Use the Perspective Transform tools under Edit>Transform to give it a more natural perspective. To blend the hill photo with the forest, apply similar adjustment layers used to turn the forest into a night scene. Find ‘woman.jpg’ (by Belovodchenko Anton) on the supplied resources and extract her from the background using the Pen tool. To blend our woman with the rest of the scene we must apply these adjustment layers and settings.
As one of the world’s most beloved toys, Lego bricks, with their endless shapes and sizes, lend themselves to all sorts of creative fun. Shooting stop-motion video, in general, isn’t too complicated, but it can be time consuming.
The first thing you’ll need is a large-enough stable surface on which to stage your scenes. The only time you may want to reposition your camera is to capture a shot at a different angle. Once you’re done taking the photos, you’ll want to save them to your computer and import them into a video-editing program. Your first attempt won’t be perfect, but with each try you’ll learn some valuable lessons for next time. Thousands of users have created amazing movie posters to promote their movies, projects and media productions.
A great movie poster condenses the feel and tone of a movie, it touches you at an emotional level and has to appeal to a wide range of ages and backgrounds.
Be simple, choose a main subject and display it big and bold, don’t confuse the audience.
Think of your poster as a story in itself, and think of the ingredients that great stories have: Mystery, contrast, conflict, turnarounds, twists, etc. Highlight the main names involved in the movie but unless you are a hollywood production, don’t saturate your poster with too much text.
Some film festivals don’t appreciate small films pretending to be large studios, be who you are and be proud of it. What is the point of a great design if people cannot understand what the poster says?  Use drop shadows where necessary to make sure the text is legible. When you are trying to come up with something truly special, it is very hard to get it right the first time. A great way to learn and grow through the process is to cover some parts of your poster and see what the effect is. Filmmakers spend a lot of time thinking of the production of their movies, the color correction, the visual effects, but some of them spend little time thinking of the production of their poster and may even release posters with a range of technical issues.

A truly inspirational film about a young aspiring New Zealand man with a dream for change and a dream for hope.
To fix this apply a layer mask to the woman’s layer and mask off her right forearm and hand. In this instance the woman needs correcting to fit with the main light source coming from the right of our canvas.
You can use a relatively inexpensive LED video light in addition to a hot-shoe accessory flash to help evenly light each scene.
If you don’t have one, see how close you can get with your existing lens so that you can properly frame the scenes you want to shoot. Like any good film, a storyline not only helps you keep things in order, but it’ll make your film more enjoyable to watch (even reality shows have some sort of script they follow).
You’ll want to move figures and vehicles in tiny increments for each shot – this is when things become time consuming. Perhaps you want to start off with an overview shot for the opening, and then get up-close for the next. You don’t have to use a fancy program, but the one feature you need is the ability to set how long each photo remain in the frame.
Ferrell first established himself in the mid-1990s as a cast member on the NBC sketch comedy show Saturday Night Live, and has subsequently starred in the comedy films Old School, Elf, Anchorman, Talladega Nights, Stranger than Fiction, Blades of Glory, Semi-Pro, Step Brothers, and The Other Guys. A poster that reveals too much is like a movie that reveals too much too soon, it fails to engage, it’s too easy.
Drop shadows are a key friend that can solve many of the legibility problems your poster may have.
You need to embrace the opinion and feedback of others.  Iterate, create a movie poster, get feedback from others, create another version, keep iterating until you are satisfied. Then apply a layer mask and use a soft black Brush to mask off the sky area of the hill photo, so it blends more naturally into the forest.
Then create a new layer called ‘Vignette’ and use a large, soft black Brush to paint around the edges and corners of your canvas.
This particular flare evokes an eerie and unnatural happening in the forest, and the lights could be an alien ship.
Punch in “Lego stop-motion” into YouTube and you’ll find a bunch of homemade Lego videos created by fans, ranging from recreations of famous movie scenes to a marriage proposal. With a camera, some uniform lighting, and a stable surface, anyone can shoot simple stop-motion videos. If you’re using only a flash, make sure use fresh batteries so that each burst is fairly even in output.
Even just resting the camera on the table for a moment can introduce slight movements and will ruin your final outcome.

Even the most basic video editors will let you add background music and a simple title or two. Have in mind that your movie poster is the business card of your movie, it represents you and your product.
Contrast helps us understand our environment, classify it, order it. Use bright and dark areas to attract the attention of audiences to the key parts of your poster. But its running out and these large fuel companies are increasing prices and threatening those who dare make alternative methods of fuel. And, who can forget the White Stripes’ video that turned Meg and Jack White into Lego bricks? Taking some test shots and locking in your aperture and shutter speed will also help get consistently lighted shots. Try to keep your shots in order based on your script, which will help you in the editing process afterward. Are your eyes going to the most important part of the piece, or are other distractions taking your eyes away somewhere else? Use broken textures, unusual visual treatments, surprise your audience, make something memorable, find the courage to be different. In the end make sure you are happy with the end result because this is your product,  your work and your vision. In fact your poster may influence the decision of a person pondering if watching your movie or not. As we’ve mentioned, you want to keep your camera at the same position, as well as any non-moving objects on your stage. He is a school drop out, no friends and not smart, just an average everyday person but with an inspiring idea and a mentor who failed with his dream but helps this young man out to strive for success.
His life begins to revolve around this idea constantly, minute by minute, day by day using what little money attained from part- time work and garage sales.
But great things come at a cost with family difficulties, broken love and on the edge of giving up and failure. The world is his inspiration and his hope to carry on and believe that with the little resources he has that a man from down under can change the face of the planet.

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