It used to be that completing everyday tasks on devices running Microsoft’s Windows operating systems required users to download all sorts of software and tools. To access Movie Moments, go to your Windows 8.1 device’s Start Screen by pushing the Windows key below your display or by pressing the Windows key on your keyboard.
To edit any video, simply adjust the two rounded dots that represent the start and end of a video. While Movie Moments allows novice users to get in and quickly edit video complete with music, it won’t likely satisfy users who need more options. Users can download Windows Essentials, the suite that includes desktop versions of Skype, SkyDrive, Mail, Writer and Photo Gallery free here.
Once the download is complete, open the file and click or tap on Install Windows Essentials to install the full suite of apps.
It’s important to remember that though Movie Maker has more features than Movie Moments, it still may be missing advanced options that software like Premiere Elements include. Edit graphs, charts or drawings from other Windows applications - Paste a graphic (in Picture format) from the clipboard or import a WMF or EMF file.

Create new drawings - Metafile Companion is the quick and easy way to whip up any simple drawing.
Sometimes these software tools cost hundreds of dollars and weren’t really that user-friendly. You can also place your finger on your device’s touchscreen and swipe up to reveal a list of installed apps. Tap or click on the app labeled Movie Moments. Users of Windows 8 devices that allow them to install desktop apps also have a second choice. Click or tap on Choose the programs you want to install to install just Movie Maker and its sister desktop app Photo Gallery.
Click on the arrow on the bottom left of your Start Screen to open a list of installed apps. From here you can use the File button to open videos you’ve already recorded or click on the Webcam video button to record new videos using your webcam immediately. In minutes you can create just what you need, copy it to the clipboard and paste it into another application.

We still offer our amazing website development services, but with the addition of our new online marketing services. For example, tools like Premiere Elements are the standard by which all other video editing apps are judged. It’s also installed for free when users download the Windows 8.1 update from the Windows Store. Dubbed Movie Maker, Microsoft Windows 7 and Windows 8 users can quickly and easily edit video on their PC without having to buy any extra software. Users with touch screens should take their finger and place it at the bottom of their display, then swipe upwards. Devices with a front-facing and rear facing camera will have a button on the bottom right that allows them to switch between cameras.

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