We are Canada's source for the products, skills, expertise and experience, to ensure you get the job done right! Videolink provides integrated hardware and software systems to help a diverse range of customers to produce live video events and stream them to the internet.
We design and build custom-tailored, turnkey video production systems that are broadcast-quality, low-maintenance and versatile. With our wealth of expertise and access to our network of professional partners we consult on all aspects of video, audio, lighting and webcasting for corporate, educational, broadcast and religious production needs. We provide on-site equipment and support for video productions ranging in scope from single-camera shoots to multi-camera live streaming events.
Have our highly qualified and seasoned experts ensure your next production is not just a success but a Major Success! Idevio provides the tools and services for TMS, FMS and target software vendors or customer with their own systems.
Fleet management is a growing market with a strong need for maps, both for usage at the office and out in the field. With Broadcast System and Video Production facilities in Toronto, Montreal, Winnipeg and Edmonton, Videolink has Canada's IPTV & Live Streaming needs covered! Imagine having a large scale elaborate set for your next production for a fraction of the cost of building the real thing! Hassan Ali Lashari re?ceived a B.S degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering with a minor in Computer Science from Oregon state University. Hassan Ali Lashari received a B.S degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering with a minor in Computer Science from Oregon state University. Steen Larsen received his BS in Computer Engineering in 1991, MS in Electrical Engineering in 1998, and Ph.D. Vitria OI is the only fully integrated platform that blends capabilities for continuous, real-time analysis of both streaming and stored Big Data, combined with the ability to take immediate process-based action on the discovered insights. By eliminating the latencies involved in the data aggregation and persistence techniques used by traditional analytics tools, Vitria OI delivers insights into real-time streaming data with almost no latency. Each Vitria OI component can be scaled independently in a distributed architecture to meet the specific needs of different Big Data applications. Vitria OI’s connector framework allows for rapid integration with an organization’s existing business intelligence (BI) and data warehousing infrastructure, NoSQL databases and other Big Data frameworks.
The Development Workbench enables developers to use a graphical, model-driven approach that facilitates rapid, collaborative development and deployment of custom OI applications. Smart TVs will only catch on if the TV manufacturers force it on us and they already do especially with high end TVs. When chromecast, Roku stick, Amazon Fire Stick cost under $40, why would anyone even consider the usually $200+ premium for a smart TV? When the Roku 3, Amazon Fire TV, Google Player(under $100) can play games and perform other functions, why would anyone buy a smart TV unless they were swayed by commissioned salesman? I think most 4K TV sets can do that in hardware now, but maybe stuff like the x265 codec is not natively supported.
I didn’t get the impression that the Evolution Kit was something that was going to last.
I have Chromecast too, best thing it could happen to a TV aside from picture and resolution. Putting an OS in a TV is an ultimate bad idea that tries to lock in the brand and the consumers. Manufacturers can do this in a heartbeat if they want – the technology has been around for many, many years.
BTW, lets not be naive here – a PC and monitor cannot compete with a proper entertainment system.
A built-in DVR and set-top box combo, ready for both cable (Comcast, Timewarner,…) and satellite feed. Add in a gpu for some serious graphics and a good multicore processor, we would be SIZZLING! Samsung 2014 smart tvs had a very nice OS to me in terms of codec and app support in order to watch anime. 2015 and onwards, features aside, if the firmware is not upgradeable similar to the smart phone arena where some android users e.g. We are a Sri Lankan based Mobile and IoT solution company, equipped with a highly professional and experienced set of mobile app developers, software architects and UI engineers. The EzeCaster Pro can broadcast using Multi-bitrate streaming that improves your viewers experience by delivering your live stream with the resolution that matches their connection speed best. When you stream using Multi-bitrate the video player automatically selects the highest quality stream version that the viewers connection speed can stream at. The EzeCaster Pro lets you stream beautiful full 1080p HD video to all compatible devices, ensuring that your audience gets the best viewing experience.
Having not to worry about how to make hardware and software work together or figuring out how to make different solutions from separate vendors to talk to each other is a great relief that saves you time and money.
The professional connections at the front include a HDMI input for crystal clear High Definition video and audio as well as easy setup. You are either missing or need to update your ADOBE Flash Player in order to see this video . We provide complete systems in our custom road cases that secure, and protects equipment and allows for production without requiring a dedicated studio or high ongoing costs. Typically these professionals have higher requirements than what an ordinary map components provider can supply.

