Successful Marketing is Execution and Measuring Results is my second post to Successful Marketing.
After pulling together a multi touch marketing campaign for a client recently, I was pleased with how it triggered excitement for reviving up their marketing engine. The process really helped our client embrace new ways of thinking, which really makes me happy. Realizing results will happen when you take the time to be creative, outline a plan, execute and measure results. For help with successful marketing via marketing strategy, social media marketing and more, I encourage you to get in touch. If you’re a company with the goal of giving back to our communities, connect with us today to see if you qualify for our Pay It Forward program. It may sound obvious, but companies frequently overlook establishing exactly who their clientele is supposed to be.
You need to know your business and your niche in order to know who would convert into a sale via your marketing campaign. Everyone who enters your sales funnel – that is, your website, social media pages, and mailing list – can prove to be valuable, even the ones who leave early. Non-converting leads will initially leave the sales funnel, but that may not be the end of the interaction. Sometimes, people aren’t ready to make a purchase the first time they discovery your business, but later, when they have more disposable income to burn, they might be inclined to buy. Let’s us know which of these elements you use or need to adopt in your marketing in the comments section below.
When marketing via social media, the content that you put together and share is the key ingredient. Cross promotion is simply a method by which you tag or even promote the services or products of a company that you have previously worked or are currently collaborating with. Sharing your Instagram content with your other social media accounts will save you time and help to increase your leads.
To capture your potential clients’ email addresses is a common goal when using any form of social media, and it is possible to do this using Instagram as well. The best method to attain your followers’ email addresses is by providing something that encourages a user to click on a link that will provide them with something they want. The use of Instagram’s sponsored posts and ads have finally become global and are proving very popular. Instagram has over 40,000 influencers using their platform, and they cover a variety of topics and businesses.
The key to success in social media is creating high quality content that others love to consume and share.
Just as Kings and Queens of yore worried about their reputations and sometimes even went to war to protect them, today’s business leaders face the same challenge (albeit without the knights and moats).
This dramatic change in the scope is the first piece of the new, digital Reputation Management puzzle.
Add it all up, and it means that the digital world has turned word of mouth? into something more credible than ever. That’s totally changed now in the digital world, and things will never be the same again. In the digital world, you must make sure that your identity is informed, accurate, found in all of the right places (and none of the wrong ones!) for the countless potential customers who will be influenced by what they read and hear. In the digital world, you must make sure that what’s being said (written) about you is fair and, ideally, positive.
In the digital world, you must make sure that when people search for your business online through Google or any other search engine, that they’re provided with links that help them connect with you and not a competitor or some irrelevant third party website.
In the digital world, you must use social media (there’s too many to mention, and even if we did, half of them would be obsolete in a year) and get your message out to your target market. In the digital world, you must scope your competition and ensure that they aren’t intentionally or sometimes accidentally manipulating the situation in order to steer your word of mouth customers to their business. In the digital world, you must make sure that your website isn’t merely a brochure on the web.
This is by far the most important step, because the wrong partner will waste your time and money, while eroding your competitiveness, marketshare and mind share. Knows the protocol and etiquette of various channels, including offline options that are still part of the bigger picture (e.g. Quite simply, these people should be banned – or at least come with a big warning, like the ones they put on cigarettes. You still have time to build a solid, lasting strategic Reputation Marketing foundation that includes tools, platforms and tactics that are built around your unique business and marketplace whether that’s branding, target market-rich advertising, internal marketing, social media, print, public relations, website development, in-office video, or most likely, a combination of all. And all you need to do is choose the right strategic Reputation Management partner: one who uses FUNDAMENTALS and KNOWLEDGE, not HYPE or FEAR. At CastleCS, we help high performance clients like you win the Reputation Marketing game in the new digital world. You’ll get the clarity you need, the systems and solutions you want, and the affordability and results you demand. I’ve never been a big fan of using text messaging to market to beauty salon clients, despite the depth with which you can chose criteria for who recieves the campaign. But, we did one last week at our Fleet beauty salon, which had been very quiet for a few weeks.
