Creating descriptive categories and filenames for the documents on your website can not only help you keep your site better organized, but it could also lead to better crawling of your documents by search engines.
Lastly, remember that the URL to a document is displayed as part of a search result in Google, below the document’s title and snippet. Below is another example showing a URL on our domain for a page containing an article about the rarest baseball cards.
Google is good at crawling all types of URL structures, even if they’re quite complex, but spending the time to make your URLs as simple as possible for both users and search engines can help. Titles for deeper pages on your site should accurately describe the focus of that particular page and also might include your site or business name. Widget RSSLinux Howtos – Raid1 Setup On CentOS5 February 26, 2011This Howto covers Raid1 setup on preinstalled Centos 5.5 system. The Tinynode G4 gateway is the local data collection point of a Tinynode vehicle detection system and its interface to third-party systems.
Applications range from parking guidance, special spaces monitoring to law enforcement assistance and infrastructure use optimization. You have experienced when the system is formatted and OS is installed the system runs very smoothly.
There are many tools available which can optimize and repair your computer, but they perform very limited tasks. Removing Spyware and Adware, Preventing Security Threats, Privacy Protection, Fixing Registry Errors, Junk Files Cleanup, Startup Cleanup, Repairing Windows, Speeding up System and 1-click Mechanism(care).
This navigation tab displays overview of the program, version, database date, last scan date, execution statistics, and news from the IObit about new features. 1) Spyware Removal: This tool scans for spwares making your system vulnerable and deletes them. 2) Registry Fix: The Windows Registry is the most accessed and the most vulnerable to errors part of your computer. 2) Security Defense: Like a firewall prevents any spyware to be installed onto your system. 3) Disk Defragment: This tools checks if the disk is fragmented and needs to defragments, If required defragemntss the system.
4) Security Analyzer: This scans your pc to find if setting are hijacked (altered) by some malwares. Internet Booster: This optimizes your system according to the bandwidth to increase the internet speed. Smart RAM: SmartRam frees up memory whenever needed to increase the performance of computer without interfering the running applications.
Driver Backup: Driver Backup scans for all drivers installed, and can backup the "recommended" or "All" Drivers.
System File Checker: System File checker(SFC) is actually a utility of Microsoft windows that checks the digital signatures of all the windows system files.
Auto Shutdown: The tool can schedule the system to shutdown and restart after a particular interval set. Context Menu Manager: Here you can modify and tweak all the context menus of windows and other softwares.
Disk Explorer: This disk explorer may be helpful to analyze which file is taking up much of your space etc.
Software Uninstaller: Unlike the default software uninstaller, you can uninstalls softwares just a click away. System Information: This gives advanced system informations like windows device manager in nice easy interface.

