Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Here are the 7 core steps that make up the simple, effective, and affordable Duct Tape Marketing System. What sounds better: people coming to you for more information about your business and your services, or you are running after them and trying to persuade them to join your company? One error often made by the majority of network marketer is that they don’t take advantage of the efficiency of attraction marketing. However, people who are running MLM marketing businesses successfully take advantage of both online and offline marketing strategies, which include pay-per-click, postcard or web 2.0. Attraction marketing teaches you to discover your target audience and work from there on setting up the appropriate marketing strategies. You're getting a simple, repeatable process for guess-free product development that ensures you only create products that your target market will be eager to buy. Here is your 7-step process in a nutshell: Scan, Survey, Analyze, Productize, Test, Package, Deliver.
Scan is step 1 and it's simple a€“ do a competitive scan and see what else is out there that solves a€“ or claims to solve a€“ the same pains, problems, heartaches and headaches as your brilliant product or program. Youa€™re doing two things in this step a€“ youa€™re doing live ammo testing AND youa€™re doing pre-marketing to folks in your exact target market. Externally, youa€™re working on the physical packaging if ita€™s a product (things like book cover design, CD or DVD packaging, graphics, and so on) and the marketing packaging. Another bonus that youa€™ll often find is that as you work through this process, youa€™ll sometimes come out the other side not with ONE product but possibly with TWO or THREE products.
Good news - and shocking coincidence: The next Product Development Toolkit group program begins February 5. One of the most powerful strategic planning tools your business can possess is a marketing plan designed to generate leads.
What John might lack in overt marketing skills, he makes up for with an ongoing list of small side projects.
One day, John wakes up to hundreds of emails in his inbox — job offers, questions, and positive feedback all yell at him through his still-groggy eyelids. Recently, a big-time developer noticed one of Johna€™s code snippets and decided to share it with his own audience. This led to thousands of visits and additional links to John’s work, which exposed him to a larger audience, drove traffic to his website, and then resulted in a plethora of potential clients, fans, and leads. But you can also find content marketing in unlikely places — produced by people who dona€™t touch the marketing department of a company.
When you offer a free solution to a problem and invite further dialogue by providing a way to contact you, you have the possibility of attracting previously unattainable business opportunities.
And this illustrates one wonderful truth: content marketing strategies can be applied by anyone. While the above story of John the developer is inspirational, it might be difficult to understand how it relates to you and your own endeavors — especially if you’re not a developer!
Sure, my idea was likely not worth pursuing — but I got instant feedback and saved myself a lot of trouble.
The second step is to review your new list of problems and decide which ones you have the ability to solve. Throw away the ones you dona€™t know how to solve (or save them for later) and create a revised list with the ones you do know how to solve. With this process, you need to decide which problems you can solve absolutely free of charge.
At this point, you might be thinking about all of the free time you dona€™t have to produce free solutions. But if you are strategic and smart with your time, youa€™ll be surprised by the value you can provide — it just takes focus and diligence.
Developing a solution to your problem is the shortest step in the process but undoubtedly the hardest and most crucial. But solving problems is the essential ingredient to success, and the quality of your solution will be what markets your capabilities.
With this process, dona€™t ask for anything in return, but dona€™t be a stranger either — always offer ways to connect and an easy way to get in touch with you.
By following this system, you not only benefit your industry and community, you will also indirectly build authority. Yet, over time and as a result of consistency, prospects recognized him as a trustworthy resource they wanted to do business with.
By following this process again and again, you’ll not only benefit everyone who cares about the problems you can solve, youa€™ll also gain loyal customers who trust you. Additional reading: If you found this article useful, you may also like How to Decide Which Content to Sell and What to Give Away for Free. It’s helpful to both the developer and the user, since each benefit from the use of a free product. I’ve been doing exactly that, providing free advice which often brings in clients who would rather hire me than struggle through it themselves.
You see, this is exactly how we’re supposed to make our little efforts known in our spaces as content marketers. Calvin — truth be told, I never thought of content as being anything other than writing.
