July 31, 2015 by Crystal 22 Comments TweetThe last several years as a blogger I’ve wanted to create more video content. I recently learned about The Cube and have had the opportunity to partner with them to bring awareness to their live-streaming platform. In January of this year, The Cube became an open platform allowing consumers to live-stream quality based events right from their mobile devices. Earlier this week I took The Cube for a spin and did a live tutorial on how to create a LEGO-inspired Bento lunch. In addition to being able to live-stream on The Cube, you can also make clips from your videos using the Clip-It tool. If you were unable to tune in on Wednesday for the live-stream on The Cube, I’m embedding the video so that you can watch it at your leisure and learn how to make a LEGO bento box lunch!
After downloading The Cube app on your device, it’s super simple to begin a live-stream on The Cube. Using an app to live-stream important events is a great way to stay in touch with family and friends who may not live close. I am so proud that you not only got over your inhibitions about being on camera, which I can relate to, but you did it LIVE via The Cube and with your kids.
I am the weirdest blogger on the planet, I hate being in PHOTOS so I can’t even imagine doing video. Weekend is here again and most of us cannot wait for the work time to be over to perhaps pop into our favorite liquor shop, mart, cinemas or boutique to see whats new.
This entertainment on-demand (EOD) portal has amazing collections of premium cinema released movies, original series, popular TV drama series, in-depth documentaries and even cartoons, yeah you read right. This online movie streaming platform gives users free and paid-for access to Nigerian films on-demand.
Wura.tv is a Video on Demand site for African and Latino movies, funny videos and documentaries. GoalBit is a free live video streaming platform which can be utilized to broadcast high bandwidth live videos to all the high quality video seekers. Broadcasting and viewing live video streams have a number of applications and GoalBit is one application that has been designed to make this job simpler.

The first and foremost advantage of GoalBit is that it renders high quality video for all the the users. It is capable of providing back up to various other video formatting softwares like Divx, Theora ,WMV.
With all these features, GoalBit is a one of a kind software to watch and broadcast Live videos.
Can’t get enough of the 2016 NCAA Basketball Tournament from television, and need to take it with you on the go? Thanks to the March Madness Live video streaming solution from the NCAA, fans can stream live and replay video of every game to their tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices.
Alternatively, watch the free live and replay video stream of the 2016 NCAA tournament directly from the NCAA March Madness Live web site, or in some cases, from the ESPN web site or via the watchESPN app. This weekend, there’s plenty of college basketball action in the tournament as teams battle for position. Jack Law - an avid soccer player and talented writer, Jack does an excellent job bringing our Sports section to life. If everyone just uploaded raw footage then there would definitely be less pressure to have perfectly edited videos and I’d probably do a whole lot more. I spent nearly half an hour creating LEGO bricks out of healthy foods like cantaloupe and watermelon. It also resembles another social media channel because you can follow other users, and other users can follow you.
You can choose to make clips while you’re live streaming, or you can do it afterwards.
Sometimes I get a little intimidated by all this technology, but seriously, if you are looking for an easy way to live-stream from your device, The Cube makes it pretty simple.
The platform is designed for viewers to watch the finest Nollywood movies, Yoruba movies, musical videos and comedy all for free. This platform also gives you access to live events and lets you watch top-notch musical videos. It supports a large number of different video sources like files, digital videos, webcam, unicast and multicast web streams, and the video files from devices such as DVD, VCD, SVCD.

In some cases, however, it may be necessary to log into your television provider, when prompted, to gain access to the live or replay online video. Creating videos is hard work and takes many hours, especially when you haven’t mastered the editing programs. And as nervous as I was to be on-screen, live for anyone to see, I really enjoyed being able to live-stream on The Cube. The online movie streaming website provides free and premium Yoruba-centric content to Nigerians regardless of their technological competencies.
Apart from acting as the broadcaster, this free live video streaming platform has a wide range of applications. This is a free live video streaming software released under the GNU public license and this free utility software has the capability to run on machines running various operating systems like Windows, solaris and Linux .
It’s easier than ever to watch March Madness live video stream of the NCAA tournament online for free.
Since they’ve opened the platform, it is free for anyone to use to live-stream their important events, whether they be a ball game or not.
Firstly what I like about this platform is the colorful logo’s emblem and menu buttons of red, yellow, green, blue. The design and logo is not all that and you have to signup first to see a trailer, but hey Telemundo and Korean movie addicts would choose this platform first before any other. Any content you create on The Cube, will be saved to your Cube and you will have the option to upload to YouTube or share on your social channels. If you’re a blogger or have a website, you also have the ability to embed the video directly to your website. Another is black theme with net-like background wallpaper and curved-edge movie feature images arranged in a ways that pleases the eye.

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