What struck me most about my Sony A350 shots, especially in bright daylight, was the extraordinary detail this 14.2-megapixel sensor can deliver. Perhaps it was a feint, perhaps it was just a matter of introducing the right camera to the right audience, but Sony's Alpha A200 introduced at the Consumer Electronics Show early this year was a very minor upgrade to the A100.
While the A300 is essentially an A200 with an articulating LCD screen and Live View mode, the A350 also raises the resolution from 10 megapixels to 14.2 megapixels. Like the A200, Sony says that improvements to the A300 and A350's AF have made focus acquisition 1.7 times faster, thanks to the high-torque AF motor and improved AF sequence borrowed from the A700. The same LCD-based function menu that appeared on the A200 earlier this year replaces the old dial-based function menu on the Sony A100, and many of the menu items and systems from the Sony A700 have made their way into the Sony A300 and A350. Eye-start Autofocus, also from the A100, starts up the autofocus system so the camera's ready before you even match your eye up to the viewfinder in most cases. Expected to ship in April, the 14-megapixel Sony Alpha A350 will ship in April for $800 body only, $900 with the 18-70mm lens, and $1,088.99 with the 18-70 and a 55-200mm lens. Another new button on both the Sony A350 and A300 is the Smart Teleconverter 2x zoom button. The LCD is a little wider to match the 3:2 aspect ratio of the Sony A300 and A350's sensor. Missing from the front of the Sony A350 is the depth-of-field preview button, which was present on the A100. The only disadvantage could be that if the Live View sensor or its optical components are slightly out of alignment with the main sensor, what you see in Live View might not be what you get in the final image.
Sony E-mount full frame cameras aimed at sports and professional photographers will be announced in the near future.
Mr. Honjo also says that the upcoming Sony E-mount professional sports cameras will be more customizable than the current models.
He also mentions that the whole digital imaging world is moving towards mirrorless technology and the DSLR will become a niche market in the future, only accessible to professional photographers.
This entry was posted in Sony and tagged camera, full frame, rumor, rumors, sensor, sony a-mount, sony camera, sony dslr, sony e-mount, sony rumors. Subscribe to our daily newsletter and get the latest posts delivered straight to your inbox. This camera stabilizer design works with anything that has a tripod mount and should be fine with cameras that weigh less than 5 pounds. Alternative weight and bar lengthHere I used a 24" tube at the bottom and a 5 pound weight. Large Sled for Bigger CamerasHere's a simple way to add a big platform to the top of the stabilizer for use with larger cameras (or simply so you can turn the mounting bolt rather than turning the camera).
The mounting bolt can also fit many professional tripod heads shown on the left (click to enlarge). Over the years I've gotten a fair amount of email from people thanking me for putting up this tutorial eager to share thier experiences.
I get this question a lot because many people don't have the resources or skills to build one of these themselves.
If you enjoyed this project, please consider showing your appreciation and support by purchasing a kit.
Whether you choose e-Learning, face-to-face training or the ICE Programme, our learning platform educates you on the full spectrum of Sony solutions.

