Business Model Generation is more like a business strategy tool rather than a business planning tool, and rather a book…but none the less, absolutley great. Make your plan logical and be sure that it matches your business’ strengths and market-place opportunities – it will make all the decision making so much easier. All this analysis, examination and planning may seem boring, irrelevant or cumbersome but it will allow you to worker smarter and not harder, and will really, truly increase the likelihood of your business not only surviving, but also thriving and prospering.   How important is that? The task of formulating and effectively executing an organization’s strategy in a fast-moving global economy has become increasingly difficult.
Successful strategy formulation is becoming increasingly dependent on how well an organization gathers, manages, and synthesizes vital information into targeted, actionable activities. Virtual CEO has developed proven methodologies and tools to support your organization’s ability to rapidly formulate and effectively execute your strategy. Virtual CEO broke down barriers and allowed us to look at all factors that affect the performance of our organization.
The Virtual CEO planning and assessment system resulted in our most comprehensive planning session yet.
Virtual CEO quickly and comprehensively captures executive and staff perspectives regarding the strengths and weaknesses of organizational strategy. A Proven ProcessStarting with a proven process ensures you have a start and end point for your client's plan ensuring you improve quality and reduce time frames.

Structure Your ThinkingOur unique HyperQuestions guide you to think about your clients business, helping you identify issues with  the business model before its too late!
Just Answer QuestionsJust as consultants ask questions the toolkit will guide you to better assist your clients buy creating the questions that need to be answered to help you Zero in on key strategic issues.
Earn up-to 5k per DayHow much would you usually charge to develop a complete, investor quality business plan, and presentation? A Clear Plan of ActionGuide your clients thinking into a series of clear business development milestones. Investor Quality DocumentsWe create your investor quality documents from your answers to the HyperQuestions. Our unique approach provides you with a business planning process, not just a template or software. We have condensed 20 years of business planning experience into 10 simple process steps, supported by specific questions with relevant sample answers and video tips to guide you. Financial planning is a very important element in determining one’s success in attaining financial security, growth and wealth whether it is personal or business related. Profitably is more focused on the financial side of business planning tools meant to replace your spreadsheets.
It’s a little more spreadsheet oriented, which can be good for investors or entrepreneurs who do like spreadsheets.

The accelerated rate of technological change, increased global competition and a more sophisticated customer base have combined to challenge senior leaders to rethink their business models, techniques, and tools in favor of faster, more responsive approaches.
This information should not only contain hard data from secondary and primary research and analysis; planning should include the perspectives of those with key roles and impact both inside and outside the organization.
Our emphasis on execution and our commitment to defined processes resulting in a well-thought out plan, ensures that our clients leave nothing to chance.  Our QuadStrat business performance assessment rapidly evaluates organizational performance and clearly illustrates capabilities, constraints, priorities. The process was remarkably efficient and helped our Board and Management Team develop concrete objectives to navigate our next level of growth.
In order to make great progress, you must be able to keep track of your cash and measure your progress. Decide where you want to be in your career, finances, and investment in the short term and long term. By establishing these figures, you can determine your financial position and make forecast for the future according to your goals. It’s jampacked, able to project 5 years worth of financial statements, automatically taking into account tax calculations and all the other stuff you have no clue about.

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