Alamo Colleges Education Services is a secure portal connecting Faculty, Staff & Students to Academic Resources, Email, and other Online Resources. The Alamo Colleges use the Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence as an organizational self-assessment and self-improvement framework to increase efficiency, operate effectively, and be accountable to all stakeholders. Baldrige helps us assess and improve the approach, deployment, learning (improvement), and integration of key management processes (1-6). Baldrige Core Values and Concepts: Visionary leadership, Learning-centered education, Organizational and personal learning, Valuing employees and partnership members, Agility, Focus on the future, Managing for innovation, Managing by fact, Societal responsibility, Focus on results and creating value, Systems perspective. Strategic Planning is critical to an organization’s ability to stay relevant to its customers and ahead of its competitors in an ever-changing global economy.
Our strategic and business planning services help our customers define their strategic direction and ensure it is implemented throughout their entire organization. Whether you are looking for a highly facilitative process or actual support to create and implement the plan, we can help. We tailor our services to the organization’s current and future needs and include change management and organizational diagnostics, which help identify the potential resistance or the typical breakdown points during implementation. Single Minute Exchange of Die is a manufacturing process that favors rapid changeover or setups. The Seven Forms of Waste refers to any activity within a process that does not add value to a product or service.
Home A» Best 24point0 Slides A» Strategic Planning: The Right Game Plan Can Take You Places!Strategic Planning: The Right Game Plan Can Take You Places! November 28, 2013 By Chillibreeze Leave a Comment Most organizations use the strategic planning process to highlight their vision, mission, values and strategies.
Well, documenting the organization’s strategies is a good idea but who has the time and patience to read through elaborate text dossiers? Choose from a wide range of ready-to-use PowerPoint graphics on strategic planning and customize them to suit your requirements. Take a look at some of the sample uses of strategic planning diagrams created from our products. 2) Corporates can use a strategic planning graphic like this to project their companya€™s vision, mission and core values. 3) This easy-to-understand graphic helps audience understand a business strategic plan process better. Fast, reliable PowerPoint Design Services - our experts transform and deliver your presentation in less than 24 hours! Signup to our mailing lists and get frequent updates on new products, offers, tips and tricks and more. 13 meeting of the Strategic Planning Steering Committee, Chris Schell, marketing manager, presented a PowerPoint presentation that included a detailed analysis of the SWOT findings. Now it’s up to members of the District Board of Trustees to place their stamp of approval on the Mission, Vision and Values Statements that were derived from the input of Madison College’s faculty, staff and students.
Come explore with us and find out why so many students have decided to call the Alamo Colleges the pathway to their future. Our methodology has helped organizations develop sound strategic plans and develop value-added operating objectives that yield high results. We understand the key value the organization provides its customers and stakeholders, the implications of not delivering value, and methods needed to identify key levers to improve client value and customer satisfaction. The idea is to analyze, plan and project the company’s future over the next few years. If you want to share your organizations strategic planning with a client, stakeholder or an employee, take the visual approach of using graphics to communicate the ideas to help them understand better.
Our editable strategic planning graphics are designed to meet the needs of busy individuals who prefer to present professional looking graphics in their presentations.

