BF4, Diablo 3, F1 2014, GW2 ты видишь тут игры типа Доты и WoT которым нужна высокая производительность на ядро, а не количество? Despite some artists calling on others to abandon this platform, Mdundo has about 60 000 monthly unique visitors and as of early 2015, some 250 000 people had downloaded music from the site.
The streaming service is available in Nigeria and South Africa, where users can try the platform for two weeks free of charge, and thereafter need to choose one of the subscription packages. Currently Spinlet has 635 400 monthly unique visitors, who can choose from a library containing 50 000 local artists (according to 2013 data).
This is a free Nigerian streaming service offering streaming of selected music from a range of African labels and artists. The platform publishes and distributes African music content via any connected device, through the use of specific metadata and computer algorithms. Mziiki’s catalogue contains mainly African content across all genres, as well as some international music. To date users can download 90% of its music catalogue for free, with the other 10% requiring payment.
Launched in 2015, the platform aims to provide 100% African music content on a streaming platform with a social feel. While you are jumping through all the hoops of learning and getting to know about video streaming services, let’s just be clear on what exactly you want to achieve from it.
It is not about picking what is cheap or what competitors are using because your decision affects your content quality and business.
Reliability can be one metric to choose from, in particular if they are CDN powered or not. So we graced on reliability and touched on features… but we are missing the most important metric for many. That competition is helping to keep prices down, and that increases what you get for your dollar versus just a few years ago. When people get the best quality at the best price, they want to go for it right away.
Clearly, one can get more features with DaCast’s Starter plan at less than half the price of Livestream, Ustream, Bambuser and Showcaster. Create your DaCast account today and start streaming live or on demand from a white label platform.
Historically, broadcasters and publishers have had limited options for launching online video and audio initiatives.
A simulcast stream of terrestrial signals, which leverages existing content but misses the advantages of a streaming platform, e.g. An Internet only brand of streaming, favored by some broadcasters and churches, but can be very complex and technically demanding – often requiring investment in infrastructure and specialized personnel. A video hosting site, which may excel as a distribution channel but may not align with your goals and protect your interests, or allow you full control over the branding on your site. On the other side are enterprise-based platforms which have a lot of great offerings but are out of the price range for many small to medium-sized organizations. The eStation, a first-of-its kind platform built for Internet broadcasting and ministry provides hosting, bandwidth and sophisticated streaming media functionality with minimal or no capital expenditure or development cost.
The eStation’s all-in-one CMS and branded video player includes everything you need to manage, publish and measure online content for both on-demand and live delivery across multiple platforms and devices. Unless you are a publisher who already has libraries of digital content, chances are you’re in need of a content source. The eStation allows you to monetize your inventory directly, or by leveraging our third-party sales relationships. If you have never attended an NRB Convention, we would like for you to attend as our guests. Last spring Apple bought Dr Dre’s Beats for $3 billion dollar, including Beats Music, a subscription streaming service.
The Swedish streaming platform Spotify has 15 million paid subscribers and is market leader, worth $7 billion. Competition in the streaming business is fierce and artists play a big role in decisions made by streaming companies.

Last spring Apple bought Dr Dre's Beats for $3 billion dollar, including Beats Music, a subscription streaming service. The investigation will look into whether these live streaming platforms have provided pornographic or violent content, or content that promotes criminal behavior or violates social morals.
Besides simply creating revenue, there are other benefits for artists to being present on streaming platforms.
Artists or aggregators can upload music to the site and receive 90% of the money generated from selling it, with 10% going to the company.
It aims to support locally produced music and regularly adds local African content to its library.
It currently has more than 100 000 regular users, largely due to the fact that all the music is free (for the time being, at least). To earn revenue, Mkito is supported by ads, primarily short messages before a track is played. If you are streaming live events, concerts, meetings or religious events, you need a platform that is going to keep your process of broadcasting the easiest.
A CDN powered service, which all five of these are, will allow you to stream content globally without fear of hitting a viewer limit.
Along with providing a platform for broadcasting video content, services these days come with a lot of built-in features. Now that you have a stepping stone for what to look for, let’s get into the finer details.
It enables video and audio content owners to easily start broadcasting high quality video over the web, generating new revenue in just 20 minutes.
They are outlined in a way that shares how the The eStation (developed by, the company I work for) can help eliminate (or at least dramatically reduce) each challenge. You get a better platform than you could develop yourself at one of the lowest prices around. The eStation’s partnership with the Glorystone Content Network offers multiple channels of category specific faith-building content from more than 100 providers that can be licensed directly from the platform.
This week it was announced that Jay-Z bought the Swedish brand Aspiro, which operates two streaming services, Tidal and WiMP. For other, smaller, streaming platforms to compete with Spotify, it is crucial that they offer something unique, which is exactly what Jay-Z is aiming for. Aside from differences in quality, some streaming services provide exclusive content or work together with local bands and other people to boost their popularity. Therefore strategies, prices and content is often changed; pick the service that suits you best! For instance, last November Taylor Swift pulled her music from Spotify, to which competitor Rdio cleverly lowered their Family Plan prices below Spotify's prices while still offering Taylor Swift's album. 8300 всего на 15 кадров просел по сравнению с ай5 и при этому у него 4 незадействованных потока в запасе?
Live streaming featuring live performances by hosts or video game Let's Play videos have become very popular in China in recent years.
Mziiki will soon transition to a two-tiered model, with ad-supported free music and user subscriptions. So now comes the question how to do video streaming platforms comparison in order to produce the best quality content.
With close competition between the streaming platforms, clients are more interested in best quality at the best price.
It is all about taking your business to the highest mark to provide your viewers the best quality. Just because you are not streaming to gigantic audiences, doesn’t mean you should not be producing them with the highest quality, right? The system supports multiple revenue models: video advertising, content syndication and donation giving. With Sony announcing to close Music Unlimited and teaming up with Spotify, the battle of the streaming platforms has truly begun.

