VLC media player is very basic and light weight media player which almost plays any type media file , it comes both in installable and portable edition and runs on may Operating Systems as well.In this article I am going to tell you the way how to use VLC payer to Stream any type of Media file from one device to all the other devices attached to the network and this article also explain you to control the streaming through web interface in this way video can be streamed through office computer to laptop plugged in with living room TV and control the list with your hand held device or personal data administrator.
Click “File > Open File" to bring up the “Open" dialog box Click on the “Browse" button to bring up a standard Windows file selection box. Stack Overflow is a community of 4.7 million programmers, just like you, helping each other. I have a raspberry pi board with camera module on which I have installed gstreamer and make it rtsp server. I am able to receive it on my client machine(window 7) and successfully display on GOMPLAYER. Browse other questions tagged network-programming gstreamer vlc libvlc or ask your own question. Is it acceptable for a student to ask a professor to be included as a co-author on the professor's paper?

Get the Google Search Widget (Web & Site Search) widget and many other great free widgets at Widgetbox! In a formal paper, should I censor "brainf**k", the name of a programming language? But when I receive same streaming on VLC then it show only one frame and that frame remain still. I ask, because if your server is not multicast it may only support one connection at a time. You don’t need to transfer your movie and go through the pain of converting and burning the media on a CD. Select HTTP from the menu.Check the option Display locally if you want the video or audio file to play on the current computer as well. Normally, you should leave it unchecked.You will see a transcoding option underneath which is checked by default.

Then type the command ipconfig to get the local IP of your computer6.Once you have the IP address, write it on a piece of paper and go to the other computer(s) you want to watch the video stream. To get around this issue, allow VLC Player through your firewall on the computer you are streaming to and from.
Your antivirus might also have a built-in firewall, make sure you have allowed it there also.Another reason is that the computer is not accessible on the network.
To verify it, go to another computer, open Firefox  and type the IP address and port of the computer you are streaming from and see if it’s accessible. Enjoy watching the video stream without going through the hassle of transferring large files from one computer to another.

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