and then had four of them in a single scene, I noticed that the cloth dynamics calculations would add up to some outrageous amount of time to do all of their capes and hair blowing (this was based on a single frame for a single item on a single character taking *minutes* to calculate). More than worth it, though, to watch this stuff output to TV.I am nearing the end of animation on the first episode of Justice-4-All.
By naming alone, you could organize your maps into groups, which would each get their own tab, and therefore their own panel. Still, the most important factor is in the edge drawing panel where, different from the male character, one of the options is simply not used.
Playing off the idea of a "Justice Academy", we created four Marvel-type superheroes to guide us through the presentations."Known as JUSTICE-4-ALL, the four superhero characters would face various law-breaking villains as topics are raised in video vignettes.
The workshop will also present the many different ways in which people around the world are using 3D printing to create useful, expressive, and critical objects.
Furthermore, the print orientation can also affect how the part behaves under physical stress.
Having participated in conferences like the Eyeo Festival, I know that another way is possible in the fields of new-media art and design. Using these techniques together, the EADS design engineers had greater freedom to explore alternatives while cutting overall development time and costs. Once the design space has been created and the loads applied, you run the optimization and within minutes, the software generates a result that looks like a structure one would find in nature. This result can be exported in STL format allowing minor updates to be made prior to prototype manufacture. Now a part designed using topology optimization to achieve minimum mass will save money in raw materials. It came not long after, but being so busy with my own work, I neglected to watch it until yesterday.
Recently, though, after talking at length with a friend about edge drawing, I started paying more attention. I probably haven't messed with particles since I fired missles across a rooftop in Shadowskin.
As with any animation using this method, the more you build, the more your library serves future production. In the past, I had always divided the face into groups similar to how an animatronic puppet is controlled. Since one of the cel line drawing aspects is set to draw on sharp creases, this gives you the ability to control where the lines will draw.
It is very good for quick 3D mock-ups and has very intuitive use once you get accustomed to the hotkeys and controls. It is apparent that additive manufacturing technology is a more appropriate process for creating this structure than a traditional subtractive process like machining from a billet. Our approach to product design should change as a result, especially when manufacturing small quantities of parts.
I would just buy it and move on.On the UFO Film SS Doomtrooper which recently aired on SciFi Channel, we needed a particular tank to appear in one of the shots and it had to look like it was there.
It applies to everything.A bit of Chaos, some Hearts, a touch of J4A, even a splash of mind animation and that which went before can be used for moving forward. I can't even begin to explain the amazingness to which I was treated.For the first time ever, for me, the use of 3D and cel shading in anime went unnoticed.
Needless to say when I setup particles tonight, I couldn't remember my basic settings so it took me a while to stop my particles from flying immediately off the screen. It may be difficult to see in an image this size, but you may notice that she doesn't have a line drawn under her eye.
Forcing a sharp crease around a muscle is achieved by creating something of a "V" shape at the edge where you want a line.If you can imagine 3 points very close together on the "V" for each poly line then you can see how the line detail can be controlled. To tackle that task they turned to Studio ArtFX and animation director Terrence Walker."As a government agency with a limited budget, we never imagined affording professional, high quality animation," Kevin Bair continued. The design freedom of additive manufacturing processes allows a literal interpretation of the design, saving weight while also reducing local stress and maintaining structural stiffness. Starting out it may not seem so apparent, but imagine what library you might have after one film.
This is one of many areas where leaving out lines can make a female character appear more attractive and generally softer.
It may be a bit difficult to see on an image this size, but I think the general idea is conveyed. This allowed the use of morph targets for facial animation, but the character's face seemed plain and lacking life.
One of the artists there did a quick search online and found the vehicle we needed in a pack of four tanks for $50.
Unlike the muscles on the male hero, too many lines in this case simply get in the way of the beauty of the character design.
Overtime, the asset library will actually allow more freedom than one might imagine in a world of reuse. Even though I know it was done in 3D, there were scenes where I wasn't sure and had to search for little details which give away the 3D aspect of the characters. That's the way you do it!My interest is in my characters and my movie, not any individual item in it. Searching for it, I might see something in a character's hair or on their detailed costumes which makes it obvious, but just watching it, I get more of an impression of an idealized AkiraFrom the first seconds of the intro I was in love.
Things need to be set exactly on every single frame, and so I found myself jumping from panel to panel to keyframe things even if they didn't move at all! If I need a high quality car, especially a car that exists in the real world, you won't see me modeling it.
Thumping to the beat of Utada Hikaru's This is Love, the same song heard in the Cup Noodle commercial, the intro flys us through and around, in pure 3D, what look like very rough, Otomo color comic drawings, complete with screen tone dots and everything.
So I renamed all of my Morph maps for the main character, placing every map involving the face into a single group and therefore a single panel.
This is what I lost sight of for a while.New tools and the embracing thereof also play an important part in freedom and creativity.
There's also some great use of full 3D and possibly some miniature work in the intro that sets an incredible tone for the project. The other night, I tried something in modo and it became frustrating and I switched to Vue 5 to get the results I needed. In this image, however, modo takes over for the creation of a background I could not do anywhere else.
I notice in the credits a full page devoted to Newtek, the makers of Lightwave 3D, DStorm, the Japanese distributors for Newtek, with whom I went to China a few years ago, and YAMATO WORKS, the makers of Kakurenbo. You have to know your tools well to avoid such pitfalls as spending an hour or two trying to create something in the wrong program.I couldn't be happier with the image quality these new tools have given me.
I can't say whether Lightwave was used for just the bikes or for the characters as well, the making of features don't go there, but the involvement of YAMATO WORKS means it likely plays very large part in the project.The project sports in incredible sound mix and rivals any big movie during the race scenes.
I haven't learned who the composer is yet, but since Otomo worked with Steve Jablonsky from Media Ventures on Steam Boy, it's possible that someone inside Media Ventures is involved.From what my rusty Japanese could pull from the extra feature interviews, it sounds like the project will be six parts, each episode 30 minutes.

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