It’s a question I’ve heard, and not infrequently, as a consultant to marketing firms and a coach for their leaders.
If you answer “yes” on any of the Top 10 Reasons, then we recommend an immediate call to discuss your opportunity. Reaching out to prospects you don't know - whether through cold calling, referrals, or networking - is a numbers game.
If he does this every day, he knows he'll set, on average, 1 meeting every day, for a total of 5 new meetings every week. Many a new business person's blood pressure increases when you start talking about procurement. David Wilson, President of Stirling Consulting, provided an in-depth look at procurement during the recent 2010 New Business Conference. Procurement is often looking for new suppliers to introduce to their internal client (the marketing team).
That's what representatives from American Express, Travelocity, E*Trade, and Empire Blue Cross told a packed audience at the recent Mirren New Business Conference. The biggest challenge for digital marketers is to carefully set up campaign goals in order to accurately measure results. These four marketers concluded that just about the only accurate measurement in aggregate is the number of new customers. When an agency clearly knows what it's really good at, it separates itself from the pack. In the morning, you find that the "continental breakfast" is hard boiled eggs, over-ripe bananas, mealy apples, and tepid coffee. The front desk person is at his desk when you arrive, and has been on the lookout for you ever since he got a text saying that you were 5 minutes away.
Before the meeting, as the principal told you would happen over breakfast, you're taken on a brief agency tour with a really fun, effervescent employee who makes you feel completely welcome. One of the most thought-provoking and mindset-challenging sessions at the 2011 Mirren New Business Conference was "The Innovators Panel." Why?
The chart, below, gives you a simple way to visualize the transformation that needs to take place for real innovation.
When you recommend new technology or new services, be sure to explain why it's a good idea to try it out. The 18-30 year old Millennial market is one of the most sought after by marketers and their ad agencies. It's not every day that you get to see John Wren, Michael Roth, and Sir Martin Sorrell on stage together. Keith Weed is Unilever's Global CMO, and so one of the most influential marketers in the world.

One of the most satisfying aspects of working in the ad industry is knowing some of the people and companies that create ads that move you. Does your ad agency's new business team learn something every time an RFP submission doesn't get you to the next round? Readers of this blog will recognize that I'm curious about how to improve new business, and business in general.
I recently read the just-released Intelligence Report from DailyVista, "Marketing to Millennials", which gets inside the minds of the Millennial market. Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson, authors of REWORK, write: "The original pitch idea is such a small part of business that it's almost negligible. It's really tempting for an ad agency new business person to look at inexpensive data sources (call them "Jigsaw-like") and get enticed by their low-price business models. Ad agency search consultant Brian Goodall, of Jones Lundin Beals, keeps it simple when he talks about how to get your agency noticed by corporate marketers. How would you react if you learned today that responding to a prospect within one minute of their inquiry could improve your ability to win new business by 391%? My prior post details six building blocks to create an effective mentoring program to help build new business bench strength. One of the ways to develop new business bench strength is through a well set-up mentoring program. If you've ever had a dog, you'll recognize this: talk to them using a certain tone of voice and they'll cock their head to the side and look at you expectantly. I received two thank you notes in the last month that were different from all others: neither was sent via email. When you mention to a new business person that "procurement" is getting involved, the typical reaction is dread. True story from a week ago: Midwest branding and packaging agency seeks Midwest healthcare account.
The editor of Wired magazine, last week at the 4As Transformation 2010 conference, predicted that tablet computers will replace laptops. Once you know your numbers, you can plan your weekly outreach so you meet your new business objectives.
He'll also have at least 3 second or third meetings per week - carryovers from meetings in prior weeks. If not, please email me - I'll be happy to walk you through your numbers so you can set daily targets that will make you successful. Frustration is natural when attempts to "persuade the unpersuadable" are unsuccessful - as in trying to communicate creative or subjective value to a person who's really only interested in getting the cheapest price. For a "competent" department, they will consider quality, technology, strategic value, service, innovation and cost.

Equally challenging is that we still can't measure the results of TV, print, or outdoor with much accuracy.
There's a hand-written note inside welcoming you and saying how much everyone is looking forward to meeting you in the morning. Most importantly, before deploying it, establish metrics - how you're going to evaluate the experiment. But it's the rare new business or sales person - in any company or industry - who habitually does. Here the thinking continues that if an agency makes enough presentations, an opportunity to be selected will come up. If this is even partially true, it should make every ad agency new business person who works with procurement want to better understand the function. You manage to find a cab that takes you to the hotel in a car that's sorely in need of new shock absorbers.
They have no idea you're there until you touch them on the shoulder and scare them half to death. The agency that presents the best usually wins the presentation if its creative is appropriate. Often times you won’t find them on twitter or if they are they have no image, no bio, no location and no updates in 30 days.
Winning these a pitch is all in understanding the prospect’s needs, their selection process, the personalities involved and the strategies that will fit best. I often follow agencies just to see how they are leveraging the tools to build their own brands and it is often frightening.Mike D. What a great way to start your trip to visit a prospective ad agency whose work you really like. It is helpful to know what they are thinking, what their questions are, irregardless of whether they are off-base.
What I gleaned from the study and the questions, the vast majority are involved with social media but they’ve only been doing so for a short period of time. Then once you get your feet under you, you will be much more likely to select an appropriate strategy. Since 2007, Michael has helped pioneer the use of social media, inbound and content marketing strategies specifically for agency new business. It has been ranked among the top 100 marketing blogs in the world, according to Advertising Age’s, The Power 150.

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