One click on "Care" scans and repairs both "Maintain Windows" and "Diagnose System" within one processa automatically. I use Tune Up on some computers in my office, they do the same kind of job, However in my comp, I format my OS every single month, so never had the requirement to try these softwares, Any advantage of using this software when compared to Tune Up, I will try in my System then. It looks like there is an algorithm update taking place at Google search now, it is hard to say if it is Panda, Penguin or something unrelated. A recent article discussed the Google Panda update and how it impacted on content creation. A little more than a year after first introducing the Panda update, Google introduced Penguin – a webspam algorithm update. Any links intended to manipulate PageRank or a site's ranking in Google search results may be considered part of a link scheme and a violation of Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. Cloaking refers to the practice of presenting different content or URLs to human users and search engines.
Doorway pages are typically large sets of poor-quality pages where each page is optimized for a specific keyword or phrase. Duplicate content generally refers to substantive blocks of content within or across domains that either completely match other content or are appreciably similar.
Affordable Web has been offering web design and Internet marketing services in Tucson and the surrounding areas since 2009.
Setting proper expectations with your customers about shipping costs and delivery times, how returns and exchanges are handled, how you handle personal and private information, etc.
Kadro Merchant includes several baseline templates for some of the most common set of policies utilized for e-commerce websites. Privacy Policy•Terms of Use Setting the right expectations with customers. Includes live online workshop, certificate of completion, and a printable slide presentation.
The Coaching for Performance course has been designed to provide the training, techniques and tools required to sustaining and improving agent performance.
We will use various tools and approaches for improving performance, including analyzing gaps between goals and actual performance. This course will also focus on communication techniques and creating a strategic plan for all levels of performers. Participants are encouraged to share their most challenging agent performance issues with the facilitator prior to the start of the course.
Match management expectations of using call center metrics and the impact on agent performance. Examine successful communication techniques to strengthen agent performance, build confidence and rapport, deliver a more impactful and efficient coaching session. Compare and contrast the needs of new stars, rising stars, super stars, and falling stars (different tenure, different performance levels). Practice and Application: Develop an effective coaching strategy and plan for different agent types. If you have 2 or more individuals that would like to take the call center training course, please contact us for a group discount. All students attending a Live Online course have up to thirty (30) days before start date to cancel registrations ?for a refund.
In the event that we do have to cancel a training course at the last minute, your relationship manager will contact you to either reschedule you in to an alternate course or provide you with a full refund of the course price.
If you are purchasing more than one course with a business credit card please check your daily limits to avoid any possibility of the transaction getting declined (most cards have a $1,000 daily limit).

After completion of a Live Online Course, you will receive by email a Certificate of Completion. Certification through BenchmarkPortal and the College of Call Center Excellence is an achievement that is recognized internationally. If your URL contains relevant words, this provides users and search engines with more information about the page than an ID or oddly named parameter would.
Like the title and snippet, words in the URL on the search result appear in bold if they appear in the user’s query. If you do find that people are accessing the same content through multiple URLs, setting up a 301 redirect from non-preferred URLs to the dominant URL is a good solution for this. Advanced SystemCare Free & Pro is a comprehensive PC care utility that takes a one-click approach to help protect, repair, and optimize your computer.
As you install and uninstall software it becomes cluttered with obsolete and corrupted entries. Privacy Sweep is compatible with all major web browsers Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari and many applications which access the internet. Advanced SystemCare scans for Recycle Bin, Windows temporary files, IE temporary files etc. What many did not realize at the time was that Panda signaled the beginning of a new, more aggressive strategy by Google to improve the performance of the search engine, and to minimize the number of poor results that ranked quite high on SERPs.
Panda specifically targeted sites and pages with low quality content, while Penguin was designed to target pages that were boosting their rankings by spamming Google.
These can serve as a template for you to develop or incorporate your business' policies, warranties and online shopping expectations. Finally, we will take a close look at agent retention and the impact of reward and recognition on performance, engagement and ultimately retention of talent. Throughout the duration of the course, the facilitator will weave these performance issues throughout the delivery of the program and provide suggestions for creating a winning coaching strategy. Visitors may be intimidated by extremely long and cryptic URLs that contain few recognizable words. Also, users may believe that a portion of the URL is unnecessary, especially if the URL shows many unrecognizable parameters. To learn even more about good URL structure, we recommend this Webmaster Help Center page on creating Google-friendly URLs. Google has not confirmed if there was an update yet, but it did seem like something major touched down in the Google search results recently. From our experience, you might see a website that is in #1 for certain keywords and couple months later, it will drop off to the page #10 for those changes on the algorithm. I appearance a lot of websites and so they is not going to appearance so easy to use and color you will be utilizing it suites your site. When these materials are referenced by savvy online shoppers, they not only set the proper expectation between customer and business, but also help to build confidence and trust with your online brand.
Your shipping policy should cover how split shipments, if offered, will be handled, package protection policy and insurance, and turn-around time-frames when orders will be processed, fulfilled and shipped. Some or all of your products may be fulfilled by a 3rd-party drop-shipper - you will need to incorporate the shipping policy expectations of your drop-shippers into your shipping policy statements. Groups must all be submitted and registered at the same time in order to receive the group discount.

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