Combine all these for a scavenger hunt campaign: use QR codes to post clues for mobile devices, link to a Google map and locations, integrate the campaign on your blog, Twitter, and LinkedIn, ask fans to submit photos of the sites on the scavenger hunt, and do an ad promoting it.
The number one benefit of a brand’s involvement in social media is the ability to listen to conversation about its brand, competitors and target audience’s wants and needs. For a good case study on how listening in social media has impacted millions of dollars worth of sales, check out IBM’s Listening for Leads program.
EdgeRank, Facebook’s algorithm for determining what appears at the top of people’s News Feeds, might be the single most important online innovation of our time. At any given time, as a brand, you’re competing with all of your fans' friends and other brand pages for attention. The best practice is to respond publicly, indicating that you’re addressing the issue through a private message.
Many brands are not yet leveraging this opportunity, but your positive comments on Facebook and Twitter are likely from your biggest brand advocates, capable of spreading your messages far and wide and defending you against naysayers at no cost.
With more than 21 million fans, Vin Diesel is the most-liked actor on Facebook, probably because he’s the most authentic. Brands that provide real value to consumers will see long-term dividends, build trust and credibility, and grow contagious excitement.
Check out this Facebook group, inspired by a local McDonald’s employee in Chandler, Arizona. Ultimately, the most important rule for brands to remember is the Golden Rule: Take off your marketing cap and put on your consumer cap — would you click Like or RT? Because we know your time is valuable, please call now and we will schedule the next available personal appointment. With her philosophy of sevens, she will introduce you to ease of management, and goals oriented thinking. By concentrating on seven areas of your practice, the pieces come together in a powerful and simple strategy that brings results! Website owned and operated by Practice Design Strategies, all intellectual rights reserved.

To gain fans’ attention and keep it, marketers need to create novel campaigns, or put a unique spin on familiar techniques. Use this infographic, listing 64 marketing techniques in eight Facebook feature categories. Let fans select the winner by voting, a hugely successful Facebook technique, as contest participants ask their friends to vote by visiting your page. This is a great thing for consumers because it means they’re not spammed with irrelevant, sales-heavy messaging. Zappos goes back and forth with customers on Twitter and Facebook, discussing its product — shoes — or anything else customers want to talk about. Unlike 10 years ago, when you could get away with putting people on hold for an hour or responding to letters on your own schedule, negative sentiment can spread lightning-fast on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.
The customer will feel that he or she is heard, and most important to your brand, the public sees that you care and are responsive.
If you owned a retail store and a customer walked up to you and said, “I just love all your products and have been shopping here for years,” would you ignore them? Stories can be about the founding of the company, an employee who has overcome struggle, or a customer experience with your product. More than 1,000 people sing Mary’s praises and organically spread the word about McDonald's. When brands surprise and delight on social networks, it’s public and part of an ecosystem where things can spread very quickly. While it’s essential for brands to create likeable, engaging communities on social networks, every CMO needs to move the sales needle.
Check out Mashable Explore, a new way to discover information on your favorite Mashable topics. Powered by its own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe.
The change derived from a proven system can help alleviate the stress and worry from the operation of any practice.

Randomly select one marketing tactic from each category, and combine them for an innovative marketing campaign. Just as nobody wants to be out on a date with someone who isn’t a good listener, consumer don't want to feel ignored by brands on social networks.
So unlike email, through which we receive a constant barrage of pushed messages all day, every day, Facebook updates surface to the top of our feeds based on how likeable and relevant the updates are. TV advertising is like a Broadway show — a one-way communication in which a huge production and great creative can make a strong impact.
Brands can learn from Vin: Share insights from real people, behind-the-scenes footage, and your brand’s personality. In order for brands to tell a story at scale, they used to have to buy a 30-second TV commercial. When Cumberland Farms’ Chill Zone Facebook Page had 30,000 fans, they announced that if the page topped 75,000 fans, they’d give away a free Chill Zone to everyone on the Page.
But there’s a huge difference between using social networks to aggressively sell versus making it easy for consumers to buy. Now more than ever, when a "Like" is arguably more important than a "link," brands must demonstrate core values of responsiveness, transparency and likeability across Facebook and other social networks. You’ll want to use photos and videos, keep the text short and drive as many Likes and comments as possible.
Social media marketing is more like improv comedy — a back-and-forth between performers and audience, different every time yet totally effective at a fraction of the cost, when done right. Business-to-business brands can give away white papers, share articles or do free webinars.
Business-to-consumer brands can give away products or deep-discounts, hold contests and share entertaining content.

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