Here we will cover some best practice advice, to help you get the most out of your bulk SMS marketing campaigns. Don’t send promotional text messages after 9 PM or before 11 AM to avoid annoying those who go to bed early and those who are late risers.
Consider the total mobile experience. While planning your campaigns, ensure you are optimizing the customer experience by linking to mobile sites.
How do you get the most out of SMS Marketing, and what metrics do you need to be able to effectively analyse the impact of these campaigns? You would use HLR on mobile data that you have stored before running a campaign in order to check its health and save costs and improve messaging accuracy. By checking against the home location register, you can very quickly and easily see (for the fraction of an SMS cost) whether a number is still valid and therefore worth trying to market to. This means you end up with an optimised data list, having removed the duds and also means you get a much clearer view on your overall return from a campaign. If you’re blindly marketing to 50k customers but 20% of the numbers are invalid then this instantly skews your measure on return – plus costs you more money than was necessary.
Cheap routes often result in very poor campaign results with far fewer messages successfully landing on the intended handsets, compared to local routes. SMS marketing and notifications are far out performing other methods of communicating with new or existing customers; and whilst customers now demand more and more from mobile and expect you to be mobile friendly in the way they can engage with you then the most reliable and natural way to support this is SMS. SMS is quite simply the only standardised, clear and ubiquitous mobile technology which works for every customer, every device. Implementing SMS programmes does require thought and our biggest piece of advice is to keep your message clear and concise and above all relevant! SMS marketing and notifications are far out performing other methods of communicating with new or existing customers. When it comes to SMS marketing best practices, you’ll want to make sure your campaign is CTIA compliant.
The second step to being in compliance with SMS marketing best practices set by the CTIA is having the correct terms and conditions for your campaign. CTIA best practices say the that abbreviated terms and conditions must be displayed clearly and legibly under the call to action. Make sure there are no nested scroll boxes or frames obscuring any part of your abbreviated terms and conditions. Abbreviated terms and conditions in TV advertisements must be static, which means they can’t be scrolling, flying, bouncing, jumping, running or (especially) dancing across the screen.
The first three lines of the abbreviated terms and conditions must appear above the fold on a 1024×768 resolution computer screen. All text contained in the abbreviated terms and conditions must maintain a color contrast value of 125 against all points of the background. If you’re going to use a checkbox to confirm that customers agree to the abbreviated or full terms and conditions of your SMS program, the checkbox must not be pre-checked. The CTIA SMS marketing best practices requires that you have the following as part of your abbreviated terms and conditions. The third step to being in compliance with SMS marketing best practices set by the CTIA is to have a comprehensive terms and conditions for your campaign. While the CTIA allows you to include your full privacy policy on the comprehensive terms and conditions page for your program rather than a link to it, as in the example below, we think including the full privacy policy on the comprehensive terms and conditions page makes it seem cluttered. The CTIA states that “everybody has a right to privacy, and the mobile carriers are committed to protecting their customers’ privacy.
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I recently discussed the reasons for this disconnect with Erich Joachimsthaler, CEO at Vivaldi Partners Group.
For instance, Joachimsthaler shared a story about the CEO of a beer company as an example of the CEO view of mobile marketing that he's seeing.