From Masterclasses and Open-Days, to Seminars, Webinars and Tradeshows, join us at one of our events. Sign up to the Video Security Members Service to access support software, resources and extra services for developers, integrators and consultants. Sony Alpha DSLR cameras : I was just passing by the Sony booth and was looking at the collection of Sony Alpha lenses and cameras…. According to my information the new semi professional Sony Alpha model incorporates a newly developed image sensor and BIONZ processor achieving high level total picture quality. And if it is not already enough I saw eight new Sony lenses being showcased next to the two new Sony Alpha digital SLR cameras. Autofocus in Live View is also as fast as it is in optical viewfinder mode, a major breakthrough among digital SLRs.
As on the Sony A200, a Function button on the back of the A350 brings up a simply worded Function menu for easy access to commonly changed items. Active only in Live View mode, pressing this button first zooms the live view by approximately 1.4x, then to 2x. This switch engages the Live View mode and may even move the front element of the Pentamirror forward.
The Sony A350's grip is different from the A200, as it has no distinct divot for the middle finger, just a soft curve. The Remote control and DC-in sockets are now together, covered by a rubber door that opens from the front.
Sony might have thought it wasn't worth the extra cost for a feature that most consumers won't know how to use.
First, it moves the mirror to reflect the light to the secondary sensor inside the pentamirror housing. With a simple shift of one of the mirrors, Sony deflects the image up to another optic that reflects the image onto a secondary sensor. Kenta Honjo, a manager from Sony has confirmed that Sony E-mount professional sports cameras are in development and they will be unveiled in the near future.
The two main events are the CES 2015 and CP+ 2015 which are scheduled to take place early 2015. Whether you are an aspiring filmmaker, a videographer, the family documentarian, or just want more utility out of your video camera, you'll appreciate a camera stabilizer.
It might take you an hour if you have to read this web page while you do it and aren't very good with tools . The new Alpha SLR features in camera image stabilization and is targeted to meet the higher demands for performance and specification requirements of high amateur photographers.
This new professional model incorporates also a newly developed image sensor and BIONZ processor achieving high level total picture quality. The eight new lenses seems to vary from amateur to the more professional zoom and prime lenses. Both incorporate a new Live View mode, with a unique mechanism that no one has yet tried: drawing an image from inside the optical viewfinder with a special tilting mirror. Like most other digital SLRs, the user deploys the flash with a button on the left side of the lens mount housing, by the big orange Alpha logo. Sony's new vertical battery grip (VG-B30AM) already announced for the Sony A200 also works with the new digital SLR cameras, duplicating many of the controls necessary for vertical shooting, and holds two InfoLITHIUM batteries, making all three cameras capable of shooting up to 1,500 shots.

Sony claims up to 3.5 stops of extra exposure with their body-based image stabilization system. According to Sony literature this gives the camera's 70mm kit lens the equivalent of a 200mm zoom. This LCD also swivels out away from the body to tilt down or up for easier overhead or low-angle shooting. When compared to the Sony A100, the Sony A350 has a new ISO button, and the mode dial has moved to where the Function dial used to be.
Upper left in the now-traditional location is the manual flash release button, which activates an electronic switch to let the flash pop up.
Second, the same motion closes a shutter inside the optical viewfinder to prevent stray light from entering and affecting either the Live View image or the exposure.
Using the inverting bracket, you can get nice near ground video like the sample videos above.
YES, Sony showcased two new Sony Alpha digital SLR cameras without giving away specifications or date of introduction. I would be surprised if we don't see this new Sony Alpha digital SLR camera being introduced before the holiday season! The professional Sony Alpha SLR features in camera image stabilization and is targeted to meet the higher demands for performance and specification requirements of even professional photographers. The lenses missed any information or specifications so it was hard to predict any focal length or brightness of the lenses. Anti-dust is also built in, with a static-free coating on the CCD's filter that is shaken each time the camera is powered off. It's hard to see much difference in such a small viewfinder, and it's easier to just snap a shot and zoom in on the larger LCD screen.
There is a little side-to-side motion because I was only using one hand and not using the side handle. It seems Sony finally understand that the audience is expecting more than just one model and decided to start up the fire during this PMA 2007 event.
Whatever the reason, it's good to consider if optical depth-of-field preview is important to you. The beauty of the system is that the Sony A300 and A350 only use the secondary sensor to get a live image to the LCD, not for autofocus. Though that begs for such a feature with the Live View mode, I doubt the tiny secondary sensor would do much better than my eye with the lens stopped down.
Since it happens in the normal SLR pathway, the normal autofocus system is not interrupted as it is on Live View systems that use the main capture sensor, so there's no blackout, and autofocus is as fast as the system can produce regardless of the viewfinder mode.
You should really practice a scene a few times and get used to what you'll have to do before you try to record it.
I don't know and the Sony people made sure no one is mentioning anything about this to anyone.
Ok, let me start with the first new Sony Alpha digital SLR camera; this new model is aimed at the high amateur looking for a higher level of performance than the A100 for advanced users.

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