Steve Jobs was a True Icon, not until i read his bio, did i come to appreciate the accolades accorded to the man Behind APPLE INC. Shawali8442 pencilsOct 10, 2011 - 4:37Some of these are down right creepy and hypocritical. We have created three unique wallpapers for the desktop with Steve Jobs’ photo and his inspiring quotes. The ads originally produced to usher in the new age of Mac were simple and stood out from the rest of what the PC community was producing.
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Peradaban modern sekarang ini memang tak bisa terlepas dari inovasi-inovasi teknologi IT yang memang harus dikaitkan dengan produk-produk IT modern hasil kreasi Apple. Tak kurang, Presiden AS Barrack Obama pun menyebut kepergian Jobs sebagai sebuah ‘kehilangan besar’.
Dan memanglah –lanjut sang presiden—“Steve memang punya talenta untuk melakukan semua impiannya itu”. Layak memang, kalau kepergian Steve Jobs membetot perhatian warga dunia hingga di beberapa pojok jalan di kota-kota besar di seluruh dunia banyak orang meletakkan karangan bunga tanda simpati atas kepergian “Sang Jenius IT” ini. Presiden Russia Dmitry Medvedev tak kurang ikut menyatakan, “Steve berhasil mengubah dunia melalui IT”.
Jasa terbesar Steve Jobs memang tak bisa dilepaskan dari inovasinya melahirkan “revolusi industri” dalam cara manusia modern menulis teks, melihat gambar, berbicara, mendengarkan musik, memotret, menyimpan data.
Apple on Wednesday October 5, 2011 announced the death of its visionary co-founder Steve Jobs. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg said, “Steve, thank you for being a mentor and a friend. In an interview on tonight’s “60 Minutes,” Steve Jobs biographer Walter Isaacson said the late Apple Inc. STEVE JOBS TAPES: And she said, “So does that mean your real parents didn’t want you?” Ooooh, lightning bolts went off in my head.
Isaacson told “60 Minutes” host Steve Kroft about how Jobs and Steve Wozniak started Apple.
KROFT: Explain to me how somebody who was a hippie, a college dropout, somebody who drops LSD and marijuana goes off to India and comes back deciding he wants to be a businessman? ISAACSON: Jobs has within him sort of this conflict, but he doesn’t quite see it as a conflict between being hippie-ish and anti-materialistic but wanting to sell things like Wozniak’s board.

JOBS ON TAPE: And a lot of people thought they had to start being rich … a few people went out and bought Rolls-Royces and they bought homes, and their wives got plastic surgery … and I saw these people who were really nice, simple people turn into these bizarro people. JOBS ON TAPE: I saw my life as an arc and that it would end and compared to that nothing mattered. KROFT: Did you have any discussions within that day or at any other time about an afterlife? ISAACSON: I remember sitting in his backyard in his garden one day and he started talking about God. Steve literally had an opinion on everything, and his thoughts often echoed his insane commitment to quality at Apple computers, whether on his approach to mistakes.
But he had plenty to say on deeper matters as well. Steve Jobs in his famous Stanford Commencement Speech told 3 stories of his life and his struggle from the time he was born. Recently in an interview with Tim Cooks the current Apple CEO, he revealed that, they have left Steve Jobs office as intact and it has been not used by anyone after his death in  year 2011.
The difference between Steve's fans and Apple Fans is that all Steve's fan have already sort tent else where, given the double blow dealt; the death of jobs and the failure of Iphone 5. Steve Jobs truly changed the world of advertising by invented products that everyone wanted and needed to have.
Lowry –direktur Museum of Modern Art di New York—menanyai anaknya yang barusan lulus college. Dan atas karya “revolusi industri” di bidang IT inilah, dunia menangis atas perginya Sang Inovator abad IT ini: Steve Jobs. Menurut Obama, Steve boleh dibilang satu dari sekian “nama-nama besar” abad ini yang layak disebut sebagai inovator besar. Choi menyebut Jobs sebagai manusia dengan “roh inovasi” tiada tanding.  “Almarhum dengan visi ke depannya yang cemerlang di bidang IT telah berhasil mengubah dunia melalui dunia IT,” ungkap Mr.
One of the first computer geeks, Jobs started Apple and dropped the concept of home computing on a stunned world. Lucasfilm had this little side unit that was doing interesting animations, but there didn’t seem to be much of a future for an offshoot making shorts. He had been sick a long time, and people could guess, from his resigning from the company he put so much blood and faith into, that he was walking a road that had only one destination left.
His Vision lives on and we have better lives from his perfection in software and product innovation. The show will play tapes of some revealing interviews Isaacson had with Jobs, who died Oct.

With a life nothing less of a movie script,  it’s no wonder that Steve Jobs is remembered not only for running an immensely  successful company, but for being way outspoken. His name is still on the door and has been kept in this way as a tribute to him and the inspiration it still draws on apple employees. The ads are inventive (some more than others) and they are all a tribute and testament to thinking different.
Jawaban anaknya tak mengejutkan: Steve Jobs dengan revolusi industri yang berhasil dia bangun bersama Apple-nya.
Would people really buy into a product with a name like that, and all the double entendre it suggests? Even in this, he won because, even though he won’t be here to see it, Jobs leaves behind a massive legacy that may never be surpassed, certainly not in our lifetime. He also revealed how his beliefs about the afterlife showed up in the design of Apple products. Definitely taking LSD was one of the most important things in my life and not the most important.
And I think that’s exactly what Silicon Valley was all about in those days … And Steve Jobs wasn’t all that eager to be an employee at Hewlett-Packard. Through dogged and relentless faith in his brand and a bit of savvy remarketing, the logo, the name, the aesthetic are now undeniable icons.
That company is now known as Pixar, one of the most respected movie-making entities in the industry. It took awhile for this contraption to become one of the dominant communication mediums of our age, but when it did, it was inescapable. The iPad was the item people didn’t know they ever wanted until it was right in their faces, and subsequently it created yet another tether in our ever-connected world.
Yet in the late 1970’s, this sort of behavior likely meant you were up to your eyeballs in time because, think about it, do chicks really dig computer geeks? This change also affected the look of music (through direct designs versus intricate ones) and its sound (with bigger bass to cut through tiny earbuds).

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