I love web and graphic designs and having experience in designing 'Websites, UI Designs, WPF Designs, Marketing and Printing media'.
When we hired Balaji he had couple of years or experience but showed signs of becoming a very good creative person. We know that there are too many music streaming services out there such as Itunes, Spotify, Pandora and many other third party music streaming softwares. Samsung is the largest smartphone manufacturer and their phones are widely popular in the east.

The opinions contained in this article are solely those of the writer and it does not represent the editorial opinions of Mao Marketing. He has a capable to create a world class designing and capturing the new concepts very soon. Its been really easy explaining him the business scenario for which I require the design and he would churn out something good in a short time.
With their new music service, Milk Music (which may come pre-installed on new Samsung phones and tablets) may give the users the flexibility to give it a try.

But how come Samsung has not learned from their first music service-Music Hub (launched in 2012) which many people still don’t know about?
Samsung has also announced this service to be an Advert free for a limited time – which may attract a large number of users.

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