One of the starting points for text message marketing campaigns is the refinement of who will receive  it and with a good beauty salon computer system, this option will be part of the marketing suite. There are generic options (see below) as well as a range of more advanced options for selecting which clients you are going to text.

We also refined the selection to clients whose mobile numbers we had – obvious but important. At a cost of 10p per text message, the cost of the text message marketing campaign was ?92.00. Within ten days of sending the text message campaign, we have already taken ?431.20 (after taking off the 20% discount from the total sales) giving us a return on investment of 468%. The key is to not over do it, making sure you have a great offer that fills a short-term need you have in your salon. But, as this little experiment proves, it can quickly deliver cash into your beauty business. Needless to say every project of mine begins with a list, and over the years I’ve grown a fondness for spreadsheets. The goal of this campaign was to capitalize on the buzz of the Holiday season for increased sales; while strengthening existing customer relationships with customer appreciation offerings.
But a successful campaign must be thoughtfully coordinated, and should meet with certain key criteria, without fail.
Your marketing campaigns need to be purpose-made to achieve some tangible goal for your business.
It’s up to you to make sure you drop in on their radar from time to time, just to see if they are still interested. Like all things in business, the more thought you put into your media and content, the better your results will be.  The above seven practical rules are things you can’t afford to miss in your marketing efforts. There are always going to be freebie seekers that would opt-in and opt-out of your database after they get what they are looking for. On the other, if a subscriber opts out of your list when you know you do your best to provide value and OCCASIONAL and relevant promotions, then you don’t need that subscriber on your list anyway. Success, however, depends on how you use Instagram to deliver you marketing messages to the audience.
Instagram is a predominately visual form of social media, and an ideal platform for showing off products through video or images. Hashtags enable users to search and find content or brands which they would like to follow. Your bio may contain up to 150 characters where you can outline your brand and what it’s about.
In fact, inviting your followers to generate content about your product or service is one of the most effective ways to generate engagement and more followers. You can either agree a strategy where you both promote one another’s business, or you can do it without any such agreement. You are able to connect your Instagram profile to a variety of other social media platforms such as Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, Flickr and Foursquare.
To do this, you can include a link on your bio or any content you share, and which gives the user the option to download a free e-book, or to sign up for your newsletter for example. As a result, it is only really practical to use one of the various scheduling tools available, so that you can post consistently. They are considered the celebrities of Instagram, and by aligning your brand with the correct influencers, you can expand your brand awareness and number of followers. Visual content little or no written content is fast becoming more effective than written content alone.
Read more to discover the changes, challenges and choices that today’s business Kings and Queens face in the new digital Reputation Marketing world. To grasp this phenomenon and understand how it affects your business future, we need to glance in the opposite direction and see where we’ve come from.
The brain is always looking for short cuts in order for us to (hopefully) make good decisions. You tried to make a customer happy, and you hoped that he or she would spread the good word. Now, with the changing scope and credibility of word of mouth marketing, it’s mandatory to take an active, strategic approach. Beware: even minor problems like having the wrong phone number or a dead link to your website can not just cost you business but it can damage your reputation for a long, long time. You need to understand keywords (what people are searching for), backlinks, and other key pieces that influence how you strategically rank in the search engine game. It must clearly and professionally establish your brand, engage visitors, educate them in an appropriate (non-overwhelming) manner, and inspire them to take desired action. We have the systems, resources, knowledge, tools and tactics to take you safely, smartly and cost-effectively through each step described above – without the hype and fear. Why not come down to Truly Scrumptious in Fleet and get 20% off your treatment until the end of November.
But if you need to create instant demand it’s a great way to get a sales message directly into the hands of your clients. You also need the ability to refine your data so that you only send the offer to a select group of people. Do you mind me asking what the rest of isalon is like, and whether you’ve tried any other systems? Feel free to read Successful Marketing is Strategic Planning for an introduction to this series.