Nevertheless, some CMOs might assign someone in the marketing organization to be in charge of mobile marketing but only allocate a small portion of the marketing budget to it.
Meanwhile, many marketing managers who are mobile-savvy can see the potential for mobile marketing but they can't convince the CMO to increase spending there, adds Joachimsthaler. To be sure, digital advertising is growing faster than traditional TV advertising and is inching closer in total spending, according to The CMO Council. We can notify you via email of any additional comments to this post by entering your email below.
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1to1 Media is a proponent of Extreme Trusta€”proactively acting in customersa€™ best interests.
Avoid sending those offers that consumers can find in your emails, ads, or on your website.
For example, right before mealtimes are great for restaurants and during prime shopping hours are great for retailers.
A simple “Thank you for subscribing” will acknowledge them you have their info and will be sending text messages. Don’t send your customers something that requires printing or opening an email to retrieve. Keep in mind that most users are not texting on a telephone keyboard, so the digits that spell out a name are far less useful than an easy to remember number.
These fundamentals provide a solid foundation for how to communicate with mobile subscribers appropriately and comfortably using SMS.
Consumers are extremely connected to their phones and text messages are reserved for their inner circle. When a consumer opts in to receive your text messages, request time zone information; and, accordingly, send your SMS in waves to ensure you are optimizing the interaction.
Right now, you may not know anything besides their phone number and that they want to receive SMS messages. The best experiences are when customers can be directed through the SMS directly to a mobile web page or other content. Data is continuously refreshed, scrubbed and stored by a dedicated team to provide a high quality, low latency source of number portability data. A campaign that isn’t following SMS marketing best practices can have their campaign suspended by the CTIA. Instead of putting your SMS campaign’s entire terms and conditions on the same page as the call to action (where you tell customers to text something to the short code), the CTIA is nice enough to allow you to display an abbreviated terms and conditions with a link to the rest of it. This goes back to not being a jerk by trying to hide your abbreviated terms and conditions. This means you can’t hide your abbreviated terms and conditions by making the text the same color as the page. The reason the CTIA allows you to display an abbreviated version of the full comprehensive terms and conditions is that there’s a ton of stuff that needs to be included in the comprehensive version. We also recommend downloading our guide to the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), which you can do so by clicking here.
People are tethered to their smartphones just about everywhere - at work, at home, at ballgames, shopping malls, airports, and cafes. As Joachimsthaler sees it, there are different perspectives about mobile marketing at different levels of the organization that aren't in alignment with each other.
The beer company CEO told Joachimsthaler that most of the company's advertising dollars are devoted to TV.
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Consumers are connected with their phones and text messages are reserved for their inner circle. Consider using a log-in, such as with Twitter or Facebook, if consumers have to enter information.

Are you Knee Deep in E-commerce, branding strategies and campaigns, capturing a new or lingering audience (user) or a market share on products and services? As a merchant wishing to promote your services, or with the objective to improve the way in which you communicate with your customers, you can meet the increasing mobile expectations of your consumers by using SMS marketing. Customers, like SMS aggregators, who have typically used HLR Lookup services in the past, can now use txtNation HLR with a single interface and obtain global number portability data. The first step in making sure you’re following SMS marketing best practices is to make sure that in your advertising you display a detailed and accurate description of the SMS program as part of the main offer. The advertisement must be much clearer about the type of SMS messages customers will be receiving. Basically, don’t be a jerk and try to make it hard or impossible for a customer to find the abbreviated terms and conditions.
As of January 2014, consumers now spend more time on their mobile devices for Internet usage than on desktop PCs, according to comScore.
The CEO also asked whether the company should be redirecting more of its advertising and marketing spending to mobile since that's where consumers now spend most of their time. These fundamentals provide a solid foundation for how to communicate with mobile subscribers appropriately using SMS. If it is sent weeks or months later, consumers may no longer be interested and you may potentially lose a portion of your reach. In addition, new sources of data are continuously added as required, or when new countries come online. While the CTIA doesn’t specify a specific order, we think the following order makes the most sense. Yet despite how "mobile" we've become as consumers, many companies continue to struggle to develop comprehensive mobile marketing strategies or to integrate mobile into their digital marketing plans.
Just to be clear, the comprehensive terms and conditions is usually hosted on its own web page and linked to from the abbreviated terms and conditions. For instance, according to the 2015 State of Marketing study conducted by Salesforce which canvassed more than 5,000 global marketers, mobile marketing is just the fifth fast growing area where marketing spending will increase this year, behind social media advertising, marketing, and engagement. And is it meaningful to the customer – does it save them time, engage with them better, make the business cost saving and increase awareness and interest in product? When advertising your SMS program to customers, be clear about what they’re getting themselves into by opting in.
Because SMS is so powerful though, it’s even more important that you adhere to some basic rules so that you can stay on track with success. If every one of your subscribers hasn’t given you explicit permission to to send them text messages, you are spamming them.
Not only can this severely damage your brand, it can also pull you into some nasty legal trouble with heft penalties. This may be the most vital of SMS marketing best practices.Send texts during business hours only. Receiving text messages early in the morning or late at night from your favorite companies may be considered pretty intrusive.
Also keep in mind that one of the most powerful things about SMS marketing is it’s ability to communicate instantly.
Schedule your campaigns intelligently at times when your customers are most likely to take advantage of your promotions.Pay attention to frequency.
Sending text messages every day is not only a great way to increase your opt out rates but it’s another great way to damage your brand.
Research has shown that 80% of consumers only want to receive 2 text messages per month from their favorite companies.
Remember that people join your SMS marketing list because they expect to be provided with something of value.

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