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Michael Borchew has been an executive in the design and marketing profession for the past 30 years. So, if you had to list the most important priorities or tasks you need to perform in your business next year, what would they be?
It’s a fascinating list and there are certainly some household names on there, including Visa, Coca-Cola and McDonalds. Yes, these are large, global brands, but the concept of brand-building applies to all businesses, irrespective of size.
Next, I want to drive home the fact that succeeding in business today is not about trying to build the biggest factories or having the most machines. Ultimately, because brands play a significant role in building business value, your most important tasks are all brand related.
Second, you must follow a strategic branding process – or a step-by-step approach that focuses on the core creators and drivers of brand value.

Only after completing these steps can you move onto the process of creating and building your brands.
We love to help develop meaningful, engaging, authentic brands and creative experiences using our unique strategic toolset and creative process.
From our (mostly) sunny Sydney office, we work on projects all across the globe, with online meetings fuelled by coffee and lamingtons. Brand IlluminationWe love to help develop meaningful, engaging, authentic brands and creative experiences using our unique strategic toolset and creative process. The team understood the vision immediately and knew how to translate that into a strategic, dynamic and engaging communications campaign.
It is important to utilize the questions below as means to keeping your business current and inline with where you need to be.
Their are times that you need to go big and risk it all, other times where you need to be reserved and hold back. With multiple warehouse locations near our branches, our technicians are able to provide fast turnaround service time. Instead, it’s about getting the best brainpower and using it to create and grow commercially valuable brands. For over ten years we have designed, launched and grown sustainable brands for clients using our unique strategic process.
Peter's knowledge of the Arab region helped in capturing the cultural specificities of this region and build unique, effective messaging..
We started working together when our content was reaching 2-3 million people per week and now with his strategic advice and creative direction we are reaching over 30 million people per week.

There are many elements that play into a successful brand for small, medium, large and fortune 500 businesses. It’s like chess where every move is well thought out, calculated and consequences for each move are considered. This is where you need something to fall back on … this is where developing a list of characteristics for your brand and holding yourself accountable, defines the path you walk and the steps you take. I am learning now, just how important your personal brand is and currently going through the process of crafting it to where I want it to be. Our designers research your industry or market to discover and define your branda€™s unique characteristics. These elements differ for each business and must be inserted into the business plan accordingly if success is your goal. Then we plan and design a memorable visual and verbal program that will align with your business goals and distinguish you from the rest. These tasks may be part and parcel of your job, but they are not the most important things you need to perform in your business.
We will get to know your company and its culture and deliver the branding components to position your organization for long-term growth.

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