Held positions as Director of Vulnerability & Malware Research at Qualys and as Chief Security Research at Check Point where he founded the Vulnerability Discovery Team (VDT) and released dozens of vulnerabilities in many important software. He is currently pursuing Ph.D degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering at Oregon State University under his advisor Dr. He is currently pursuing a M.S degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering under the supervision of Dr. Unlike offerings from the software stack vendors, open source vendors and other Operational Intelligence solution providers, Vitria OI lets you uncover and analyze actual business patterns from live, streaming data and proactively respond. The high performance CEP capabilities enable the processing of massive volumes of streaming data to support even the most challenging Big Data in Motion applications. While Hadoop delivers deep insights into massive volumes of stored data, Vitria OI complements it by providing continuous, real-time insights into streaming data together with the ability to take proactive, automated action. OI Apps provide immediate access to streaming data insights to business users without requiring any developer support. At the time, Samsung and other vendors started introducing TVs that connected to your network. While those devices have received a few firmware updates to continue compatibility with services like Netflix, they are dead platforms. Probably the only piece of electronics that updates itself when you don’t use it lol. Already, I have Netflix in my smart tv, Blueray player, cell phones, pc, but are we smarter than ever? I want to be able to stream content from my NAS, be able to add and manipulate subtitles, have a decent visual display of my content, multiple format support, etc. My first media player was a DIVCO, from about 8 years ago, and it supported MKV, for example.
I hate that the tv’s with the best picture quality get all this smart tv crap jammed into them raising the price. I have a 2009 Lg bluray and 60PK550 and the only Feature i want is more inputs for the rest on My classic consoles.
The EzeCaster Pro removes the need for a separate computer, encoding software and audio plug-ins making it an easy all in one solution which can be installed on site, taken along and even be deployed in remote locations.
It can even switch between resolutions automatically if there is a change in the viewers connection speed ensuring that they can view your live broadcasts at the highest quality possible.
We have spent years developing it from the ground up to ensure it is dead-easy and anyone, even without any technical knowledge can use it. This gives you the ability to configure and manage the EzeCaster Pro from a remote location and be able to Start or Stop the device, reboot and change the configuration, even if you are thousands of miles away. Your live events will be recorded and made available for your viewers to see on demand within minutes after the live event is over. You also get more traditional connections such as HD Component Video, RCA Composite Video and Composite Audio inputs.
Indeed, the field worker needs rapid maps with good coverage and the office users don’t have time to wait around for the map to load. In 2011 he was honored as one of the top contributors to Adobe Vulnerabilities in the past 12 months. After that, he worked at Intel and LSI for around 6 years, working on IC Design Validation and Test Program Development.
Army Signal Captain Career Course, Army Signal School, Fort Gorden, Georgia, USA, July 2002 - Dec.
The Hadoop connector allows data streaming into Vitria OI to be persisted in Hadoop, and queried to provide historical and baseline analysis. They still work with the services they shipped with (like Vudu and Pandora), but are stuck with the 2009 interface and don’t have access to the newer services offered on newer devices, like Amazon Instant Video. The less gadgets, the less headache, and make the one or two you use and invest in top of the line.
Microsoft have just recently added support for the MKV container on XBox One, but their Media Player app really blows. Sony’s Android TV platform will most likely not support applications such as the VLC player, so it will not be a real Android but rather a cut down to Sony specs one.
I’m sure a high a quality TV will eventually include redundancies and maybe some distinct new, unique features.
For people like me that have a dedicated HTPC it makes all the smart tv stuff just crap u have to pay for that u dont want. Simply connect the EzeCaster Pro to your router or WiFi network and plug in your input device such as a camera or a visual mixer. Your networking needs are covered by providing you with a LAN wired network input for a rock solid connection as well as ability to connect wirelessly if no cable connection is available. Whether for internal hosting or in the cloud RaveGeo delivers with no need for third party software. Previous to that, he worked as Senior Vulnerability Researcher in COSEINC, as Principal Security Researcher at Scanit and as Staff Software Engineer in the IBM Advanced Linux Response Team (ALRT) also working in the IBM Toolchain (Debugging) Team for PowerPC Architecture.
His interesting topics are Computer Architecture, Computer Networking, VLSI, and Memory System that introducing different types of Non Volatile Memory technology into Computer Network System. His academic interests include Computer Architecture, Parallel Programming, VLSI design and Operating systems.
He worked as a lecturer at Umm Al-Qura University (UQU) in Makkah, Saudi Arabia during the years of 2005 and 2006.