I am definitely a firm believer than the problem > solution approach to seeking out great content opportunities is a solid one in most niches.
If you are able to solve peoples problems for free ( thanks to internet) eventually you will build authority.
I think adopting this strategy, we not only create loyalty and business for us but also can help others in solving problems. I like the ideas about polling people on Twitter- there are so many free resources out there to take advantage of. You are doing great a€” I took a peek at your site and you’re already doing a great job of documenting your journey. Plus, attention from one heavy influencer won’t last unless a relationship is developed with them and their audience. I’m not looking for a big break, but a strong community that begins to do the leg work (promotion) for me. I’m not looking for a big break, but building a strong community that begins to do the leg work (promotion) for me. Obviously, striking gold is an unlikely event that you shouldn’t hinge ona€”I agree that it may have come across that way, but I think the rest of the article counter balances that notion by emphasizing hard work, perseverance, consistency, and long-term fruit.
But, through the years, I’ve been blessed to come across authentic entrepreneurs that provided a solid foundation for understanding the fundamentals necessary to reaching a successful status from online.
In this post, I will outline my approach to marketing planning, which I have fine tuned over many years of managing bank marketing departments. Meet with Your Exec(s): Meet with bank execs to get a sense of the overall direction and bank priorities for the coming year.
This is also a good time to review the ongoing elements of your marketing plan and recommend any changes: your Market Position Statement, your Role of Marketing document and your Marketing Functions chart.

Use these meetings to learn about your key users’ business challenges as well as their priorities and any major new projects they are planning for the coming year.
By involving your marketing staff in idea creation, budget research and plan writing, you can provide them with new challenges and opportunities to be creative and develop their skills. During the review process, your management will ask hard questions, evaluate your proposals for new programs and question the true value of ongoing programs. Finalize Your Budget, Calendar(s) and Plan: Now you have the information you need to make all the changes to your budget, adjust your project and event calendars and finalize your overall plan.
Communicate: Once your budget and plan are approved, it’s time to communicate your plans for the coming year with key employees. Marketing: First, your marketing staff will need copies of everything as soon as possible so they can start working on Project Implementation Plans and preparing for the new year. Bank Execs: They should receive a copy of the Overall Marketing Plan, all four quarters of your Major Marketing Projects Calendar, the summary page of your final budget, the Market Position Statement, The Role of Marketing and Marketing Functions. Other Managers, Supervisors and Officers: Each should receive a copy of the Market Position Statement and each quarter’s Major Marketing Projects Calendar as the year progresses. All Employees: as you launch major campaigns and promotions, all employees should receive copies of bank-wide Project Implementation Plans so they understand the programs and the bank’s goals for them.
While many of these steps can vary, depending on how you approach marketing planning at your bank, I strongly recommend that you meet with all of the key users of your marketing services and get their input, and if you have marketing staff, I think it’s important to involve them in the development of your plan and budget. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and get notifications of new posts by email. This means coming up with a marketing strategy for the products you’re offering to your clients, products that enhance their lifestyles. They waste valuable time advertising with flyers and banners on street corners or in parking lots. These strategies will generate a plethora of people who come in contact with you daily, people who have already shown an interest in your products or services. Unlike other MLM marketing businesses that have one-size-fits-all messages adapted for a general public, you should personalize your marketing to each person.
When I work with folks individually or in groups, we do a very detailed survey step and you get models and templates of surveys that Ia€™ve used and my clients have used with great success. I also strongly recommend more personal interviews during the analyze step where you can spend quality time with folks in your target market and learn more intimate details of what they are up against when dealing with your area of expertise. Again, we have a system and a method for doing this, which youa€™ll gain access to if we work together. Testing is critical for 2 reasons a€“ first, youa€™ll test your beta product with real, live prospects. The packaging step is both internal and external a€“ internally, you are packaging up the final product.
Youa€™re revising your Zero-Draft marketing copy and making adjustments to what youa€™re promising to solve based on the feedback and the urgencies and priorities youa€™ve uncovered in your target market.
