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After you have defined your vision and identified your marketing goals, you need to put a marketing plan in place to achieve those goals. As we all know, just because we have the perfect strategy and plan for golf, we don’t necessarily par all the holes and in many cases, we veer off track and need to figure out how to get back on track so we reach our destination.
Likewise, when we market our businesses, for each goal, we define strategies and the associated activities needed to get to the desired result. The best way to approach this task is to take each goal and figure out what it will take to achieve this goal. To create a new eBook each quarter you will need a content plan that sets out what you will write and when. To promote the eBook to your Facebook fans as a promoted post, you need to understand how to use promoted posts, create a timeline for the posts and set a budget for what you are willing to spend. Review our website for the effectiveness of the sign up form, adding a call-to-action to the end of each blog post to encourage signup. Update the website with a responsive theme to support any device including smart phones and tablets. Review our email marketing service provide to ensure they support mobile devices so our email is easily viewed on mobile devices in addition to web browsers. As you can see, your marketing action plan can be created in a table or spreadsheet, identifying each goal, the marketing activity details and the associated information needed to complete each activity. A marketing plan helps the busy small business owner take control of their day to day marketing activities. Thank you Pansy – I hope my marketing plan template helps you create a winning plan for your business! In order to achieve the marketing goals and gain success a proper marketing plan is essential. Free Marketing Plan TemplateJoin the thousands of people who have created a winning inbound marketing plan. The Marshall Plan® is a customized, comprehensive and strategic marketing, branding and communications plan developed through extensive research and a collaborative process to achieve measurable results. Through The Marshall Plan® process, an in-depth, 65-step strategic exercise that involves an entire organization from top management down to those on the front lines, NMC formulates marketing plans that fully support the growth goals and unique strengths of each client. This collaborative approach combines the marketing expertise of NMC with your knowledge of your business to ensure the development of a strong overall strategy and supporting tactics backed by sound marketing theory and research.
The process begins with an in-depth brainstorming session in which we learn all about your business, your growth goals, past marketing endeavors, and industry developments that will impact the focus of The Marshall Plan®. We encourage you to find out how this process will help grow your business and your profits. This is the formula my team and I have used to create successful, million dollar campaigns for businesses in multiple industries, and it is a proven template you should follow for your business.
Anyway, the result is what I consider to be the most comprehensive, yet easy-to-follow campaign planning and execution roadmap. Large, multi-national ad agencies like Saatchi and Saatchi use formulas like this when working with corporate clients.  And successful campaigns from firms like Apple and Samsung would have gone through planning and execution phases similar to these 7 steps.

Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. In part one of a 6 part serial, marketing services agency Communisage outline the most powerful way to succeed with your promotional activities. 6 Steps For Winning Marketing CommunicationsMarketing Planning – An IntroductionThere are many different types of plans in the marketing worldincluding amongst others business strategy, products, pricing,distribution and the promotional aspects of taking a business tomarket.Marketing plans provide a foundation for establishing all the strategiesand tactics that you deploy in your business.
Your CompetitorsGet a thorough understanding of your competition so that you can makedetermine how to construct your competitive positioning, the messagesand content to convey this and the means of getting your points across toyour prospects & customers. One simple exercise is to ask an employee to call the offices of local eye care providers to determine how busy they are; the longer you have to wait for an appointment, the busier the practice. For example, do you provide a cash incentive for staff members who referred patients for laser vision correction surgery? It is human nature to focus on maximizingstrengths while paying less attention to weaknesses. Your marketing plan defines your path to your goals and guides your decisions throughout the year.
In golf, the goal is to get the ball from the tee into the cup on the green in the fewest number of strokes possible. Sometimes you have to adjust your activities to account for shots that aren’t quite perfect. And when we veer off course due to distractions or changes in the environment, we need to evaluate the situation and make adjustments to get back on track. Without a plan, marketing, especially online with its rapidly changing landscape, can be overwhelming and discouraging. I do not know many people who would do such thing, as most of them think these things should be kept as top secret. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Debra has helped us in several areas year after year and her role with us expands each and every year.
NMC’s trademarked, time-tested and proven approach to strategic marketing planning has helped increase revenues for a full range of clients including municipalities and governments, nonprofits, schools and universities, tourism destinations, law firms, banks, professional associations, small businesses, corporations and more.
All components of the plan are designed to complement one another and work together in achieving your overall marketing goal.
Measurement tools tailored to the contents of your plan will enable you to easily track and report success once implementation has begun.
The end result will be a complete marketing strategy including everything you need to hit the ground running. Of these, the most wellknown and one which is most often referred to as “the marketingplan” is the integrated marketing communications plan.A. External Analysis - What Happening in Your Market Place?Your Trading EnvironmentWhat changing external factors eg the economy or changing customer needs might affect your business? Your promotionalmessages may have to be developed to minimise the weakness, or at least have a response in place ifquestioned by prospects or customers who perceive these weaknesses or have them planted in theirminds by your competitors. For the purposeof this analysis, however, facing up to your weaknesses and redoublingyour efforts to address them is what gives your practicestrength and life.Now, try to imagine what your future position will be if youchange nothing about your marketing practices. To achieve that goal, you need a strategy for each hole such that you get to your destination successfully.

