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Journal of Management and Marketing ResearchRole of Relationship Marketing in Competitive Marketing Strategy Nagasimha Kanagal Indian Institute of Management, BangaloreAbstract Competitive Marketing Strategy (CMS) has relationship marketing (RM) as one of thekey functionality in enhancing business performance. Journal of Management and Marketing Research(3) If a particular market needs more relational marketing, then that market can be appropriately addressed for strategic decision making by studying role of RM.The study is useful to marketing strategists who need to take relationship-marketing efforts intoaccount and is also useful to relationship marketers who need to relate to strategic marketingheads. Hi Vivek,I would class Slideshare as a social media site in a professional sense, definitely.
Facebook contests and campaigns are powerful ways for brands to engage with customers in social. In February 2001, Chris Clark joined HSBC Holdings as head of e-marketing, with responsibility for the development of global e-marketing programmes and personal internet banking. Pierre Woreczek, chief strategy, customer and digital officer for McDonald's Europe, has left the fast food chain after a decade, amid speculation that he will take up a new senior marketing role at B&Q owner Kingfisher.
Woreczek joined the fast food chain in 2006 as director of marketing and research at McDonald's France. He returned to McDonald’s in July 2003 and by July 2005 was promoted to chief brand and strategy officer.
The development comes as B&Q gets ready to face a renewed challenge from Homebase, which is being rebranded as Bunnings by new owners Wesfarmers. RM is defined as the identification,establishment, maintenance, enhancement, modification and termination of relationships withcustomers to create value for customers and profit for organization by a series of relationalexchanges that have both a history and a future. INTRODUCTION The purpose of competitive strategy is to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage(SCA) and thereby enhance a business performance (Bharadwaj, 1993).
If so, what are your views on running promotional campaigns on Slidshare as part of one's Social Media mix?
No matter what platform you're using, content is always the number one attraction, methods of conveying it come second. Thank you for the article. In addition, he was assigned a role in group marketing, looking at a future brand strategy for the bank.
In 1999, he was promoted to vice-president, marketing and research, before joining Cadbury Schweppes as director-general of marketing and development. In the top right-hand corner of an individual comment, you will see 'flag as inappropriate'. Relational exchanges can be viewed undertransaction cost analysis and social exchange theories depending on the context. One of the majorobjectives of marketing strategy is to enhance the long-term financial performance of a firm.

Second we lay out theframework of competitive marketing strategy and delineate the position of relationships.
The promo of my novel 'Indians in Pakistan' is on Slideshare and I've received a favourable response so far. While a blog is often a source for regular content, mainstream brands who post daily are required to make social their central hub.For me, it is the root of content planning. The role of RMin CMS includes: guide moments of truth, improve profitability, build partnering, address‘Customer Better’, buy in of customer attention, protect emotional well being, understandconsumer psyche, build trust with customer. Assuch competitive marketing strategy serves to improve financial performance of the firm throughthe route of sustainable competitive advantages.
Thirdwe conceptualize the role of relationship marketing to competitive marketing strategy. NATURE OF RELATIONSHIP MARKETING At the core of relationship marketing is exchange, that is profitable to parties involved inthe exchange.
Not only can social help you identify who to outreach to, but should be used as a platform for your content to drive engagement with your brand.Your Facebook or Twitter updates should form part of your overall content strategy, and tailoring your content across various channels with a focus on social will always be beneficial.
The concept of exchanges as it applies to relationship marketing can be viewed atfrom either a transaction cost analysis approach or a social exchange theory approach.
In Moz’s recent search rankings factor survey the majority of search marketers surveyed felt that social signals, and in particular the overall influence of Google +1’s on rankings would continue to increase in the future, again showing why social channels should be integrated into your strategy now.Regardless of which channel works best for you, having a presence across each is important, even if only to own your brand name and keep people aware of you across their chosen channels.
Sustainability of positional advantages leads to superior long-termmarket and financial performance. Transactions are distinguished into discrete transactions and relational transactions.Relational contract law governs relational transactions. Google Plus is a good example of this - the users numbers are high, but interaction levels generally low (outside of the digital marketing community!).
Formulating competitive marketing strategies also involves,recognizing relationships between elements of the marketing mix as well as assessing the impactof competitive and market conditions on marketing mix formulation. In classical contract law that governsdiscrete transactions identity of parties is not relevant; however this is not true in relationshipmarketing. However, due to the increased importance Google are likely to place on this as a ranking factor for your content and therefore your site it is crucial that you keep this channel burning with your social content even if only with a few updates a week of content amended from another platform such as Facebook.Amplify Your ContentWhere social really can benefit your content marketing efforts is in putting your content in front of new audiences that are highly relevant and ready to engage. A model (Carpenter, 1987)has been outlined of the relationship between product quality levels, promotion expenditures andprices and assesses the impact of industry structure on the formulation of marketing mix.Relationship marketing serves as a moderator for the sustenance of positional advantages andinfluences the impact of competitive and market conditions on the formulation of the marketingmix.
In relational contracting the reference point shifts from the agreement (as in classicalcontract law), to the relation itself as it has developed over time. Whether your social audience is big or small, with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn you can now amplify your content through native paid means to reach new audiences at a relatively low cost compared to other channels.

Competitive advantage is realized based on three factors (Sudarshan D, 1995): (1) thefirm’s marketing strategy, (2) implementation of this strategy and (3) the industry context(Porter’s model).
There might be or might not bean original agreement and if there is, there may not be any great deference to it. An important component of firm’s marketing strategy is relationships.Relationships with customers, channel members and with competitors. In a relationaltransaction, the contractual gaps between parties are reduced, as the relation becomes strongerand stronger.
The frequency with which transactions recur influence the terms of the transaction(discounts as in frequent flyer).
Driving increased traffic to the content you create not only generates social shares, but also has the impact of creating 'earned' links, brand interactions and the potential for new business.Facebook is particularly strong for amplifying your content.
Importance and Objective of the study: There are two important streams of conceptual and empirical work in strategic marketingthat have developed more or less independently during the past 10 years (Steinman, Deshpandeand Farley, 2000), although the two are inherently interrelated.
The degree to which durable transaction specific investments areincurred determine the rapidity of commitment given and received, the time period ofcommitment and the intensity of the relation between two parties. By using Power Editor you can ensure that your content is only seen in relevant News Feeds of the exact type of person you want to be viewing your content.SummaryIn summary, don't think of social media as a completely separate discipline to content marketing - in fact, don't separate the two at all. Transaction specificinvestments (asset specificity in physical capital and human capital) leads to relational exchangeswhere trust is a prime moderator.
Social media should be completely integrated into everything you do - from informing your overall strategy, to being included as a platform to think about, and to increasing the distribution of your content.Embrace social, particularly the paid amplification piece, to ensure that you can drive content marketing success for your clients.Close XWant Social Media Today updates in your inbox?
In this context, thefollowing objectives are laid for studying the role of relationship marketing in competitivemarketing strategy:(1) Competitive marketing strategies (CMS) is a systematic action setting process as much as it is a dynamic adjustment process. As such non-specific exchanges leads to transaction marketingand for exchanges that are not non-specific the concept of Relationship marketing will hold(Williamson, 1979).
By studying role of relationship marketing (RM), proper accordance can be given to RM in the systematic action setting. This helps improve the effectiveness of CMS formulation.(2) By studying role of RM, marketing programs can be suitably designed to attract, develop customer segments.

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