Everyone seems worried that advertisers can control their behavior through subliminal messages. When it comes to subconscious influence, there’s no doubt that we’re influenced by supraliminal factors (Fitzsimons et al., 2001). Nevertheless, here are a few examples — subliminal and supraliminal — that have become popular. Since then, people have been on the lookout for suspicious ads containing subliminal messages. In my live shows, I always gave a disclaimer that my routines were based on magic and sleight of hand, rather than psychology.
For instance, new research has shown that subliminal messages in advertising can, in fact, influence our purchasing behavior. Fitzsimons, Chartrand, and Fitzsimons (2008) found that people were able to list significantly more uses for a brick when they were subliminally primed with the logo from Apple (compared to IBM’s logo). Murphy and Zajonc (1993) found that people developed a more favorable opinion of ambiguous symbols after they were subliminally flashed with smiling individuals. Bornstein, Leone, and Galley (1987) found that people agreed more with a person after they were subliminally flashed with a picture of him or her. Legal, Chappe, Coiffard, and Villard-Forest (2011) subliminally primed people with the words “to trust.” The result? For subliminal messages to influence behavior, people must already want to do that behavior.
For all the ambitious readers, here’s a helpful list of academic articles about subliminal messages. Subliminal advertising uses words, images, or sounds, which appear in print, radio and television commercials, in recorded music or on TV shows.

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Because they fall below the absolute threshold level (ATL), we can’t perceive a subliminal message, even if we’re looking for it. When researchers played music in a liquor store, they found a startling result. On days when German music was played, German wine outsold French wine. Subvisual messages – visual cues that are flashed so quickly (generally a few milliseconds) that people don’t perceive them. Subaudible messages – low volume audio cues that are inserted into a louder audio source, such as music.
Backmasking – an audio message that is recorded backwards, with the intention of playing it forward to disguise the reversed message. In the 1950s, Vicary claimed to boost concession sales at a movie theater by flashing “Eat Popcorn” and “Drink Coke” during a movie. People became scared that mind control was possible, and the hoax gave advertising a bad rap.
Movie editors from Disney — yes, Disney — have been criticized for putting subliminal messages in movies. Emerging research has shown that subliminal messages can influence our thoughts and behavior (see Kunst-Wilson & Zajonc, 1980 for one of the first notable studies). For example, participants in one study were significantly more likely to choose a Lipton Ice drink when they were subliminally primed with “Lipton Ice” (Karremans, Stroebe, & Claus, 2006). Those people found a message about tap water consumption to be significantly more persuasive. For example, researchers found that subliminal messages relating to thirst were only effective toward participants who were already thirsty (Strahan, Spencer and Zanna, 2002).

There are a whole slew of subliminal audio programs that are supposed to help people lose weight, stop smoking, improve their memory, and the list goes on. Every few weeks, I’ll send you some clever marketing strategies that are backed by data and psychology. Rich portfolio, good prices, hosting, important refferences, order on-line!, advertising, internet, outdoor, media, publishing, TV, commercials, promotion, romania, romanian, Bucharest, poster, promovare, reclama, campanii media, campanie, companie, company, network, franchising, communication, banner, baner, banere, piata, market research, marketing, professional, romanian advertising company, studii de fezabilitate, promovare, investitie, investment, marketing campaigns, marketing campaign, international advertising, eastern europe advertising company, indoor, trade publications, advertising rates, ce ofera gama completa a serviciilor profesionale de reclama si marketing pentru companiile romanesti si straine ce doresc sa atinga pozitia de leader pe piata romaneasca. However, the reverse happened when French music was played (North, Hargreaves, & McKendrick, 1999). People claim that associating a stimulus with sex can enhance the appeal of the overall content. BUT…they’re effective because of the placebo effect (Greenwald, Spangenberg Pratkanis, & Eskanazi 1991). Response facilitation and inhibition in subliminal priming. Biological Psychology, 64(1), 7-26. Processing of the arousal of subliminal and supraliminal emotional stimuli by the human amygdala. The Journal of Neuroscience, 23(32), 10274-10282.
Subliminal processing of emotional information in anxiety and depression. Journal of Abnormal Psychology, 102(2), 304. Subliminal conditioning of attitudes. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 18(2), 152-162.

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