Facebook faces a fine of €250,000 a day if it doesn’t comply with the ruling, the court said in an e-mailed statement yesterday. Belgium’s privacy watchdog had sued Menlo Park, California-based Facebook for failing to respond to its demands to bring its privacy policy in line with local laws. Facebook had argued it is only subject to privacy laws in Ireland, where the US company has its European headquarters — an argument it has used in other countries, including in Germany. 4830 Yen (plus postage) This product is available in net only NET original product It is. Medium quality fiberboard (15 mm thickness): Polyurethane paint All our furniture with confidence, you can use Low formaldehyde adhesives We are using.

Brown color (solid color), natural color (solid color) and white (single color) and black (solid color) there. Free shipping (Hokkaido, Okinawa and some outlying islands will be charged additional shipping. Appeared the shelves on a dedicated wide after another sold out of popular items 'BON desk' in our shop!
Dutch regulators were the first to step in after Facebook alerted its users a year ago of changes that became effective in January. It can be stored under the PC display keyboard and mouse, can work space in front of the desk.

Also, Printer units And then, CD DVD storage rack And then, Bookends You can use as well.

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