The first part depicts the mission and vision statement of the Tesco and also highlights the ethical, cultural, environmental and social perspectives of Tesco.
That action is expected to take place at the Board’s next monthly meeting, slated for Wednesday, Jan. Recurring strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats were counted and grouped together beneath six strategic directives. At that time, faculty and all staff members from throughout the region will receive an update on the Strategic Planning Process and will be allowed the opportunity to identify problems to solve and action items for each directive. In the second part of this assignment, the Business Environment of Tesco is critically reviewed through two different strategic models: the SWOT analysis. Consensus as to which problems or action items should be assigned “priority” status will be gauged by an affinity voting process.
And most important, how will you stay ahead of the competition? These are questions every organization needs to answer on a regular basis.
In 1935, Jack Cohen visited the USA and was impressed by the supermarkets’ self-service system which enabled more people to be served faster, with lower labour costs. In the early 1960’s, Cohen lobbied Parliament to have the Retail Price Maintenance (RPM) act abolished, efforts supported by Edward Heath. The RPM allowed manufacturers and suppliers to set the price of goods thus preventing large retailers, who could buy in bulk and had greater buying power, from benefiting from economies of scale and undercutting the prices of smaller shops. However, the market was changing, leaving the company with slim margins and a serious image problem.
Through minute observation it can be said that Tesco’s mission is to improve more opportunities for the customers offering them loyalty cards and convince them to buy the double even in the economic downturn.
Vision is a long term view, sometimes describing how the organization would like the world in which it operates to be.
As a fast growing company it has gone from simply selling groceries to providing anything from loans to mobile phones. Since 2000 the company is regenerating UK communities venturing partnership with local communities.
The other contributions that Tesco is making include supporting local economics, promoting active lifestyles, supplier relations, UK code practice, monitoring animal welfare.Cultural ValuesOur Vision guides the direction and the decisions we take as an organisation. Tesco is a company built around customers and colleagues, high-quality assets around the world and multiple opportunities for growth – and these characteristics are central to our Vision for the business.Strategic planningStrategic planning is a step by step process with definite objectives and end products that can be implemented and evaluated.
Very simply, it is a process by which we look into the future, paint a picture of that future based on current trends, and influence the forces that will affect us.Strategic planning looks three to five years ahead. It charts a definite course based on strong indicators of what the business environment will be like in those years.Indicators include census demographic statistics, economic indicators, government policies, and technological advances.
They reveal strong trends regarding changes in lifestyles and the economic and political climates, which are important factors influencing the facilities planning and management industry.
Some of these trends are potential opportunities, some potential threats, and some are both.
Examining the possibilities and formulating strategies to meet the challenges can help the organization take full advantage of opportunities and minimize threats. Since as a supermarket Tesco emerged reforming strategic changes from time to time to have a strong voice in the competitive market. There are different strategies that the company shuffled and reshuffled over the years which can be analysed both externally and internally.
To analyse external factors in the context of modern business world PESTAL ANALYSIS has been handy to illustrate Tesco’s external environment.
PESTAL ANALYSIS includes the aspects such as political, economical, socio cultural, technological analysis.
Also to meet the demand from population categories such as students, working parents and senior citizens government imposes new regulations which may create mounting pressure on grocery stores like Tesco and it competitors.

Tesco understands that retailing has a great impact on jobs and people factors as traditional stores go out of business or are forced to cut costs to compete. Being an inherently local and labour-intensive sector, Tesco employs large numbers of student, disabled and elderly workers, often paying them lower rates. In the ebb and tide of economic downturn, Tesco has reduced price and added value to draw more consumers even when the unemployment rate is high and demand for many goods is decreasing.These economic factors are largely outside the control of the company, but their effects on performance and the marketing mix can be profound.
Although international business is still growing and is expected to contribute greater amounts to Tesco’s profits over the next few years, the company is still highly dependent on the UK market. In addition, the focus is now towards; the own-label share of the business mix, the supply chain and other operational improvements, which can drive costs out of the business. National retailers are increasingly reticent to take on new suppliers (Clarke, Bennison and Guy,1994).Now-a-days consumers are becoming more and more aware of health issues, and their attitudes towards food are constantly changing. The new technologies benefit both customers and the company: customer satisfaction rises because goods are readily available, services can become more personalised and shopping more convenient.
Every door to store concept is the force that has enabled Tesco to reach beyond customer’s expectation. While the sluggish economy is badly affecting the business, small or large, Tesco maintains steady growth and supply even better than before. Loyalty cards have also been strengths of Tesco to encourage the customers into multiple buying. Sometimes to lower down the price Tesco involves in bad bargain with the suppliers which causes non conformance to the customers’ demand and satisfaction and in many cases products become out of stock for time being. Tesco’s online shopping exceeds the remaining competitors in terms of speed, facilities and availability. Thus Tesco opportunity to flourish its wings in the market has been great threat for Sainsbury, Asda and so on.
The present recession has widened Tesco’s scope to hold the majority of UK grocery market share. Tesco’s interests in Japan are likely to continue growing in due course, as Asian markets are showing an increase in consumer spending and increased trend towards retailing. These new markets are also demographically high opportunity markets.In the case of Tesco, one of the suggested strategic options is in international alliances with the local retailers in Asian markets. It will be considered as a method of development and may be formed to exploit current resources and competence.
By entering into joint ventures or partnerships, in order to gain a larger economy of scale and larger market presence, Tesco will draw on the extensive local knowledge and operating expertise of the partner whilst adding its own supply chain, product development and stores operations skills to deliver a better shopping experience to customers.
However, given the huge scale, potential and complexities of these markets, Tesco may feel that being the first mover is not necessarily an advantage. The success of the partnership will be related to three main success criteria: sustainability, acceptability and feasibility. Ansoff’s matrix suggests that if new products are developed for existing markets, then a product development strategy has to be considered by the management level of a company. In expanding and diversifying Tesco’s product mix, it is also crucial to implement internal development when new products are developed.
A comparative analysis in the UK and Spain, Journal of Retailing & Consumer Services, Vol. For many years, the only product of the industry was Carbonated Beverage or Carbonated Soft Drink (CSD) and the number of players was limited to only a handful.
But there are different types of banks like; Central Banks, Commercial Banks, Savings Banks, Investment Banks, Industrial Banks, Co-operative Banks etc.

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