The first layer is a transparent plastic which secures your iPhone from harm, and the second layer is made from urethane and lycra. After featuring an iPhone case that looks like a lobster, a case that looks like a whale hardly seems that strange. Stack Overflow is a community of 4.7 million programmers, just like you, helping each other.
I am building an app where I'd like to store user information locally on the device, without using any server database - but everything on the device side.
Now, I know that there were many questions like that before but I could not find one that addresses saving data locally without an external data base. CoreData uses SQLite, its API is a little bit easier to use (you don't need to know SQL or write a lot of functions to read and write your data).
SQLite API is still a great choice, since it uses the C API for SQLite, which is very well documented and straightforward to use.
Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged iphone ios database xcode uitableview or ask your own question. How to handle data locally that is not neccessory to download from sever every time in ios?

And, because the iPod touch runs the same operating system, you can use these tips to customize it, too. I am looking to store specific user locations and show it in a table view, and so even when the user launches the app later - I can pull the history and feed the history table with the past locations.
I am not sure, for example, that using Core Data is the correct and simplest thing to do here. CoreData is very cool but mainly to store DB structures, and introduces complexity (but i love it:)). Even though you could technically use SQLite in a server, I would highly discourage you from doing that. I’m talking about buying a 24k gold-plated iPhone for 19 grand and storing it in a real Ostrich Foot carrying case! Pretty fucking audacious, but not as bad as the Diamond Encrusted iPhone.At least the damn thing is unlocked. 14, 2015One of the easiest and most satisfying ways to customize your iPhone is by rearranging the apps and folders on its home screen.
You can swipe side to side to access these other screens, called pages.There are lots of different ways to use pages.

The whale tail doubles as a stand or a handle which makes taking photos without covering the camera easier.
For instance, you can just use them as overflow so that new apps get added there as you install them. Its humpback shape leaves extra room for storing items like a USB cable, earbuds, harpoon, etc.
SQLite is a mobile database API aimed to be used in single user environments, such as iPhone, Android Phones or simple desktop applications. On the other hand, you could order them by app type: All music apps go on one page, all productivity apps on another. Plus, its blowhole is a headphone jack… which admittedly doesn’t add any functional benefit other than making me giggle at the word blowhole. The white dots indicate how many pages you have created. Want tips like this delivered to your inbox every week?

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