It was a book about success in different areas of life - personal, professional, business, career, relationships, etc.
There are many questions and little time to reply to all, so here are the 5 most important steps for Africans who are interested in the MLM Opportunity:1. I’m not talking about the traditional marketing approach including the large document you used to get funding or request a loan. Try to describe your ideal customer in the narrowest and most detailed terms possible, as though you’re describing him or her to another client.
Review all your marketing materials, including your website, revise them by page and marketing piece to focus on education and the results the reader gets. Create a list of journalists who focus on your industry or community, and build relationships with each by becoming a reliable resource of information. Create a referral marketing engine that systematically turns each client and referral network into a kind of unpaid sales pro.
Create a communications calendar that sets the monthly plan of topics and educational material you will communicate out to your audience including the press releases or media articles. In fact, if you pay close attention, you might realize you relate to him in more ways than one. It was a perfect opportunity to both solve a repetitive task I found myself doing and learn a new JavaScript framework. Solving problems with excellence is even more difficult, as any entrepreneur will tell you.
Theya€™ll respect you, support you, and market your expertise and products for free for years to come.
Very helpful and I will definitely put the tip about polling people on Twitter, and other places, to good use. I have recently published my website and was worried about that on which topic I should write and how to find topics for my articles. Depending on your follower size (and who they are), advertising a poll to get more feedback is also a great idea. Yeah, that Twitter idea seems to be a hit with the readersa€”give it a shot and let us know how it goes.
Unfortunately many entrepreneurs online (and in the physical distribution arena) can be sleezy.
Know where to put your effort, and look past he facade that people place around themselves. I don’t know if it’s the right approach for you, so I suggest that you take a look, choose the parts you like, and combine them with your own ideas to build a planning process that will work the best for you and your bank.
At this early stage, you probably won’t have a draft of the business plan to refer to, so, you will need to find out about any major new initiatives (new products, new technology, branch openings, etc.). Get their feedback about your current marketing efforts on their behalf and what they feel is and isn’t working. Assign each staff member some planning and responsibilities; they’ll end up feeling a greater sense of ownership in the success of their projects and a stronger commitment to meeting department goals. Once your management has finally signed off, you may still have to wait for final board approval, depending on how the budget process works at your bank.
Good communication is key to developing support for your marketing programs, but not everyone needs everything. If any experienced significant cuts during the budget review process, it’s a good idea to meet with them personally to explain the reasons behind the decisions. By sending it quarterly, you can provide the most updated version (changes are inevitable).
Present yourself in a trustworthy and likeable light – people will be more inclined to buy your products.  Offer help to solve their problems. For example, you don’t have the same approach towards a jaded, veteran corporate executive trying to find an easier alternative as you have towards someone who’s not at his first MLM marketing attempt and that hasn’t reached success yet. The questions are simple a€“ which of these aspects of the problem are most urgent for you? This is the skeleton of bullets, sound bites and short phrases that capture what your product does, what it means to them, why ita€™s FSB a€“ faster, smarter, better than anything else out there.
The sound bite is this a€“ "Ia€™m in the process of developing a new product to address problems X, Y, and Z.

Make certain every word in your marketing materials speaks of your core messages and talks to your target market. For those who can’t write eloquently, there are other ways of building an audience such as the story of the developer.
But this article provide me a best solution for writing articles for my site and consuming my free time which were being wasted previously.
Usually it is more like slow growth until your audience reaches a critical mass and then growth becomes exponential. If you are going to be successful, you need to start with clear goals and a well-developed plan.
This information will help you start thinking about major campaigns and projects you will need to work on. You’ll also want to meet with the leaders of the markets outside of your main office community to assess their special needs and competitive challenges. You won’t be able to do everything that is on your wish list or the wish list of your key marketing users.
Remember, it’s their job to balance your recommendations, the needs of key department heads and the business goals of the bank.
If bank budgets are not approved until the January board meeting, you may need to get special approval to move forward with projects slated for January since the work will need to be done in December. So, keep implementing these steps until you have constructed a triumphant MLM marketing business.