He is currently a CPU Architecture Manager at NVIDIA and leads the CPU Architectural Modelling Team.

2002- Army Signal Officer Advanced Course (OAC), ROK Army Signal School, Daejeon, South Korea, Nov. Data captured by Hadoop can also be streamed into Vitria OI, which provides instant analysis and timely detection of opportunities and threats. Putting even more junk apps on TV screen and let consumers scroll endlessly to find anything?
XBox One was marketed as a central entertainment hub but it fails *miserably* with their current interpretation. That means I still need the WD Live to do what both the Smart TV and XBox are capable of, but the manufacturers have decided not to build in this functionality. Then it’s as simple as pressing the Auto Configuration button which will detect your available broadband speed and setup the EzeCaster Pro with the best settings so you can achieve the maximum possible video quality.
For those who are running critical events and want to make sure they have a local backup in case the internet connection breaks during the event, they can connect any NTFS pre-formatted external USB hard drive to the built in USB 3.0 port of the EzeCaster Pro and record the Live HD Broadcasts locally as well. Additionally, post-production services are available and the recording is always delivered in your desired format. We also take care of handling the whole process from map data preparation and licensing to delivering the right services to your customers.
Professional organizations often have a strong demand to control their own environment, Idevio solutions are flexible and can be hosted by the end client, the system integrator or by Idevio. He is a member of the RISE Security Group and is the organizer of Hackers to Hackers Conference (H2HC), the oldest and biggest security research conference in Latin America. The team is responsible for building and maintaining all detailed performance and power CPU simulators, as well as designing and executing studies on those models.
2001 - April 2001- Army Signal Officer Basic Course (OBC), ROK Army Signal School, Daejeon, South Korea, March 1998 - June 1998- B.S.
Data streamed from Hadoop can also be used within the powerful Vitria OI Apps, which empowers business users to directly create value from Hadoop data. It featured on-demand weather, news, and stock information, and was open for development of other apps.
It operating system update tops out at IOS6, but there is still a huge set of apps that run on it that have been improved over time, and some still get functionality updates. There’s enough content on the Internet that you can spend 10 lives, if not more, watching it, and growing all the time.
When you’ve finished recording you can easily mount your drive straight into a computer and use the local recordings for video editing, giving you the best of both worlds.
Taylor's academic interests include computer architecture, embedded systems, multimedia, VLSI design, virtualization, FPGAs, and cryptography.
Degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering at Oregon State University, under the supervision of Dr. Her interests include computer architecture, VLSI design, computer graphics and embedded systems. The results of these studies end up shaping the direction for NVIDIA’s future CPU products. Major TV vendors like Sony, LG, Samsung, and others supported it, but it was not a great success. You can also manually overwrite the settings for fine control and even save different settings as templates for future use.
Accepted speaker in lots of security and open-source related events as H2HC, Black Hat, Hack in The Box, XCon, VNSecurity, OLS, Defcon, Hackito, Ekoparty, Troopers and others. His intrests include embedded systems, video compression, wireless video streaming, and parallel processing.
Peter’s academic interests include computer architecture, embedded systems, multimedia and VLSI design. His interests include load-balancing in WLAN, reducing handoff delay in WLAN, and behavior based mobility pattern. His research interests include Computer Architecture, Computer Networking, Embedded systems, Multimedia and VLSI Design. The video streaming service put together a compelling library of content available at the touch of a remote control.
It also simplified searching and discovering what to watch from that vast library by integrating the interface with a PC browser, and later smartphones and tablets.Of course, Netflix appeared first on the Roku streaming box. You might say that all you need is a big dumb display with a great picture and lots of inputs.
After all, we can add a Roku, Chromecast, Apple TV, or Amazon Fire TV, to pick from the leading streaming boxes, to add smart capabilities and streaming services.
This kind of streaming smarts was popularized in Blu-ray players, which started taking off after the format war between Blu-ray and HD-DVD ended in 2008 with Blu-Ray emerging as the standard.
Blu-Ray player prices dropped precipitously with lots of competition over the next two years, and almost all players included some kind of streaming service, the main one being Netflix, but also WalMart’s Vudu, Blockbuster, Pandora Music, YouTube, and others.While early smart TVs had a stripped down version of Linux under the covers with a custom interface, they did not present a common application platform, so apps like Netflix and others had to be modified for each vendor’s implementation. From an end user perspective, if you invested in one of the early smart devices, you did not get an upgradeable platform.

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