A Delaware corporation agreement is one that is entered into between the state of Delaware and a company that wants to start business as a corporation in Delaware. The agreement provides for the registration of the company along with the rights and liabilities available in the state of Delaware. These forms are nonrefundable and non transferable.If you need any alterations or have any queries, please fill out the contact form.

This agreement brings forth the terms and conditions that are necessary for incorporation of a company in the state of Delaware according to the statute requirements. This is the registration agreement of the corporation that includes details such as name to be registered for the corporation, registered office of the corporation, branch addresses of the corporation, names of key officers of the corporation, total capital of the corporation, nature of business of the corporation, liability of the corporation, shareholders of the corporation, dissolution clause of the corporation etc. This agreement provides for standardization of the corporate legal process which initiates the existence of a company.

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