1998 - 2000Friends Select School, Philadelphia, PA - Upper School Arts Instructor Drawing, Painting, Design, Photography, Technology, Stage &Tech Crew, and advisor to the Upper School Literary Magazine. 1996Bancroft Elementary School, Wilmington, DE - Artist in Residence through the Delaware Center for the Contemporary Arta€™s, a€?Contemporary Connectionsa€? program. 1986Rosemont College, Rosemont, PA - Department of Fine Arts - Drawing & Painting Instructor a€“ Long-term sabbatical substitute. Interaction and instruction with ESOL students and students challenged with physical and learning disabilities. 1997Upper Darby High School, Upper Darby, Pa - Observation and Instruction in a culturally rich and diverse environment.
Observation and Instruction included interaction with Gifted Program and activities involved Stage Design & Construction. 1996University of the Arts, Philadelphia, Pa - Saturday Lab School -Assisted and instructed the Upper School Portfolio Preparation class. ErrorSorry!This page is currently unavailable while we undergo routine maintenance.We apologize for any inconvenience. Delaware distinguished itself as a state two months after the signing of the Declaration of Independence.
Delaware is known as the first state in the United States because it was the first of the original 13 colonies to ratify the Constitution that formed the U.S.
Delaware's history, however, stretches back much father than its position as the first state. The factors leading up to the American Revolutionary War and Delaware's eventual position as the first state where varied. Though small, the first state supplied nearly 4,000 soldiers to the American Revolutionary War. While still at war, the 13 states originally adopted the Articles of Confederation, a system of government with the states being the primary authority and a subordinate central government in place. In 1787, state representatives were sent to a convention to discuss changes to the Articles of Confederation, however, discussions soon focused on creating a stronger national government. The date on which Delaware ratified the United States Constitution is included on the Delaware state flag. I love American history, and this article gives an interesting account of Delaware and how it got its nickname.

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1416289 is one of over a million that we feature on IP in Australia which covers the entire spectrum of trademarks in Australia. 1315714 is one of over a million that we feature on IP in Australia which covers the entire spectrum of trademarks in Australia. This was an 8-week grant based residency focusing on environmental issues involving recycling and exploration of mixed medium sculptures. The first Europeans to settle the region where the Dutch, in 1631 they set up a trading post in the area, within a year, however, the original settlers where dead from conflict with local Indian tribes. Colonist may have been resentful of their lack of representation in British parliament as well as the taxes opposed without their consent. After drafting the United States Constitution, the document was sent out to all states and voted on by individual citizens. Delaware's flag features a buff colored diamond centered on a colonial blue background, colors thought to represent the uniform worn by General George Washington. I do recommend that you visit the New Castle Historic District if you love looking at buildings that have been maintained to look and feel like they did hundreds of years ago. I'm actually planning to make a trip to the state next year, and I want to make sure that I experience all the rich history that the first state has to offer. We also understand who are the most prolific inventors in Australia with details on all the trademarks attributed to individuals.
In 1638, the Swedes successfully established Fort Christina, the first permanent settlement in Delaware.

Although Delaware had a large and vocal community of individuals who remained loyal to Great Britain, the colony voted for independence.
High taxes placed on goods imported from other states and overuse of farming land were also considered significant problems. At the flags interior, an American Revolutionary War soldier and a Colonial farmer are depicted, while the ribbon banner on the flag reads "Liberty and Independence," the states motto. Feeling that they were being denied basic rights and freedoms by the British Empire, the colonies banded together and declared independence from Great Britain during the American Revolution.
The Dutch settled in the Delaware Valley again in 1651, establishing New Castle and eventually capturing Fort Christina. On July 4, 1776, the 13 colonies adopted the Declaration of Independence to severe ties with Great Britain. Some citizens believed that a stronger national government was needed to regulate prices and defend the states coastline from attack. It is a beautiful beach with a lot of great attractions surrounding it, plus it does have a lot of historical significance since people have been vacationing there for generations. There are also numerous museums throughout the state, including the Rehoboth Beach Museum that has a lot of interesting facts about the area and the state.
Eventually, the colonies would come together to form a strong national government through ratifying of the United States Constitution.
After changing hands a few more times, the settlement came under permanent English control in 1674.
Two months later, Delaware officially established itself as a state and separated its government from neighboring Pennsylvania. After deliberating, they unanimously voted in favor of the constitution and lead Delaware to its historical seat as the first state.
It's a neat place where the politics of the day were discussed, not to mention that the building is a beautiful example of colonial architecture.

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