Once we identified our intent, it was time to brainstorm ways to achieve it, and we outlined a plan and made a list of marketing activities, objectives, critical dates, budget and desired result. Nailing down these principles goes a long way toward ensuring the success of your marketing efforts. The truth is, very few companies can realistically address absolutely everyone as their customer.

So you can draw from your own interests and consumer expectations to help address your audience, who most likely aren’t all that different from you. Beyond that underlying value, the ability to identify unique clients and remain in contact (through follow up, or “retargeting”) is crucial to making the most out of every lead. Following up with an automated, yet personalized, email or strategic ad can do wonders for customer growth and retention. A Canadian Bestselling Author, Marketing Strategist, Speaker and Trainer, Who help businesses grow their revenue. When building your content you need to determine which method will work best for the service or products that you are marketing. Once a user has been led to your profile via their search, you can then lead them on to your website.
The link to your landing page allows you to direct the audience you build on Instagram, to a page where they can be converted to customers. To execute a user-generated content campaign you simply ask your followers to submit a picture or post based on certain criteria.
Although it may sound strange to be overtly promoting another brand, it does come with benefits.
For example, if you have a Facebook business page you can arrange it so that all your Instagram posts and photos appear on your Facebook business page. By using an editorial calendar, you are able to schedule regular posts in advance to keep your followers engaged.
Your influencer just needs to include the handle of your brand in one of their Instagram posts. Marketing through Instagram will undoubtedly continue to grow in popularity as it continues to add more advertising features to its platform. Realistically, though, most customers in the pre-digital world days could, on average, influence maybe 5 to 10 people. And these customers don’t have to be wildly popular industry leaders or social butterflies in order to own such a large network. And so the human brain, that most marvellous of organs, has decided to give us a hand with this crushing weight of stuff. We need to trust it more, because we frankly don’t have the time or resources to do otherwise. That is, you must take ownership of your strategic Reputation Marketing, and use tools and tactics to influence it across an expanding array of digital channels and platforms.
You want to give potential customers a chance to see your response to the problem, and to be impressed by your position and any actions you took to turn lemons into lemonade. Remember: your customers talk? about your brand in social media spaces, and future customers find that information through searches. These are the kinds of questions you should bear in mind as you begin your marketing campaigns. You have tremendous freedom to choose the outlets you’d like to use in your marketing campaigns. The most successful marketing campaign has the seemingly uncanny ability to bring the consumer to action because they want to take the action. Perhaps now is a good time to look at your marketing plans and realistically ask: can I do better in one of these areas? Video is often the best way to advertise practical products, such as tools, as you can demonstrate the use of the product. For example, if you sell hiking boots, you might ask your audience to post pictures of their most recent outdoor adventure. By identifying a brand aligned to your own and promoting it, the numbers of your followers is likely to increase through being made aware of your own brand. These adverts are an ideal way to direct consumers to your website or to tell the story of your brand.
The advice, recommendations and insights we get from our friends, families, colleagues, strangers who share our interests, and even those connected to us by geography (neighbourhood, city, country and even language) influences us much more than ever before because we need it to in order to function in an information-overloaded culture. Here’s a better one: setting a goal to move the first thousand or so units of a new product via your next marketing campaign.
If you can answer “yes” to any of these, then you can only benefit by addressing those issues, right away.
This will allow your followers to engage with your brand and share a bit about themselves, while helping you build your brand. By doing so, you never forget to send out content, and that content can be scheduled to be released when you are not available to do it manually. And within a few minutes and a few sentences, these ordinary, everyday people can reach thousands of people in a matter of seconds. It was suitable for the time, and it probably worked well enough to not warrant any tinkering.
As we all know, the only sure fired way to fail is to go to business without a plan, so always approach marketing with a goal-oriented strategy. Chances are, regardless of niche, your business will only benefit from engaging on at least a couple of those fronts. The hashtags that you use should be relevant to the content of your post, otherwise it looks as though you are just spamming.
The best advice is to try them all, then hone in your focus on the one that brings the best results.

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