With streaming you pay a monthly fee to listen to various playlists, and many are free to use as well, if you don’t mind the advertisements. Last Spring Belgian band Oscar and the Wolf was featured exclusively on Deezer, an example of how they want to promote and work with upcoming bands. The streaming platforms competition wages on and we’re curious to see how audio streaming and subscriptions evolve in the coming year… Keep you posted! With streaming you pay a monthly fee to listen to various playlists, and many are free to use as well, if you don't mind the advertisements. So if you are not sure how many people are actually or should be watching your content, you can easily pull a report together from your analytics to begin to familiarize yourself with your viewership. Clever use of pricing and focusing on different markets has thus proven to be successful for Rdio, and an example of a smaller streaming platform taking on streaming giant Spotify.
With a whopping CAGR rate of 14% to 15%, the advertising industry is growing with leaps and bounds as advertisers are looking upon video sharing websites as the first source for promoting brand awareness and customer engagement.However, there are inherent limitations existing in the online video platform market. During peak hours, approximately 3,000 to 4,000 streamers may be performing at a single time accumulating a total of 2 to 3 million views.
DaCast is a white label service which means there’s no third party logo on your content and keeps it clean and professional. Take for instance, the meagre number of open-source video platforms that small and medium sized enterprises can use without breaking their banks.
DaCast also offers Pay Per View, along with subscriptions, for monetization that allows broadcasters to sell their video content from the paywall (viewer payment system) located inside the video player. Moreover, there are very few of them which can provide a reliable, secure, flexible and equally scalable video sharing solution.We have shortlisted the top 10 online video platforms available in the market today that seem to be worth every grain of salt. Fx за свои деньги довольно не плохой процессор и во многих тестах он занимет место между і5 и і7. As a cloud based video platform provider, it is enabled with impenetrable encryption techniques that prevents third party hackers from tampering the content. Contus Vplay also makes video monetization easier by integrating revenue channels like online TV subscription, advertising, purchasable assets, etc. Videos hosted using the video can be branded for customer engagement and brand recognition. As it taglines goes, Kaltura is an online video platforms that plans to take the market opportunity posed by educational institutions, entertainment businesses and internet service providers. The cloud based online video platform targets print publishers and broadcasting businesses that are trying to monetize out of interactive content. The platform comes with impressive customizations for video player, video SEO, ad-free videos, lead generation forms, white labelling for user created videos, etc.
Wistia claims to derive value for businesses by combining video content hosting with video analytics and marketing tools. It acts as a central hub from where all the video streaming processes can be monitored effortlessly.
The video platform provider assures video asset management through market research based on users and employee behaviour. The target customers of Arkena include media houses, corporations and TV channel operators.
Brid.Tv enables customers to create online video platform that is robust with features including monetization plans, video asset management, social interaction, analytic reports, intelligent site skinning, etc. It is compatible with all device of varying screen sizes, is highly customizable and like most online video platform providers is based on cloud platform.
They have set the tone for the future of digital entertainment with cloud based video streaming across all devices. Which is your pick to create an online video platform of your own?About the Author:Alex Sam is a digital marketing professional.

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