By evaluating your situation and making adjustments, you can get to your destination – maybe not in par, but in the fewest number of strokes possible. By knowing what you are trying to accomplish and having a marketing plan to guide you, you can stay focused on your desired outcome. Breaking up your marketing into manageable pieces can ensure you make progress towards achieving your goals. I find Debra to be insightful and helpful with our overall marketing including our web sites. Internal Analysis - Where Is the Business Now?Before making the first step on your journey, it’s important to map out where you want your marketing communicationsstrategy to take you, you need to find out where you are now.
Create a road map to get there.The first step to creating a strategic marketing plan is developing aprofile of your practice and the eye care marketplace it serves,including market size and trends. This may likely bethe single most important part of the planning process, because itforces you to anticipate the changes that are coming that willinevitably impact you.In the next post we will as the question Where do you want to go? Your strategy for each hole is different because you need to account for the length of the hole, the number of hazards you face, the weather and course conditions. We are proud to say that more than 90 percent of Marshall Plan® clients have chosen to work with us on an ongoing basis following completion of their plans. So you need to assess how things currently are and how they are likely tochange going forward. What should you avoid?”Again, consider the answers to these questions from both an internal and external perspective. Invariably a blend of different approaches to different customers or decision maker types will be required to achieve a company’s objectives.
Be really honest and trynot to hide or gloss over any unpleasant truths.OpportunitiesAn opportunity is a favourable situation in your company’s trading environment, often a trend or achange of some kind or an overlooked need that increases the relevance or effectiveness of theproduct or service in question.
Integrating marketing communications ensures that all forms of communications and messages are carefully linked together so that they work in harmony in a seamless program to maximise the impact on prospects and customers at an optimal cost.B.
SWOT AnalysisSWOT Analysis is perhaps the best known tool for analysing abusiness’ overall strategic position within its tradingenvironment. Similarly, weaknesses can be analysed to ensure theydon’t make the threats worse or stop your organisation from exploiting attractive opportunities.The next action required is to align this to properly support your company’s specific business objectives.
Where do you want to go next?Marketing ObjectivesThese objectives are what your company hopes to achieve from implementing your overall marketing plan. The bestobjectives are quantifiable and typically refer to sales, market share, distribution penetration, new product launches andprofitability etc. Ask yourself and other people in your business these questions: ? What are your product advantages? The goal is to identify potential threats so you can steer your organisation aroundthem before your competition exploits them to their advantage.As with a weakness, if a threat does require a marketing communication response, you should assess the likelihood andextent of the risk or threat so that if it does emerge, you are able to act quickly.

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