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Affiliate marketing is a time tested method which many bloggers and website owners use in order to increase their online profits.
Following a plan is probably the most important element in a successful affiliate marketing campaign. Writing on relevant topics is a very good opportunity to include your affiliate links and banner ads and to increase your sales. You can use your website to write some product reviews and include your affiliate links pointing to the product provider.
If you’re an active member of various forums and have many posts, you may include your links or banners in the body of your messages or in your signature.
Post replies including your affiliate links, help users find the Best WordPress Themes for their sites and recommend some good sources from where to buy Premium WordPress Themes.

If you have an email list and run a newsletter, you may periodically send some announcements, news, special offers, to your users. Social networks are a gold mine for any affiliate, especially if you have many connections, friends, followers, etc.  You just post a message on your profile with your affiliate link and you are done.
Even if it’s such a great opportunity, many affiliate marketers do not use its full potential, which is a big loss, since it’s such a profitable and easy way of earning extra dollars online.
Don’t forget that “Content is King”, become an expert in your field and share relevant and interesting content to your visitors (articles, white papers, tutorials, industry news, etc.). Make your review useful, structured and trustful, in this way you’ll have more chances that users will click on your links. Placing banners on your blog and website is still one of the best methods which generates many sales. You can also comment on blogs and related groups, answers questions and provide useful information.
Try to include your affiliate banners and links on relevant content so that your subscribers would not view them as advertising but rather as a help or a news source.

To “fix” this deficiency and to help affiliate marketers to get the most of our affiliate program, we’ve set up a list of tips and best practices which affiliate marketers can use to maximize their profits.
Nothing complex is needed – a simple excel table listing the main activities that you will do while promoting your affiliate link is enough.
You may also include your affiliate links in the guest posts you make, but in this case, make sure to ask permission from the blog editor.
Another good idea is to use shortened URL’s so that your followers and friends could not directly see your affiliate links.
Since you’re promotion Premium WordPress Themes with beautiful layouts, your ads CTR should be above the industry’s average. Some great social networks that you may use for affiliate marketing are: Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Linkedin, Pinterest, and much more.

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