Developing a decent landing page does take a little thought and ability, but ita€™s not as though it requires absolute genius to build one that is effective and entices prospects to move through. We created the landing page below for a customer that had been struggling with the development of this landing page for quite some time.
One other thing to note on this case study is that we resolved the problem of representing multiple products on one landing page by folding in one of the products into the other as an option (last bullet) since the two were directly related to one another.
Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is the process of optimizing your sponsored search ads, landing pages, and overall website design to raise your conversion rate. Conversion rates can vary widely depending on your industry and business model, but regardless, everybody wants a better one! Naturally, even if your conversion rate is average for your vertical, a higher conversion rate is better for business. Conversion rate optimization requires time and resources and, if you're doing it right, testing. When you start thinking about conversion rate optimization, it's tempting to fiddle around with buttons and forms and other low-in-the-funnel design elements that might make or break the sale.
With search marketing, increasing your qualified traffic is a matter of bidding on and optimizing for the right keywords. Better keyword traffic data means you can make better decisions about your website and ad copy and better target the right customers. Effectively grouping and organizing your keywords can have powerful effects at every level of your search marketing results, from SEO to PPC to CRO. The quality of your individual landing pages can also have a dramatic effect on conversion rates. Compelling headline – Create a striking headline that is relevant to your PPC keyword and compels prospective clients to remain on the page to fulfill your desired action. Eye-catching, clickable call-to-action (CTA) – Make sure your CTA button stands out visually, appears clickable and uses short, gain-focused text.
User-friendly lead capture form – A good form includes all the fields needed to fulfill your offer, but not so many that prospective clients are visually overwhelmed. Attractive overall design – Landing pages should be clean and uncluttered, which conveys both trustworthiness and professionalism to prospective clients.  Design should also be consistent with your brand in order to prevent a disjointed browsing experience for visitors. Adhering to these best practices will keep your landing pages relevant and high-quality, which will lead to a valuable boost in both CRO and Quality Score.
Our fully responsive HTML5 CSS3 coded landing page design adjusts the content to the browser window or device like mobile, tablet and desktop width.
If you are a marketers and advertiser and doing your marketing campaigns, it is the best to use converting Landing Page Design to get best result in your marketing campaigns.

The steps to take in order to end up with something that you might be proud to call your best landing page design are fairly generic and can be followed like a formula. The biggest issue for this customer was that they wanted to represent two different products on one landing page. It is expressed in crisp terms that dona€™t require a lot of thought to understand, and reflect the essence of the call to action that drove the prospect to the landing page. Your prospect should arrive at the page, confirm the offer, get instructions what to do, and then do it. In other words, the goal is for the highest possible percentage of visitors to your site to convert, or complete your desired action.
Nonetheless, it's more than worth your while to familiarize yourself with the basic principles of website conversion optimization, so you can maximize the chances that a potential customer who arrives at your site from a search engine becomes a qualified lead or a paying customer. All the better if you're targeting high-intent mid-tail and long-tail keywords that indicate a searcher who is late in the buying cycle, as those consumers are more likely to convert. Your landing page should deliver on the promise of your ad (the call to action) and make it easy for the searcher to complete that action, be it signing up for a newsletter, downloading a white paper or making a purchase. They also have a positive impact on your Quality Score, which lowers your overall cost per action.
Think about it – a prospective client stumbles across your page as the result of a specific search query. Think carefully about what information is truly necessary to capture as you build your form. Try out WordStream’s free Landing Page Grader to see if your AdWords landing pages are optimized for conversions.
You are not going to always have the perfect landing page from the get go, but there are things you can do to improve it.
No horizontal scrolling and mo zooming required, our responsive code adjusts on any screen and any device to keep engage your prospective customer. You can play around with your landing page to see whether you get more conversions on it with different form fields. CRO is quickly gaining in popularity because it's seen as a way to increase profits from sales without raising your advertising spend.
You should be responding with a resounding a€?RIGHTa€?, by the way, because the landing page proposition needs to be crystal clear.
When a prospect reaches a landing page, all you want them to do is to fill out the form, so all the content on the page should be steering them in that direction, not asking them to make a decision. Without good landing page ita€™s almost impossible to build big online business (in another sense big Email list).

Landing pages are important because ita€™s directly related to the opt-in or conversion rate.
Recently, GetResponse redesigned their landing page service and made it more reliable, easy and effective. The third competitor which is Lander, is also a well-known landing page builder which is trusted by some leading companies. Before, using any product or even before signing up people only viewA the design of landing page.
All the templates of these landing page creators can be re-designed just by dragging and dropping. In this case you need to monitor your traffic sources and then focus on the most effective source to get the best amount of profit from your each campaign.
Although, ita€™s not mandatory but adding social buttons will increase its credibility as well as golden chance to get shares from page visitors. Again Instapge and Getresponse are leading this part having social integration for Facebook, Twitter, Linked, Pinterest, Email etc.
Lander includes social integration for only Facebook and Twitter.So, till now Instapage and Getresponse are competing head to head. As ita€™s a recurring expense you must choose your business tool very wisely so that you need not to regret later. I think ita€™s better to avoid Lander as it has comparatively less features and a little bit expensive. Rest 2 competitors have almost similar features but overall Getresponse seems great to go for. Because you are getting almost all the features of Instapage with fully functional Email sending service in half price.Let me know via comment which toolA you are going to choose to growA your business. Connect with me via Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.Leave a Reply Cancel replyYour email address will not be published. Followers Follow 3285 Fans Love usPerson Behind the Blog Hi, I am MSI Sakib the person behind this blog.
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