Surface the deeper needs that lie beneath the waterline of the iceberg that everyone else is claiming to help them with. The second half of productize is to put the skeleton product out there a€“ what I call the bones of your product a€“ the snippets, scripts, tools, templates, worksheets, checklists, forms and other raw material a€“ powerpoints, pdfs, whatever you have to throw at this thing, just make a big folder and put it all in there. Because youa€™re someone whose opinion I respect, may I send you the beta or draft product?
Youa€™re making important enhancements that will make your product both more saleable and more valuable.
Ita€™s back of the room sales, online sales, you start to bundle and supersize your product with other products or programs youa€™re already selling. A ghostwriter, editor, graphic designer, web master, audio or video editing folks, a fulfillment company. I then realized I had enough content for two books, not one a€“ so I published Relish and Relish for Business.
So the second book project emerged, and this was actually my first book with a real publisher, HRD Press. This document is used to show a clear path of how warm leads will be created for the sales team to follow up with and may include the high level sales goals you plan to achieve with each of your marketing campaigns. Craft a core message (short paragraph, summary tag line, mission statement) that quickly differentiates your business. Your target market needs to know how you provide value in a way that makes them want to pay a premium for your services or products.
This is where your knowledge of marketing and your understanding of your management’s priorities come into play. It’s likely that they will cut some of the campaigns and projects you’ve proposed in order to control expenses.
This will put you miles ahead when it comes to offering what I call the a€?Ah, at lasta€? solution. And, of course, if ita€™s a coaching or consulting package then you are literally also starting to DELIVER the program with your first batch of clients and customers with whom youa€™re working. When I work with people in the Product Development Toolkit, we work through all of this together to take away the overwhelm. There are often two or more sides to any type of product or program and these naturally emerge from the product development process as youa€™re going through it. That collection of advice to executives became The Managera€™s Pocket Guide to Using Consultants.
The short bits of information in an ad, social media post, landing page, tradeshow flier will not be able to have enough information. Capture every contact, use a Client Relations Management (CRM)  Database and build a process that focuses on referrals. The question now would be, how does content marketing help both the client and the freelancer?
I faced numerous problems like – which theme to select, how to put in the social media sharing buttons, how to make my blog interactive and user friendly etc etc. Once you complete a good working draft of the Major Marketing Projects Calendar, you should have most of the information you need to draft your Overall Marketing Plan for the year. Once you have a well-researched budget and have finalized your Major Marketing Projects Calendar and your Overall Marketing Plan, it is time to present them to your execs. Once initial cuts have been made, you may still be asked to go back and review your budget and make recommendations for further cuts in order to meet a target budget. So just remember to be open to that possibility of your second or third product naturally emerging from your work on the first one. If further cuts are needed, you may have another meeting with management to review your recommendations and get final decisions.
Get in before the… Click To TweetYou usually get your own personal capture pages to use when you become a paid member in a network marketing business.
Give them a way to connect with you so you can help them along the sales process to understand the value you bring. So, I am confident that I will be able to help people who are trying to set up their new blogs.I may not know all the solutions for the problems they may face but I know how to get the solutions.
Brainstorm What Product You Would LikeThere are literally hundreds of MLM and network marketing companies available to you.
They don’t need to hire a staff of thousands of people and pay thousands in rental space.
Yes, there will be the manufacturing plant where the product is made, but support staff and marketing can be outsourced as well. Stay Away from 100% CommissionsIn order for the network marketing and MLM businesses to be able to thrive, it will need to keep some of the profits of the product. The best commissions I have heard of being offered by a legitimate network marketing company is 80%.A true, legal network marketing business cannot remain in business if they offer you 100% commissions. A lot of Africans believe they can start for free, buy nothing, and make millions of dollars. You have to spend up to a million dollars to buy a McDonald’s restaurant in order to receive profit from it. You Need at least a Debit CardMany Africans do not have a debit card or credit card and they are needed when upgrading to a paid member in network marketing. Required fields are marked *CommentName * Email * Website Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

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