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Content? Marketing Content ? Make sure you are using the best available marketing knowledge. Style? Professional Style ? Professional Behavior ? Professional Dress? Persuasive Style ? Your goal is to convince everyone in the room that your analysis is flawless. Process? Time ? You should bring us a 30 to 45 minute presentation.? Preparation ? Prepare Very Carefully ? Rehearse Very Carefully ? Everyone On the Team Must Speak ? You May Use Notes, But Do Not Read to Us ? Maintain Eye Contact? Creativity ? The best creativity is great marketing analysis!
Conclusion? Always Remember - You are being evaluated on three criteria: ? Structure ? Content ? Style? Be Yourselves!? Enjoy Yourselves!? Give Your Best Effort!

Alternatives ? Overview Your Alternatives Quickly ? Explain 3 to 5 Carefully Developed Alternatives ? Discuss Their Advantages and Disadvantages2. In accordance with this statement, I highly recommend that EFL teachers instruct learners communication strategies so as to value English language learning more meaningful and influential.
Recommendation & Implementation ? State the Recommendation ? Identify the Criteria Used to Select It ? Provide a Detailed Implementation ? Timetable ? Budget3. Apart from that, teachers should also motivate learners to apply communication strategies as greater motivation relates to higher frequencies of strategy use. Situation Analysis ? Use the SWOT format ? Explain each point and why ? The Situation Analysis should reinforce the Problem Identification.

As supported by Oxford (1990: 13), highly motivated learners will adopt “a significantly greater range of appropriate strategies than do less motivated learners”.

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