Turnkey Affiliate websites with RevenuePeople with an open mind focused towards learning and benefiting from the knowledge they learn, have the proper mindset to be an super affiliate. Honestly, you got to know how to get better at different things for you to be able to go where you want to go. Welcome – Let’s get straight to the point: John Crestani’s newest product “The Super Affiliate System”! The very basics, meant to take you from having no knowledge of affiliate marketing, to understanding the basics of running a campaign. More into the technical side of things, John will tell you what skills you’re going to need to learn and how to set up click tracking software.
Here we go, now it starts to get into the nitty gritty; these are some of the most intense weeks of the entire class.
Advanced landing page techniques, sales page copyrighting part 1, sales page copyrighting part 2, copyrighting techniques John uses.
Native ad networks like Taboola, Outbrain, Contentad, on which John made almost $1M last year.

Just to show you a little of his marketing expertise, John was able to pocket more than $2.5million last year, 2015, through his affiliate marketing business. Just like any other business person, John has survived a good number of obstacles and various business levels as an affiliate marketer; from being a failure in entrepreneurship, to the floor of the corporate world, to customer-based work, to being an affiliate marketer and ultimately super affiliate.
Customers have the opportunity to view in a broader perspective many exciting and encouraging things like LIVE creation process of affiliate campaigns, John’s real numbers, copy, his engineer campaigns and ads too. Affiliates can benefit from landing pages, authentic ad swipes, and targeting that are being provided by the team.
When it comes to customer support, John Crestani and his team have really done an awesome job. Always seeking to learn what they do not know, seeking knowledge from different people in different areas. Example; To drive a car you need to learn how to drive, to learn from a person who knows how drive and (teach), to benefit from what you learn you need to put it into practice.
We are all super excited to be offering such an awesome program, and hope that you too can achieve the same level of success that John has had using this exact same process.

These videos add up to more than 50 hours; this is about one to two hours of viewing and course work per day for the program. You need a plan to grow your business and in the start you need to build the roots of your business. John’s straight to the point attitude and his ability to explain the inner workings of affiliate marketing in understandable language make this program a solid addition to your affiliate resume. They will respond quickly to all your queries regarding the Super Affiliate System and affiliate marketing in general. The crew has handled way over $1 million altogether in media spend, so they know what’s going on when customers throw questions at them.

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