Integrating the IT strategy into the corporate strategyOur IT consulting supports our customers in developing and implementing an IT strategy for their company.
Supporting the IT strategy by reducing IT costsOur IT management consulting analyzes the current IT portfolio and the particular IT requirements of the company. The results of the analysis of the IT infrastructure are the base for identifying key value drivers in the IT corporate landscape and the less important IT components.
To be able to reduce costs in the right places, we examine which components are an essential part of the IT strategy and thus of the corporate strategy, too. Our IT strategy consulting points out, which IT tasks should better be implemented internally and for which IT tasks an IT outsourcing or the use of software-as-a-service (SaaS) with Service Level Agreements (SLA) is the better choice.

IT cost reduction has to take place at the right places, because only then reasonable cost advantages and thus competitive advantages can be implemented for the company.Achieving competitive advantages by means of IT business process optimization and IT transformationThe IT has become an integral part of the business process management which is able to increase the growth and the efficiency of a company. Our IT management consulting helps our customers to achieve a better performance by means of IT.
For this purpose, the IT processes are oriented towards the corporate strategy and the business models and not the strategy towards the IT. Our IT management consulting analyzes the entire value creation chain of the company together with our customers to get an overview at which placed of the value creation chain the IT can optimize business processes for customers, employees and partners. Here, entire value creation areas can be reformed or just be changed partially by means of IT.

Our IT strategy consulting makes the results of such IT transformations or IT restructions measurable, because an appropriate cost-benefit ratio is in the focus of all our activities.IT strategy consulting for creating new values by means of ITIT is increasingly becoming a driver for growth and competition. IT offers not just the chance to optimize business processes but rather the chance to offer new products and services and to combine existing services differently via IT. Our IT management consulting creates new competitive strategies, business models or revenue models together with our customers, so that the IT strategy will become a growth strategy quickly.

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