We all know that there is a lot of research involved behind the marketing philosophy of an established firm. It is a good practice to launch a website (or certain webpages) in different versions—version A or version B—for different set of customers. With this plugin, you can split test your website through a step-by-step procedure without damaging other resources or code of your program.
Make sure you read the installation guide, so as to understand that your theme supports the functionality of the plugin.
It’s probably safe to say that everyone who runs a website wants it to convert better.
But how is it possible to do away with the guess work and know for a fact what your visitors respond to? Then, you can test the modifications against the current design by serving up both versions to visitors and find out which one is the winner. Testing allows you to validate any new design or change to your page before committing to it. Anything can be tested: whole landing pages, headlines, descriptions, calls to action, images, videos, colors, site layout, visitor flow, and more. Constant testing and optimization of your website has the potential to increase conversions while at the same time providing valuable insight about your visitors. Up until 2012 this service was available under the name of “Google Website Optimizer,” but now it’s been rolled into Google Analytics.
Because of that, the easy setup and the fact that it is free, Google Content Experiments is probably the best solution for anyone just starting out with split testing. To run an experiment you will need to insert a piece of code into your site’s header. Optimizely is a real heavy hitter on the testing market with big names such as Disney, Starbucks, and MTV among their users. Setting up experiments can be conveniently done with the help of a visual WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) point-and-click editor. Besides the aforementioned types of content, Nelio also allows you to compare different themes, CSS variations, and post or page titles. AB Press Optimizer is a premium plugin that integrates seamlessly into the WordPress dashboard, no coding required.

Split tests are set up with the help of shortcodes which are inserted right into the content. While its abilities might not be as comprehensive as those of some of its competitors, it offers an easy and relatively affordable way for those who merely want to test specific elements within their site’s content. Because it integrates directly with the content management system, split tests can be set up straight from the WordPress editor.
By using this plugin, you can easily decide the version of your website, webpage, or landing page which you should present to your esteemed clients. You can easily test different aspects of your WordPress design without worrying a lot about the code. Whether that means more email sign-ups, sales, donations, memberships, leads, downloads, or whatever it is you are trying to achieve with your presence on the web. In other words, it’s when you compare your original site (variant A) to a version to which you made changes based on assumptions about what you think would work better (variant B).
It enables data-backed decisions and a shift from “I think” to “I know.” By measuring their impact on your metrics you can ensure that every change produces positive outcomes.
The good news is that most people will already have Analytics installed on their site, and can thereby go ahead and start testing quickly.
You can choose different metrics to track—from revenue and transactions to bounces, pageviews, and session duration.
If that is beyond your abilities or you don’t want to integrate the code into your theme, you can use this plugin to do it for you.
However, it is not only suitable for big projects with tens of thousands of visitors but also offers plans for smaller fish. It allows you to implement variations on your existing site without the need to create full versions of the same page. More expensive plans also come with cross-browser testing, multivariate testing, visitor segmentation, geotargeting and other advanced features. Since it is a plugin, all functions can be accessed directly from within the dashboard, without the need to use an external service or add any code. On top of that, it also provides heatmaps and clickmaps that show which elements of your website catch the most attention from visitors. The setup is simple and straightforward, which is also due to the comparatively basic functionality.

He learned WordPress when he needed a website for his first business venture and instantly fell in love. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers.
It means once testing is complete you can automatically morph the desired page into your master page. By using Google Content Experiments plugin, you can do it easily on your WordPress websites. Well, you can try it for yourself  for 3 days by submitting your email address on the banner below. Nelio allows setting multiple goals which is helpful if you are offering more than one product.
The premium version additionally offers split tests for custom post types, provides shortcodes for testing single elements and comes with additional tools for tracking conversions and analyzing the results.
He is passionate about health, productivity, and continuous learning, which he writes about on his lifestyle blog. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). One of the most important advantages of Simple Page Tester plugin is that it fully supports Google Analytics. By using this plugin, you can create interactive interface to connect with your valued customers without any hassle. This means you have the option to either change the content of the page or use a different layout all together. When not building websites, he likes to travel the world, experience other cultures, and learn new languages. You will have to face stiff competition from the potential businesses involved in making and marketing cupcakes.

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